Weekend Update: December 29th – January 4th

Whoa, what a week. We went from 2013 to 2014 in the blink of an eye. Lots in store for the future here at Addicts. For now, let’s look at the past…week. 🙂

Labor Pains 9

SUNDAY: Wookiee started of the week with a fun poke of everyone’s “FAVORITE” Wheel…Of…Fortune. Lol

Alissa then jumped in while on the road to bring you the 4th Community Prize. Oh Yessssssssssssssssssssss.

Then Bunny hopped on in to Turbo Tap the Yes Guy.

MONDAY: Curious just WHERE that obnoxious Yes Guy came from? Check out the WDTCF Yes Guy addition from Bunny. Then she reminded you to get your hands on some sugary donuts from Gil before time ran out.

Got a silly pic that needs a caption? Check out our the latest “Caption This” post courtesy of Alissa and feel free to submit us yours to TSTOAddictsblog@gmail.com

Want your towns folk to roam the Boardwalk? Check out the details from Wookiee’s post on it.

TUESDAY: Mr. Costington and his store is a new addition to the game, but where did they come from. Check out the WTDFC post from Bunny for more info. Feeling like you could lose a lil fat? Maybe the Adipose 2D will make you feel better.

Want a cool avatar/gravatar like the Addicts Team? Not sure how? Look at Alissa’s post to learn how quick you can make your own.


Alissa jumped on in with the Addicts Team’s New Year’s Resolutions. Do they mirror any of yours?

Bunny gave us word that EA had also left some FREE DONUTS on our Springfield doorsteps.

At the request of our readers, the Addicts Team compiled a list of our TOP TEN favorite donut purchases. Do you have any of them in your town?

THURSDAY: Wookiee gave us a lil humor to lighten the day as two of our writers moved forward into their new ventures.

Feeling a lil lull in your game play? Kinda stuck? Alissa gave us some great suggestions of what to do to pass the time until the next item drops from EA.

Oh Origin. The site went down and panic spread. No worries. Bunny was there to help all us Addicts stay calm while withdrawals hit.

FRIDAY: Do YOU got a story you would like to write for us? Check out Alissa’s post and send us your stories…From the Mouths of Addicts. She then let us know about the time being extended for the event. Are you still on target? Then she brought us the new Reader involved posts coming up. Show us your town.

Mount Carlmore has been around the town for a while, but Where did THAT come from? Check out Wookiee’s post. Next up, he announced the 5th and FINAL Community Prize, Candycane Towers were in our game.

SATURDAY: OOOOOH it’s the weekend. Time to cuddle up on the couch in my onesie footy jammies and not do a dang thing. Huh? Answer your comments and questions? Hmmmm…I will think about it. 😛

Thus closes another fun week here at Addicts. Can’t wait to see what’s next? Tell us what items YOU want to see in our future in the comments below.

Hoppy Tappin


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5 responses to “Weekend Update: December 29th – January 4th

  1. No one has addressed the fact that there was no Santa sightings in the Christmas update…or how the “HOLIDAY SPINNER” is rigged…still not letting me have those last two “prizes”…in REAL life an average gift card is worth $20…what will these be worth…and why did I only get maybe 200 gift bags to give to my neighbors throughout the whole event…??? Seriously, candy cane cooling towers as the grand prize??? BAHHHUMBUG!!!!!…Have a content new year.

    • Sorry you feel that way. As with any slot machine/gambling device, the most sought prize (think jackpot) has the least chance of hitting where as the least wanted (think cherries) seems to always hit. I’ve not got all the prizes in my freemium game, but still got many free cool stuff.

      You never know what EA will drop on us at the end. still 10 days left. Hoping those items not won will be for sale at the end. Until then, I’m having fun. 🙂

      • But twice the spinner pointer stopped on Mr. Plow yet it gave me the $1000 next to it…I “worked” for these spin tokens, they weren’t free. Ask your boss why Santa was a no-show…Bart and none of the characters got anything for christmas…if giftcards is the answer then when do they get to spend them? My kind and generous neighbors showered me with presents but I never had/have more than 28 or so to share with them…can’t fairly do that with a hundred people. I’m saving my spin tokens until I hear something has been done…I feel that the 99,000+ giftcards I’ve acrued has been for nothing…I hope not.

  2. I have a tech question Bunny. When I play tsto on my 10 inch android tab nexus 10, the game looks funny…slow ,hard to tap and herky jerkey. Why is that?

    • My thoughts…depends on what you’re using for service access to the game and memory available on the device.

      I personally have noticed in locations of sketchy WiFi, my tab lags and has many issues. My cell has the backup of 4G network, so it stays strong.

      I also found that with this game, the file is massive. Bigger than almost any other programs I run on my tab and cell phone. This can also be a factor in playing the game. So I’ve chosen to move my game onto external SD mini cards for both devices (32GB). Many devices have internal storage, but it’s almost always filled with the main OS and filler the item came with. The more items and decorations you add to your town will continue to multiply needed space. I like to think always have at least double the space needed for what’s required. I noticed that moving to external storage changed my lag time on both devices to a smoother game play.

      That’s my experience anyway. Hope this helps. 😉

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