Da da da da…STUPOR BOWL SUNDAY IS HERE!! (Login to TSTO for FREE stuff!)

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Happy Stupor Bowl Sunday!  Are you ready for some Football?!  How about FREE Stuff?!  Who doesn’t love free stuff???  Well be sure to login to your Springfield TODAY (2-2-14 Super Bowl Sunday) to get your FREE Duff themed decoration and other freebies.  Click read more for walkthrough and full details.

UPDATE: 2/3/14 as of the wee early hours of this morning the Stupor Bowl Update has been removed from our games.  So if you didn’t at least start the process you the free Blimp and donuts will no long be available to you.  Here’s hoping you started the quests before it was pulled from our games! 🙂

WARNING SPOILERS BEYOND THIS POINT (including full dialogue walkthrough)

Once you login to TSTO Homer will pick back up the Stupor Bowl quests with some dialogue between him and Lisa.  We’ll get back to the walkthrough in a minute.  First, let’s talk about THE FREE STUFF!! 


After you complete the first part of the Stupor Bowl Sunday quest (note: this will require you to have Homer and 5 other Springfielders free to complete the quest)  Duffman will place the DUFF BLIMP into your inventory for you to place.  But that’s not all….

At this point 7 FREE donuts will be awarded to you as well!

Now on with the walkthrough!

Stupor Bowl Sunday
Homer Starts 

Homer: Can you believe it?  Kick-off is nearly here.  Soon our home will be filled with all of our friends, which means zero Flanders.
Lisa: But I still haven’t figured out who profits off the Super Bowl.  Are there any financial experts coming to the party?
Homer: Well, sometimes Moe’s my bookie.  But sometimes he’s just a bartender.  Now help Daddy put up these Duff Game-Day Decorations and set up the Duff Deluxe nacho cheese fountain.
Lisa: Are all these decorations new?
Homer: Of course.  You can’t reuse Super Bowl decorations — they’re not calendars.
Make Homer Host a Football Bash- 4hrs
Make Springfielders Attend Homer’s Football Bash (x5)– 4hrs
Lisa: Everyone here just wants to eat, drink and watch football instead of answering questions about macroeconomics.
Duffman: An what if I were to give you a Duff blimp?
Lisa: That wouldn’t change any —
Homer: Deal!
The Duff Blimp has been placed in your inventory.  Happy Super Bowl!
Lisa: Has the world turned on its head?
Homer: Lisa, honey.  Can you make another beer run to the Kwik-E-Mart?
Lisa: Again?  It feels like you are really taking advantage of Apu’s No ID/No problem policy.
Homer: And make sure to get Duff — they’re the official sponsor of the Super Bowl, you know.
Lisa: That’s it!  That’s who makes money at the Super Bowl — Duff!  It’s like they invented a holiday just to sell beer, snacks and overpriced merchandise.
Duffman: Oh no!  Our cover is blown!  This little girl has figured out Duff is the majority shareholder of the phoney shell corporation known as the NFL!
Lisa: Actually I hadn’t figured that out.  But now that you’ve told me, the world needs to know!

A Blimp In A Blimp
Lisa Starts, after placing the blimp

Lisa: I can’t believe that getting a blimp in our inventory constituted a legally binding gag order .
Homer: Please.  Lisa.  Everything you’ve said this update is so hard to understand.  You’re a kid — can’t you use small words?
Lisa: Ostensibly
Homer: Plus we got a free blimp!  That’s my third favorite form of transportation after fan boat and falling.  You want to take it for a spin?
Lisa: No, it was a bribe — I want nothing to do with it.  Also, you’ve been drinking.  Also, the blimp’s tied down with hundreds of complicated knots.
Homer: Yeah, there are a million ways this can go wrong.  See you when I get back!
Make Homer Blimp Around– 3hrs
Homer: I went nowhere, but still got horribly nauseous.  *retches* I love you, free blimp!

That’s it my favorite Tappers!  Did you login and get your free blimp today?  If not what the heck are you waiting for?!  Will you be watching the Super Bowl?  How about those commercials?  Sound off in the comments below and let us know what YOU think!

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22 responses to “Da da da da…STUPOR BOWL SUNDAY IS HERE!! (Login to TSTO for FREE stuff!)

  1. goodbye blimpty blimp!!!! Bring on Valentine’s Day!!!

  2. So do you guys still feel like the Valentine’s Day event is going to happen. Because it seems like it might not now. If we do get it, do you think it will be a couple of small quests and making old items available for a limited time only?

    • I still see it happening. It can always go on past the actual “holiday”. Also, there are no more Simpson TV Episodes for the entire month of February due to the Olympics, so I see a possibility of not only an event but possibly some tie ins to the sports going on. That’s my opinion. 😉

  3. Hate to nitpick but I’m pretty sure Lisa says “Ostensibly” rather than “Stensibly” as you’ve typed here. Pretty sure that’s a typo eh, ‘cos you guys NEVER make mistakes. 😉

    • Not a problem at all. I actually have tried to fix this post about 12 different times. The new system is still processing and causing issues with my editing. Let’s hope the 13th time is a charm. 😉

  4. Capital City Goofball

    Saw a box saying something about commercials, but clicked it away while collecting money. Anyone else catch it?

  5. Would have been nicer for the blimp to have barney’s face, and / or fly across screen as a quest not be stationary, even nicer to change the words on it like “Don’t tap N’ Drive” and “my other ride was a Goodyear” or such rut

  6. Donuts, Blimp and the Superbowl – how much is the world 😉
    Tomorrow is my day off for next week – because the game starts at 0:00 German time – to I can get some sleep after the game.
    To all tappers – have much fun and greetings from Germany

  7. 7 more glorious donuts, takes me up to 63, about halfway to my first premium building/character!

    As Homer would say: Woo hoo!
    As Mr Burns would say: Excellent!
    As Ned would say: Okily dokily!
    As Frink would say: Glavin!
    As Yes Guy would say: Yeees!
    As Sea Captain would say: Yargh!
    As Rich Texan would say: Yee haw!
    As Rod and Todd would say: Yay!!!
    And to paraphrase Apu: Thank you (EA), (free donuts) come again!

  8. Donuts and a blimp! OH YEAH!

  9. I got the dialogue in a different order. After Lisa “figured out” that Duff is the majority shareholder of the NFL, Duffman tries to bribe her with the blimp, not before. Maybe it’s the German version I am playing?

  10. Them you for this post most helpful not only a blimp which doesn’t float very high so gets lost behind buildings but 7 doughnuts. This is better than a poke in the eye with a stick but what can you buy with 7 doughnuts.

    PS what’s the absenteeism rate the day after the Superbowl?

  11. The only people in Cguyfield not invited to the party are Flanders and Maude.

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