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Say you don’t need no tapped out game and I’ll be mortified… give me at least one free donut and I’ll be satisfied… I ain’t got enough time or money…. EA can’t buy me love…. Can’t buy me love love, donuts can’t buy me love, can’t buy me love love, no no no no…. Oh… hey there Addicterinos.  SOrry about that, you know me and my silliness.  I don’t know about you but I am so getting in the Valentine’s Day Spirit.  With the upcoming S.A.D. update headed our way (or so we all think, who knows, EA could surprise us), I really hope they bring back all the decorations, buildings and characters from last year’s event.  (insert shameless plug for previous post here)

One of the buildings was Howard’s Flowers.  We were able to get it by collecting 25 hearts (the currency for 2013 VD).  It’s a unique looking building that I’ve heard quite a few tappers pine for.  Not a bad one either as it generates $200 and 17 XP every 10 hours.  I’ve had mine close to the Hospital for forever it seems with my other VD decorations.

Howard's Wookiee

You know I love doing “where did THAT come from” posts so I figured it couldn’t hurt to give some info on this building. 

Howard's Flowers

First appearance (only the inside) was Season 1, Episode 13: Some Enchanted Evening.  When Homer finds out Marge is unhappy with him on the radio, he goes to buy Marjorie flowers.  At 55 bucks for a dozen roses, Homer can only afford one.

Howard's Flowers

We have to wait 19 seasons for the building to be featured again.  In Season 20, Episode 15: Wedding for Disaster, Marge goes there to get flowers for her remarriage to Homer.  Long story… better to watch it to make sense of it all.  Howard’s been dead for 10 years and his son has taken over.

MATHEMATICAL(ish) NOTE: This episode aired in 2009, so some would say Howard died in 1999.  It is important to note however that none of the characters aged further than a year in the 19 seasons between appearances this is probably something hard to definitively pinpoint.  Without going to into physics, spacetime or Euclidean space perspective, let’s just say Springfield time is better defined as “wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff”.

Howard's Flowers 2

The place looks a lot nicer though and less green inside.  Also, Howard’s son can also do frantic genetic engineering.  I want carnivorous blue roses if I ever get married again!

Howard's Flowers 1

Howard’s son must also be one savvy businessman.  In Season 23, Episode 9: Holidays of Future Passed, right next to the First Church of Lard Lad, we see that Howard’s Flowers has become big enough to have its own skyscraper.

Howard's Flowers 3

The last little view I’ll show comes from Season 23, Episode 14: At Long Last Leave.  Admittedly, I decided to show this image just because I think Marge and Homer’s disguises are hilarious.  You can see Howard’s Flowers in the background.

Howard's Flowers 4

And that wraps up another origin story post.  Let’s all hope this building comes back for everyone who didn’t get the chance to get it last year.  Y’all stay classy as usual.  TTFN… Wookiee out!

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5 responses to “WDTCF – Howard’s Flowers

  1. Howard’s Flowers is in the season 1 intro sequence, right under Semi-Painless Dentistry.

  2. I love the game and have read a few posts on this blog … and love all the advice. It helps in my game play, a lot. However, the Doctor Who reference right here just cemented me in as a lifelong fan.

    Now … where can I get a cool Simpsons avatar like you guys? I don’t like being a germ. 😉

  3. I want that building 🙁 really hope they bring it back this valentines day! And the decorations!!

  4. I wish they release more small buildings like that one. It has a a European feel. Recently there has been a lot of big bulky things. Howard’s and butterfat are quaint. Same goes for gilded truffle and the pub

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