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WDTCF- Knight Boat

The Knight Boat has been brought into our towns courtesy of Level 38. It can be purchased for 40 donuts and you can buy as many as you want. It will give you a 2.00% bonus. It does make the robotic “wooommmp woooomp” noise as the red lights move across the front. EEEEEE MORE BOATS!!! knightboat_menu

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Turbo Tappin’: Level 38 and Judge Snyder

Well Level 38 is here! (it’s about time huh?)  And what a level it is…full of twists and turns and lengthy tasks…oh man the tasks!  Clearly EA is on a mission to not let us get bored again…

So now that there’s a new level out there you know what that means, right?  Time for another Turbo Tappin’!  So with that let’s jump right in a Turbo Tap the Main Questline (Freemium) of Level 38!

As we mentioned in the Level 38 is Here post Chief Wiggum gets things rolling in your game with a 12hr task….

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Level 38 is Here!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

After 2 months and 9 days of waiting (since Level 37 hit) we FINALLY have Level 38!  Woo hoo new level!!2014-01-16 18.20.02

2014-01-16 18.30.47

Homer kicks off Level 38…so make sure he’s free 🙂

After you send Homer on a short 30 min task Chief Wiggum starts a secondary task….Wiggum’s task is 12hrs.

So…Both Homer AND Wiggum need to be free to start Level 38. 

There are multiple quests going on in the game. Homer has his Devil Wears Blue. It is the beginning to a questline with the Blue Haired Lawyer. To complete the quest past part 1, you MUST purchase the Blue Haired Lawyer. If you do not purchase Blue Haired Lawyer, that will end the quest. Nothing further will appear. As for Chief Wiggum, he has his Scandalous Spending quest line. This is the main questiline and will unlock the courthouse. More quests will follow after Scandalous Spending ends.

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Troubleshooting 101 – Basic Troubleshooting Steps

Bunny here. Putting on my glasses, getting out my pocket protector, and getting my magic fingers and thumbs ready to type those zeroes and ones. Basically…it’s Nerdy Time!!

For whatever various reasons, our game likes to frak with our minds and heads and nothing seems to quite go right. We panic. Throw our device. Scream. Yell. There may be many tears as well.  Just slowly take your thumbs/fingers off the device or you may crack the screen. Lol.  It’s ok. I am here to help. All of us are. Promise.

Sample 2

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