It’s Valentine’s Day in Springfield…for Everyone!

UPDATE ON SERVERS: Hey Tappers…just real quick.  The Origin servers are going CRAZY with the update and everyone downloading it.  So you’ll see a lot of Bart Screens as it attempts to reconnect to the server (keeps happening to me on ALL devices).  Just be patient and keep retrying.  It will let you back in. 🙂


Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

The Valentine’s Update is live on iOS (Version 4.7.1)!  So be sure to login to iTunes to download the update!  Photo-Feb-05-12-29-02-PM-800x600

Android users the update is live for you now too!  However, in both my Tablet and my phone I didn’t see the new graphic or info on the update screen.  It still showed the old graphic like this:

We’re seeing a lot of comments about Level Rollback issues caused with this update….it happened to me on my B game as well (I started it with my iPad).  If you’re experiencing Level Rollback issues refer to this post about Level 38 Rollback glitches other Tappers experienced when level 38 launched initially.
Incidentally I started my A game on my GS4 Android phone and no rollback issues.

Kindle users….word on the street is the update has hit your device too!

Looking for Friends for Valentine’s Day?  Check our our Valentine’s Day Add Friends Thread Here

Origin Changes!!  (I know how much you guys love those!)  We’ll do a full post on this shortly BUT just wanted to show you a few changes to Origin that I think are pretty cool!

The first you’ll notice (on iOS and Android) right at the login screen.  It looks different now…it’s pretty 🙂 Here’s what mine looks like:

Next change is on your friends screen.  Now you can actually see all of your friends on 1 Origin screen broken up into categories:

You’ll notice you can also log in with Facebook (although i’ve been doing this for a while now) and see your Facebook Friends that play TSTO!

Finally…the last BIG change is….THEY BROUGHT BACK UNFRIENDING SOMEONE TO THE GAME ITSELF!  Woo-Hoo!  Now you can delete lazy neighbor-eenos right from TSTO…Sweet!  In addition you can also Tap on a friend to see how often they play and when they last logged on to TSTO:

OH and I forgot to mention….Your friends are now in Alphabetical Order!  How sweet is that?!

Ok that’s it from me for now.  We’re working on all of the content posts now…and working my way through the update!

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272 responses to “It’s Valentine’s Day in Springfield…for Everyone!

  1. Do we have a “is it worth it” for doughnut purchases for Valentines 2015? Thanks

  2. Level 38, daily player.

    Please add me: jeffafarey

  3. I’m not sure if anyone is having the same issue or is able to help and knows some sort of work around but I’ve already contacted EA and they are looking into it but they said it could be 5-6 days before I even hear back. Ever since the Valentine’s Day update when I click on the Bart & Milhouse Icon to visit my neighbors it loads for a min and for a split sec I can see my neighbors list but then the Bart “Cannot Connect To Server” screen pops up. I’m not able to get to the screen with all my neighbors listed which really really sucks cause getting all the prizes in the wheel and winning the Tunnel Of Love ride is gonna be next to impossible without being able to visit my neighbors. Anyone have any ideas to help? (Besides contact EA since I’ve already done that!)

    *What’s weird though about this is that when the quest the required you to leave 3 valentines on a neighbors Springfield I was able to get over onto my neighbors list by tapping the button thru the quest. But after returning to my Springfield I am not able to go back.

    • Hmmmm…Outside options. Try to access the game from a completely different device then the one you are on. (Like from an adroid, iOS, Kindle, or even see if you can download Blue Stacks and play it on your desktop.

      To uninstall/reinstall the app. To try to move all the game data to an external memory card instead of saving to your device to see if memory issues or corruption is causing it (this is best when used after you uninstall, remove all info, clear cache…then when external sd card is inserted…reinstall the game and save it to the memory card).

      Some even go as far as what I call KABOOOM!!! This is a VERY last resort because not only will it effect your game, but also EVERYTHING on your phone. It is essentially resetting your phone back to factory settings. COMPLETE memory wipe. I do NOT like to suggest this as it a complete removal of all you have on your phone. Contacts, pics, etc. This is completely up to you to risk going to this level. BACK UP EVERYTHING before you even attempt it.

  4. So pissed off with this game not working that I am ready to delete the app. I like to play the game but not when it keeps freezing, it’s bullshit. Do something about it

    • Well….unfortunately we’re not EA so we can’t really do much about it. But we are here to help. I know it can be frustrating when the game freezes and crashes on you, mine was doing it earlier. Try following some of the methods outlined in this post and see if that helps. 🙂

  5. Anyone know why some neighbors don’t allow you to leave valentines? I can see that the have valentine items in their towns so its not as if they don’t have the update… Btw, add me: jennyrangel327

  6. Please add me I need more neighbors
    My name is: NikkiNTommy2011
    I’m on level 15 and I just started last week! I Play throughout the whole day!!!!!

  7. if anyone wnats to add me, i play everyday and always visit – kirik229

  8. I lost my corn from cletus’ farm, two days left… What do I do?

    • Lost? Did you just start the Valentine’s quest? If so, the game auto completed and paid you for the corn no matter the time left on it when you plant the first set of rose bushes.

  9. I have a mini complaint about the Valentine’s Day update. Why is it telling me I need to harvest moonshine or whatever on Cletus’ farm when I need to be using it for roses to collect hearts? So now I’m going to have that mission icon until the VD stuff has ended. It’s a bit annoying honestly.

    • It’s a random task that pops up. You can ignore it until you’ve completed the rest of the Valentine’s tasks. 🙂

      • I just wish they would disable the missions that need items or characters involved in the main story lines.Especially on this one where there are so few characters that can earn you hearts. In fact I think there should be more characters that do. At least all the kids should have something. Oh well, it’s still a fun update.

  10. Every time I try to click on friends valentines the whole game crashes 🙁

    • Oh that’s so frustrating! What device are you tapping on? If it persists try hard closing the app and restarting it, if it still happens you may want to try uninstalling it and re-downloading it. You can follow the steps on this post for more. Hope it helps! 🙂

    • Try clean up all the reward for each character at a time. Also, try the not so crowd areas. I tried that method and the crashing frequency has reduced a lot.

  11. On my device (samsung galaxy tab2) only the main screen changed, just like on your fourth picture here, but when I go to visit my friends, it’s the same old. It would be great if I could delete some of my neighbors this way because I have way too many lazy neighbors which is bad for my VD event…
    I updated the game from play store, but nothing changed so far. Anybody any ideas?

    • The neighbor’s screen will be the same, meaning you neighbor’s town will look the same. The other screens appear when you tap on the Bart and Milhouse icon. 🙂

  12. Thanks again for all the great info. Like the friends list update as well. I’m clearing out some spaces. Would love to have active friends. Mcbing is my “Springfield” name. Look me up if you’d like. Active player. A little too much….

  13. I can’t play right now and I’ve tapped retry so many times. What’s wrong?

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