Oh Those Origin Servers…Open Thread

“They’re up
They’re down, 
They’re down and up and down
down, down, down
up, up, up,
The Servers are down again!”

UPDATE: 5:50PM EST– It looks like the servers are back up and access to the games has returned. GET TO TAPPIN’!! 😉

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Are you seeing this message when you try to login to TSTO:
2014-01-29 21.25.47
Or this one?

Yea?  Me too.  But...DO NOT PANIC!  While it sucks, yes, this is something that we’re seeing many many MANY Tappers experiencing right now.

Usually right before a big update hits the games (like Valentine’s Day) the servers go down. It’s usually because they’re running maintenance on them in preparation for the next big event. This isn’t always the case, but I suspect this is the case in this case…:)

So be patient…relax…and keep trying.  Eventually they’ll come back up and we can all get to Tap Tap Tappin again!

In the mean time…do you need some ideas of what to do?  Check out this post for the do’s and don’t’s of the Servers being down.

You can also check out Wookiee’s latest diary entry, add your Caption to our Hump Day Humor Caption This!, work on your entry for our Valentine’s Day Contest, OR talk amogst yourselves as we make this post a special Wednesday Night Open Thread!  So chat it up with each other about anything and everything TSTO related or not as we ALL wait for the servers to come back up 🙂

Can’t wait to chat with my favorite Addicts!

26 responses to “Oh Those Origin Servers…Open Thread

  1. I’ve been out for the past couple of weeks. The last time I played was at the end of the Christmas update.
    Could you give me, in a nutshell, what’s happened since then?

    • Level 38 (grocery store, courthouse with Snyder and Blue Haired Lawyer), Limited-Time Episode tie-in for Married to the Blob (Kumiko, Mr. Sparkle billboard and return of Swanky Fish) and Super Bowl Tie-in (return of Duff Party Bus and Duff Racer as well as free gift this Sunday). Interestingly, all of those digital items easily fit in a nutshell. Hope that’s what you were looking for boss.

      • Exactly what I was looking for! I just hoped I didn’t miss out on any free content. See, cause of the game crashing on Christmas Day, I couldn’t log in for my free reindeer. So, I contacted EA and they told me to stay out of my game while “a game advisor looks into the matter.” So I stayed out, and only yesterday could I log in again. They’ve put a reindeer in my inventory, and as a bonus for having to stay out of the game so long, also awarded me 15 donuts. Woo-hoo!

  2. These comments are all so funny! I love this addict community. Bunny, I’m anxiously awaiting your file frackin Valentines day spoilers! I just gotta know! Also, is there a “should you spend donuts” on the duff party bus? I’m thrifty with my donuts and the way you guys break it down is very helpful when choosing what to drop those hard earned donuts on.

    • Bunny is hopping up on caffeine and watching EA’s direction for it to hit.

      Soon as it does…I’ll turbo tap away and get the info compiled as quick as…well…a Bunny. 😉

      WDTCF is coming up. Should I buy too. For me…WORTH IT! Not too many donuts and a great multiplier. That and it looks cool next to the Duff Brewery.

  3. Ughhhh I’m so frustrated, I’m not getting the same problem most others are having, what’s goin on for me is about ten seconds after I get into the game it freezes on me, I’ve tried all troubleshooting, ie; closing the app, and even did a reinstall…..tried to contact ea, but that’s next to impossible, any suggestions? Wait it out?

    • That is annoying. Sorry. That happens to me when too much is going on in my town. Like too many buildings and decorations. Right now there are just a bunch of random glitches hitting left and right. I’d say give it a lil bit to see if new update clears the issues. Still report it so EA can track it and help you further if it doesn’t resolve soon.

  4. Gimme gimme gimme an update! Need……more…….free…..s#@*
    The duff racecar is cool tho i’m already a millionaire so got enuff $$$$ to spend

  5. Erika Fournier (BraveElfgirl1994)

    Finally working for me!!! 🙂

    • ANYONE ELSE STILL DOWN ??????? Or am I alone hitting RETRY every few minutes while every other addict gets their high on?

      • We’re still seeing reports of some Tappers still having issues with the servers. So don’t worry you’re not the only one not getting high on TSTO right now 😉

  6. I was finally able to login to my town (had to reset confirm donut spend again)…has anyone else been having issues when clicking on kwikemart (I think it started when the snow disappeared and the golden scratchers returned) it happens when I click on KEM to see how long a character has left on a task and when I click on the floating Itchy and Scratchy for the game cash scratcher)
    It pops up a black screen with white text (The Store… retrieving items…and then Doh connection problem… sometimes this freezes my game and sometimes it doesnt) I’ve uninstalled/cleared cache/reinstalled/hard reset….I play on a kindle fire (is this because I have inapp purchasing turned off? (I wasn’t playing before Xmas so was this always a bug?) (Hope everyone can login soon)

    • I just clicked on mine and it worked just fine. There seems to be a lot of glitches and issues today with Origin and the game. My Bunny senses are tingling that there is an update on the horizon. 😉

      • The thing about this glitch is it seems to happen randomly (ie, I can’t figure out a pattern…as I said since the snow vanished (not everytime I went for the Itchy Cash scratcher, not everytime I click on KEM), at this point glitches are like the three eyed fish that appear in my river in my town…just wondering if there was a fix. Thanks again.

    • My glitch with the Kwikee Mart was so frequent I’m scared to even tap it for the free scratcher. I am using the past tense because I have been unable to access my game for 2 days……………………WTF…………………I’m losing my mind.

  7. servers are back!

  8. It’s back up for me! Run young tappers and check your springfields for the billionth time!

  9. And WE’RE BACK.

  10. Hey, since the server is down I can finally take the christmas tree down and shove it in the attic…then cook supper…how about fish sticks and macaroni with rice crispy treats for dessert??? Can’t go anywhere with all this snow we got lastnight…EA totally forgot that we’re just a third of the way through winter…

  11. Clearly, they don’t understand the epidemic down servers are causing. We need 20 new characters and Valentine’s Day to justify 3+ hours of downtime.

  12. After being so pleasantly surprised by the Stupor Bowl mini update – now just a few hours later we can’t get into our towns to get Homer & Lisa on to their next tasks. I can’t stop tapping the “retry” button anyway. I need a hobby.

  13. @#$%! Lol, my main game (primarily on iOS) is down, but my secondary game (primarily on android) is okay, for now…

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