F-f-f-f-f-f-f-f-f-Free Simpsons Episodes? Awesomeness I just found!

Hey there Addicterinos and Addicterettes!

How y’all doing?  You like that Addicterette word?  Not too sure of it since it sounds like a product to make Krusty quit smoking and that’s a Krusty I’m sure none of us want.

Was messing around on the internet looking for info on the upcoming episodes for Season 25 and found myself a gem.   Speaking of, the newest episode (S25:E9, Steal This Episode) is only a day away (as in tomorrow at 8pm on FOX) so set your DVRs is you’re able.  Otherwise we’ll be here for you with a recap.

A lot of people want to watch episodes for FREE and I can’t say I blame them, but would you believe that FOX actually has full length episodes available to watch?

Hopefully you answered yes because they do!  If you’re jonesing to watch a few of the new episodes, right now, as of 2209 PST (10 pm) on 3 January 2014 (That’s 0609 GMT on 4 Jan), they have FOUR full-length episodes available to be watched.

Fox’s website for The Simpsons is http://www.thesimpsons.com.  To go straight to their full length episodes, it is http://www.fox.com/thesimpsons/full-episodes/83614787574/.

Right now they have these episodes available (the link above will take you straight to the first one).

Season 25, Episode 7: Yellow Subterfuge

Season 25, Episode 5: Labor Pains

Season 25, Episode 6: The Kid is Alright

Season 25, Episode 8: White Christmas Blues

Just to make sure they worked, I watched all of Episode 7 & 8.  (Speaking of, anyone excited for Episode 7 of Star Wars in 2015?).  I think it is so cool that these are available and being on Fox’s website, this viewing is completely legit and doesn’t violate anything.  There are commercials during the episodes but it’s a small price to pay for honor.  Also 45 Simpsons clips available on the site including glimpses of the next episode including this one.

TTFN… Wookiee out!

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15 responses to “F-f-f-f-f-f-f-f-f-Free Simpsons Episodes? Awesomeness I just found!

  1. There may be another option besides the website. An app by Fox, Fox Now, also has the episodes. For this season anyway. iPad, iPhone and Android users may want to try their luck there.

  2. thought I would try, too. alas, no joy for android devices either.

  3. it won’t let me watch them on my iPad Mini. ):

  4. Addicturettes is what I get when i miss clausco on the holiday wheel or win another parking space in the mystery box!!!!!

  5. I’m working as an english teacher in china but my parents in the USA have the hopper from dish, otherwise if i miss an episode i just download them through torrents. I’ve made a compilation shot of my entire tapped out town it can be seen in flicker here http://www.flickr.com/photos/106615754@N04/11750191684/in/pool-tstoaddicts/

  6. My iphone won’t let me play them…. stupid smart phone

  7. I love free! And I don’t have cable… lol So yay!
    Thanks Fuzzy-Face!

  8. Sigh…not for the UK.

    • However you might use a proxy for your browser. If you look for ‘Hola’ in the Google Chrome extension list it will help you to automatically pick a US-proxy, hence you are able to watch them. Works the same way for Germany. 😉

      However, installing extensions quite commonly also results in giving up some of your privacy (as it reads out your browser status).

      • just tried that hola it’s very nice i can watch from hulu in china (normally it says only allowed to watch inside the USA) do you know if there is any limit on it? i’ve been using app cobber (time limit) private tunnel (data limit) and hide ninja (very slow)

      • @Richard: As far as I can tell, free until the end of the world. 😉 There seems to be a premium version through which they gain their funds, but I am happy enough with the free version. ^^

      • do you know does the android tablet have to be rooted to use it? cause it doesn’t seem to work on there

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