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Q&A- The Addicts Team Top 10

Top Ten at 10? Don’t mind if I do. 🙂

An Addicts reader, Erika F., posed this question to us…

I would like to see a “Top 10″ list of your favorite premium items! I think it’d be really helpful for those (including me) having a hard time deciding which items to get, since there are just so many to pick from. Thanks so much addicts! Hope to hear back soon.

Well Erika, you asked…and now here are our answers. Everyone likes a Countdown, right?

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Did Someone Say FREE Donuts??!!

Well…I wondered just when they were gonna drop this on us. It’s only been in there since the start of the event. Lol.



Righteous Indignation Pt.1
Homer Starts

Make Homer Complain On The Internet (x3)– 45seconds / $3 1XP
Bonus Payout 10XP 2 Donuts

Righteous Indignation Pt.2
Homer Starts 

Make Homer Raise A Stink On The Forums (x3)-45seconds / $3 1XP
Bonus Payout 10XP 2 Donuts

Righteous Indignation Pt.3
Homer Starts

Make Homer Stir Up Internet Hate (x3)– 3 minutes / $6 2XP
Bonus Paypout 10XP 6 Donuts

Righteous Indignation Pt.4
Homer Starts

Make Homer Back Off EA – 24hrs / $600 150XP
Goal Complete 100$ 10XP



p.s. It looks like this will only last 24hrs. Still trying to confirm, but would suggest start it within the next 23 hrs. Once started…it’s quite quick as you can see. At least get you free donuts within a few minutes. 🙂

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Happy New Year from the Addicts!


Hey Howdy Hey New Year’s Party Animals!

Well it’s officially midnight here on the east coast and that means….hello 2014!! Are any of our favorite Tappers still sober?!  Are we?!  😉

As with all major holidays around here we thought it’d be fun to take a look into our personal lives and share with our favorite Addicts our resolutions for 2014!  Hey maybe this will force us to all stick to them!

So here goes…first up Wookiee’s plans for 2014: Continue reading