And the Finalists Are……


Hey Howdy Hey Heart Breakers!

Are you all excited to see the finalists for our Valentine’s Day Contest?!  Wookiee, Bunny & I have been hard at work pouring over every single entry you guys submitted to our TSTO Addicts Valentine’s Day Contest and the ONLY thing we could all easily agree on is you guys have some AMAZING talent!  As Bunny would say…holy frakk can you guys write!  Seriously, we were BLOWN away by the caliber of some of your poems!  You all deserve a round of applause for you’re AWESOME poems!  We plan on displaying each and every poem for all readers to see once the contest voting is over!

Now back to the finalists.  It was so hard for us to narrow it down to just 10!  So after much debating we’ve decided to make extend the number of finalists to 25.  Seriously you guys have some AWESOME talent! (and we were overwhelmed by submissions)  You think since we extended it to 25 it’d be easier to pick the finalists huh?  Not a chance.  With so many entries we read and re-read each submission no less than a dozen times each!  But enough rambling…we finally narrowed it down to the top 25!

Want to know who they are?

Because of the length of this post the voting poll will be placed here for easy access to it if you’d like to vote again.  However, I do hope you will read all of the submissions before voting.  🙂

Voting is now closed.  We will announce the winners shortly.  Thank you for voting!

BEFORE I show you the finalists I want to explain a couple of things.  To make things more interesting we’ve decided to pull the names off each poem.  They’re all only listed by a number.  We have the master list of who’s number=which tapper.  This also makes it easier for voting…so you’ll just have to select your favorite poem by number.

A note on multiple voting:  We can see who’s voting and their ip address…so we’ll know if anyone is repeatedly voting for themselves.
It was designed to make it so that multiple entries could be voted for (since there are 25 finalists) but it seems more people have an issue with it than we thought they would. So it’s been adjusted now you can only vote once every 6 hrs. 

For those of you that are worried someone else may have jumped ahead of you by voting for themselves 1,000 times and now you can’t do the same…don’t worry.  I can see the results and NO ONE is significantly ahead…it’s actually a really tight battle right now.  15 votes separate the top 5 and no more than 33 votes separate 25th place and 1st 🙂

Now onto the finalist submissions:
In no particular order
Note: Some poems were longer than others…so in an effort to save space on THIS post we’ve only posted the first few lines of each poem.  You can click the read more link to read the rest of the poem.

I’ve tried to come up with a quick little ditty
To kiss everyone’s butt in the hopes of winning.
So how much do The Simpsons make me giddy?
If I had more kids I’d name them Carl and Lenny.
Or Homer and Marge, Lisa and Bart
The cat little Maggie. The dog little Fart.
I love the graphics.. I love the gifts..
I love eating donuts and spending them here
I love the help from TSTO, the stories, the updates,
and when the game crashes, I’ve read thru tears.
I’ve spent real money to further my town
I’ve tried to buy specials .. Last year it went down
So I didn’t get my SPRINGFIELD Hill
Or my Duff Beer Field with Duffman thrill.
To say I’m an Addict is to simple a word…
Where’s my phone, plug it in…..,
WHAT THE ….!?!? Maintainance again ?!?!?

When I saw this app sitting there,
I ’bout fell out my chair,
A new game for me to play,
and waste the time away!

It didn’t take long for me to know,
that my Springfield was looking kinda low,
I needed help in a bad way,
So I found your site that day!

Baby, I really love “Addicts”
You give good info,
The way Springfield should be.
And baby, I really love “Addicts”
From pics of the 2Ds
To all of your Wookies!

My wife’s now mad at me for sure,
My Springfield she’ll never tour,
She thinks I’ve gone completely nuts
Spending ort money on doughnuts!!

Baby, I really love “Addicts”
You give good info,
The way Springfield should be.
And baby, I really love “Addicts”
From pics of the 2Ds
To all of your Wookies!
-Tune roughly based on “I’d Love You To Want Me” by Lobo

Tonight’s the night we’re gonna make Tapped Out happen
Tonight we’ll put all other games aside
So get online and show me some Valentines
We’re going’ for those pleasures in the night (and day)
I want to love you, tap you
Put my finger on you
I want to touch you, swipe you
I just can’t get enough
And if EA’s servers let you
You’ll get my heart…
I’m so excited – and I just can’t hide it
I’m about to spin the wheel and I think I like it!
I’m so excited – and I just can’t hide it
And I know, I know, I know, I know
I know I want your Tunnel of Love!
We shouldn’t even think about tomorrow
Sweet donuts will last for a long, long time
We’ll have a cozy hammock, baby
and a lovely fence
And if we’re get a cherub topiary
That’s just fine
Let’s get excited, ooh
We just can’t hide it, no, no, no
I’m about to spin the wheel and I think I like it!
I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it, no, no
I choo, I choo, I choo, I choo
I choo choose you, I choose you!

for Bunny! <3

I was sitting bored one night;
staring at a touch screen’s light.
But then I saw some hues of bright;
colors such as pink and white.
After Christmas’s gift card blunder;
along with Halloween’s thunder.
Super Bowl Sunday, not very fun(yay);
Thanksgiving turkeys, hungry for Valentine’s Day.
But finally, a little red 1;
floated over the app store: done.
Wait, a wheel?;
not again!
Krusty said it wasn’t rigged;
but he kinda lied (again).
Madame Chaos’s brought Mindy and her bike;
a date with her, Homer would like.
But Marge won’t be very happy;
Homer’s chances are looking crappy.
So here I’m waiting once again;
This time for the tunnel of love.
But Valentines are flowing in;
man, the SVT has a lot of admirers.

This Valentines poem is to the tune of “Draggin’ the Line” by Tommy James and the Shondels. If you are too young, you tube it, you’ll recognize the tune shortly into the song… Happy Valentines and thanx to all you folx who make addicts a great place to be an addict!

Tappin’ the Line
Tappin’ the buildings day by day,
Earin’ my doughnuts the poor folks way,
I love to tap Christmas gifts and Valentines…
Will you be mine, will you be mine, will you be mine… bum bum!
I love tappin’ my squidport tiles,
Makin’ Carl pogo for miles and miles,
While Brockman and Homer relax in the bright sunshine…
Will you be mine, will you be mine, will you be mine… bum bum!
Tappin’ and tappin’ my not-so-smart phone,
Scheming for doughnuts, writing this poem,
It’s hard to tap in the glare from the bright sunshine!

I’d been thinking an out it all day, it was not fun–
How when I came home, my rise bush would be done.
After 24 hours on Cletus’ farm
I was listening for the notification alarm
Then heard it, it was like a beautiful song,
I slid to unlock– but something was wrong.
Then I saw him, the devil, right there
Bart Simpson with his spiky red hair (little known fact)
It said “Undergoing Maintenance” – what does this mean
Does it mean I can’t start the event “Valentine”?!
I waited and waited, got my flappy bird high score (45)
But still SERVERS DOWN why does EA make my get bored?
After hours and hours of waiting waiting,
I checked and it worked! Oh, how amazing!
And now I get valentines, no more conflicts,
Thank you EA, and of course TSTO Addicts
Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

Happy hearts to you Wookiee, Bunny, Alissa and you too Mark B.
Check out this riddle I have written for thee.

I want to share with you this feeling within, the infatuation for my TSTO friends.
All of the advice and the info you share, I believe has kept me from pulling out my hair.
You have helped me through goo and gift cards galore. But, that’s not all. You told me how I could get more!
An avid tapper I have become, Oh…these little contest just make it more fun.
Little do you know you hold my hand, every step of the way. To work, the store and yes, even the crapper can.
Any questions I may have , I know where to go……. The addicts website of TSTO.
The contest rules kind of said to kiss up, so I’m hoping my lips are not puckered too much!!
The reality is.. When push comes to shove, y’all have made me fall in love.
Although my family is jealous you get all my free time, I must tell you the pleasure … It is all mine!!
So TSTO I ask you so kind………………….

The Simpsons Tapped Out what a pointless game?
Why spend so much time doing something so “lame”?

Spending hours tapping at a phone for a virtual city?
“It’s so sad” you say, as you give me your pity

“Go enjoy the REAL world, your family & friends”
“Aren’t you worried about the message to your kids you send?”

Well, you see my dear critics you have missed the joy
This is not just another useless internet toy

My marriage was on the rocks, unable to make amends
My kids busy lives: school, sports, texting friends

We had all drifted apart, ran out of things to say
When suddenly TSTO gave us something to ALL play

My husband & I built our Springfields, then visited to compare
When suddenly we found something to talk about & share

We laughed & kept building, finally the kids could take no more
“What is this game you keep talking about? It doesn’t sound like a bore”

TSTO we explained as we showed them our towns
Homer, Marge, Lisa. Bart, Moe, Burns, & Krusty the clown.

But it was Comic Book Guys Cosplay which made them giggle most
They wanted in on the action, began a SPringfield, & post

They invited their friends, we had already gotten ours
And a virtual community was born -but as real as the stars

Now as a family we play, talk, laugh, & connect
We have learned more about their friends & gotten more respect

This “silly” little game has given us more than just play
It has given back a marriage, a family, & a community this way.

You know if I’m here, I’m not over there. This might cause withdrawal! What? Free donuts! A moment I must spare! If you must know, it’s true, I’m an addict, like all of you. Yes my electric bill will be insane. After all, the phone charger’s practically hooked in my vein!
I lie to my mother when she calls, you know, ’cause Willie just finished working on his manifesto. “Mom, I’m sick. I gotta go!”
My cat needs water. Man, she’s licking the bathroom tap!
My dog brings the ball, but I don’t throw it back. I’ve been embarrassed while trying to get it on. Someone knocked on the door, just as Homer yelled “Visitors!” , & about putting pants on! (this really happened). Needless to say, that relationship didn’t last long. So yes I’m single, but for someone else I don’t long. I’ve no time for love. I’m trapped in the game. I take it in the bathroom. I play in the rain! I’ve bought iTunes cards for the first time ever. Can’t the donuts be cheaper? My pockets are no deeper! Still I’m addicted, it even gets me off twitter! That’s serious to those in the know. I’m ignoring my own hygiene. I’m not lying. It’s true. Did I brush my teeth today yet? I can’t remember. Can you? I can’t feel my arms. There’s a kink in my neck. I’m always stuck in a position closest to an outlet. I can’t remember when I last had fruit. I’ll wind up with scurvy if I don’t do something soon, but I can’t leave the game, no, no, no, this I can’t do. I’m waiting in vain for a heart shaped pool. But a Valentine’s update I guess isn’t due. I don’t need a new love for the holiday, that’s too much ado about nothing. TSTO, I choo-choo-choose you!

I’m a tap-a-holic, some new stuff I’m a dreamin’
Getting information from the T.S.T.O. nation
I’m just a freemium, playing for some premium
Like a character building or a mode of transportation

Wookie, Alissa, Bunny & the crew
Halloween was awesome, Christmas was divine
But Valentine’s would be sweeter
If I win some splendid donuts-Woo-Hoo!

Hail to the TSTO Addicts writers!

Good morning! Here is an ode to my favorite Simpson’s character ever…

You’ll have to excuse me, I’m new to this town,
but I’m already addicted, can’t put my phone down.
I moved to Springfield all by myself you see,
it seems like a very nice place to be.
We grow crops, go to school, some even go fishing,
but I still kind of felt that something was missing.

Then one day I went to a good neighbor’s town,
and that’s when I saw you walking around.
I about fell right over when I saw you there,
blue jeans, orange shirt, and that sweet tousled hair.

July 31st I downloaded an app,
Simpsons Tapped Out, what is this crap?
I clicked on the icon on my new iPad,
Saw Homer playing Little Elves on his MyPad.
And so it began with my first tap,
The addiction of this young charming chap.

I placed the Simpsons house in level one,
And then Bart told me that was done.
On to level two, I placed the Kwik-e-Mart,
Clearly for the game I thought don’t have to be that smart.
Yet still I found the game quite interesting and fun,
Just as I do watching any old Simpsons rerun.

Lisa and Apu joined Homer to start level three,
and asked me to be green and plant a shrub and tree.
Soon the Flanders house brought about Ned,
So many characters started messing with my head.
Why so many people play, I could finally see,
An addict of the game, they started to make in me.

I love the sound of tapping my day has just begun I love the sound of Simpsons as there roasting in the sun. I love my baldy homer as he is the true one that makes every one tapp harder to see what has begun he is always on adventures and lounging in the sun while Bart is on his skateboard and Lisa on the sax while marge is at home looking after maggie Santa’s little helper is attacking the poor cat (snowball) crusty causeing mayhem while Lenny is at the plant Carl is working harder just to get to moe’s for a duff. burns is on the rampage while Smithers pats his back Barney’s in the gutter as Flanders brings him back rod and tod are praying for there mum to come back as she lays in heaven the bright star shines over Springfield watching over making sure every one has a happy tapping day. My 1st ever poem and it doesn’t all rhyme and all characters aren’t in it but I give it a shot:-)


In friends Springfields, the tappers grow
In time, become your neighnoureeno
Since the Christmas update ended late
We waited and waited for level 38
Two weeks have gone by since that day arrived
We wait for another to keep our interest alive

While waiting and hoping for update to come
TSTO addicts has come up with some
Rather interesting ideas for a new contest to task
Their readers to enter a contest they ask
Write poems and love notes and submit it soon
The very best entries to make readers swoon.

So Alissa, and Bunny and Wookie and Brad
Gimme this win I want free donuts BAAAADDDD!!!
I read T-S-T-O Addicts everyday
I read content and comments to help with my play
Happy valentines day to the staff there at Addicts
You make readers like me turn all quite fanatic

So consider this poem when choosing the best
Cause I love this Valentine’s Day tapped out contest
If I win, I will buy buildings you see
And dedicate each one that I buy to thee
So thank you Addicts Happy Valentine’s Day
Time to end this poem get tapped out and play

Tapping in the morning, tapping at night
Words from the Wookie-man keepin’ it tight.
Bunny in the cellar, sneaking out to see
New things she can create to mesmerize me.
TSTO’ writers giving great advice
Makes my game play smarter, efficient, and oh so wise.
So if you “choo choo choose me” for donuts I will shout

The Duff Blimp is red
Marge’s hair is blue
Between Christmas and V-day
There’s not much to do
Meet me at Stu’s
We can disco all night
Pick up some snacks?
Well I think I just might!
I’ll buy you a shrub maze!
I’ll buy you a float!
I’ll buy you an orange tree!
I’ll buy you a boat!
I’ll click on your tiles
And collect tons of XP
PS I got us a room
At the Sleep-Eazy
If EA made it
I’d buy you the sun
Perhaps some flowers will do?
Addicts, you are the one!


Tapping tapping
Just can’t stop.
My dog wants out and I need to shop!

Just let me visit one more town!
And build this house…and tap this clown!

Even when I’m in my car
I see a house or store or bar,
That look so very much to me
Like the Springfield in my memory!

Addicted to the Addicts Blog

Tapped Out started as my one little vice.
My addiction to make my own Simpsons town a little nice;
But as my addiction grew I needed some help
Finding friends; leveling up; and with the game itself.
So I turned to the web for the information I sought;
And discovering the TSTO Addicts blog my breath quickly caught
Here was the Holy Grail of all things Tapped Out
And the seedling for my newest vice quickly began to sprout
Walkthroughs, trouble shooting, and the ultimate guides
Wookie, Alissa, and Bunny, quickly became my faithful allies.
I thought my first visit would be my only to the site…
But quickly found myself checking the blog morning,noon, and night.

The Addiction

When my phone signals
I take no time to answer.
That blinking light tells me someone needs an adventure.
Maybe skipping school or a sleepover or even melting snow.
I give them there tasks and then have to close.
I wait and wait and wait some more.
Then all of a sudden my phone signals once more.
I get all excited to think what new to expect.
Once again i answer and my new building appears
to my eyes so does my new adventure.
Check to make sure everyone and all is taken care of
for it is time to take care of my real life someone.
Till my next phone signal my addiction.


As this Valentine’s event gets off to its long-awaited start
I tap, tap, tap upon the screen of your Simpsons-lovin’ heart
Let us synchronize our iPhones, dear, let me show you all around –
Won’t you come out and play Tapped Out and visit my new Springfield town?
We’ll walk past the elementary school where Otto sleeps atop his bus
Watch Willie rake up 12-hour leaves — (What must they think of us?)
We’ll tour the grand Duff Factory, stop in and have a drink
Then walk over to the laboratory and observe Professor Frink
If Mr. Flanders changes skins, we might see him “devil up”
(And if, by chance, 39 arrives, we could even Level Up)
For lunch, we’ll hit Luigi’s or go by Zesty’s for some ziti
Then get out mops and clean up some of Bart Simpson’s graffiti
We’ll see the Jebediah Springfield statue in my town’s center square
Then stop by the Unisex Hair Palace and have Jake do your hair
At the newly opened Costington’s, we’ll buy you hats and boots
If you need a bran new saxophone reed – it’s a trip to old King Toots
We’ll walk along the Squidport, take a trip to Krustyland
(Though neither is as fancy as once imagined or as planned)
I’ll treat you to the one thing that is sure to steal your heart
A blue-raspberry smoothie from Apu’s famous Kwik-E-Mart
No visit to Springfield  is complete, as everybody knows
Without a frosty glass of Duff raised inside of Moe’s
As we walk along the roads, we’ll visit each and every joint
And you can gather all the cash – and all the Xtra Points
My love for you, my dear, is true … my love for you is freemium
If you’ll be my valentine, I’ll upgrade that love to premium

Dear Simpson you have been in my life since I was eight.

3 kids, 12 years of marriage, & during a couple of dates!
TSTO is one of the best games I’ve ever had,
But why do you treat me so bad?
In App purchases have made me so broke,
Seeing the bill caused my husband to choke!
Now in app purchases have been disabled,
And the name of addict I have been labeled!
But it doesn’t matter so much to me,
Because I am happy to be
Tapping on my Simpson forever!
And the joy I have with the show will never be severed,
Since I will always have my little world of Simpson in the palm of my hand,
Even though I wish I was able to buy a ship load of Simpsons donuts on demand!

An Addict’s Admission: An Ode to the Tappers

I wake up in the morning
and reach for my device,
It’s fully charged: I’m thankful
that this game’s my only vice
(besides the cup of coffee
that I drink to perk me up),
and as the sleep comes off me,
I put aside the empty cup.

The smooth glass screen then greets me:
Good morning, where’ve you been?
The games continued on and look:
the progress can be seen!
The tasks that you’ve assigned them
are over, time to tap!
Bart is leaving Sunday School;
the others take a lap
around the town I’ve made them,
(Oh, the hours I’ve put in)
to make sure that my Christmas entry’s
sure to get a win.

While searching the Web one day, eager to find
Just how to get donuts was the hope of my mind.
The 1st place I tapped was You Tube I guess.
But there it was people thinking their hack was best.
The direction I longed for was legal in kind.
So I tapped TSTOAddicts. Oh my !! what a find!!
There was so much to read and much more to learn.
Much more then I realized with each page I had turned.
Yes! This was the website I longed for, right here!
TSTOAddicts my heros. I searched and you steared
To all the right answers and numorous blogs.
Yes this site gave answers and lifted the fog.
Oh this was THE place. Now I go everyday.
Right after I play, of course, no other way.
Youve calmed me with answers when Bart pops up to much.
Now my Springfield has 3D art. A nice touch!
I have shared many things from your website you know.
Some gamer site friends must now think im a Pro.
My followers has grown, much to my delight.
The answers I share, of course, are always right.
Ive shared answers, logic, solutions and more.
Oh TSTOAddicts I wish you lived next door!
In my Springfield I’d welcome you all anytime.
Cuz I’m proud that my town is all really mine.
So thank you so much from the bottom of my heart!
Thank you Bunny, Alissa, and Wookiee and Mark!
Will you be my Valentines on this special day?
And maybe some donuts just might be headed my way.
Love you TSTOAddicts,

Today we’ve begun
Lots of tapping we’ll do
Till our fingers are red
And we see hair of blue

All TSTO addicts
Trying hard to get hearts
We keep spinning the wheel
Just to win flower carts

We’re all hoping Homer
Gets Marge a great gift
Letting Lisa, Maggie ,Bart
And our addicts hearts lift

So happy she’ll be
That Homer did try
Under the Valentine tree
Happy tears she may cry

“Oh Homey” she”ll say
As we log out one more time
won’t you be mine!?

You call me a tsto addict?
I love it more than a cat does catnip
Some people play flappy bird
But compared to other games this game is first
Bart is my favorite he’s only 10
Im this games biggest fan
I play this game everyday
Except for when it doesn’t update
I check everyday for new surprises
when my game has a new update I get excited
I could never ever hack this game
Because I would be so ashamed
I love knowin my town is real
I’m not some person who ever steals
I need more donuts for some premiums
Please please gimme them
I’m waitin for love day to come to this game
It not bein here yet is a shame
You can call me tsto tapper nick
I’ll always be a tsto tapping addict

Whew!  That’s all of our awesome finalists!  Like I said…some serious talent!

So here’s the deal.  We’ve picked the Top 25 but now YOU get to decide who wins!  That’s right, we’re passing the buck onto you guys….and the fate of these 25 finalists are in your Tapping Fingers!  So be sure to vote for your favorite!  Voting closes on February 13th, 2014 at 11:59pm (EST), and the winners will be announced Friday February 14th, 2014…so be sure to vote early and often!

Voting Ends at 11:59pm (EST) on February 13th, 2014 (Thursday).  Winners will be announced on the 14th! 

Because of the length of this post the voting poll was placed at the top of the page above the fold.  

For Official Contest Rules Check Out This Post

A prize reminder (Unfortunately, because of the nature of the Gift Cards, Gift Cards can only be awarded to Tappers in the US 18 and older.  To our friends outside of the US 18 and older you may enter the contest but an alternate prize will be awarded at Addicts discretion.):

3rd Place- A Tray of 132 Donuts (in the form of a $10 iTunes or Google Play Gift Card)
2nd Place- A Truckload of 300 Donuts + (in the form of a $25 iTunes or Google Play Gift Card)
1st Place- A Truckload of 300 Donuts ++ (in the form of a $35 iTunes or Google Play Gift Card)

Good Luck to everyone in our top 25!

And to everyone who entered….THANK YOU!!  We really LOVED seeing how creative you guys could be, and we plan on featuring some of your designs in upcoming posts!

Happy Voting Tappers!

39 responses to “And the Finalists Are……

  1. Can I just say I was honored to have my poem placed at 21? That felt good to a long time Simpsons fan!

  2. Any idea on when we might see the winners its almost 4 on the east coast I was hopin to see the results when I got home from work but guess ill have a lil more time to wait huh?

    • They’ll be announced shortly. Sorry with the Twitter Chat today running a little longer than we planned, we’re running a bit behind. It’ll be up very soon! 🙂

  3. Is it too late to vote for anyone? I didn’t even get to vote for myself! Guess I’m still excited that I even made it in the 25! The game just said to give donuts to our neighboreeno’s if we’re not sure what to do w/ our hearts??? I don’t have any donuts, but didn’t think there was a way to give things to my neighboreeno’s? That would be really awesome, especially when they might not have something from the wheel but I do & get the same thing again. EA should definitely let us give things to our neighbors! Good luck to everyone in the 25. I’m psyched I’m in it!

    • 🙁 sorry unfortunately it is too late. We had to close the voting so we could announce who the winner is today.
      As far as I know you can’t give neighboreeno’s donuts. But it would be cool if you could 🙂

  4. Well, I don’t have a huge Facebook following or a lot of friends, so I figured I had to vote for myself because others would vote for themselves, too. I thought that’s why you said vote early and vote often: I really want those donuts! I understand the contest should be merit-based, so all I can do is keep voting and hope others will, too.
    Thanks for the opportunity, no matter what the outcome. 🙂

  5. I’m glad to see the clarification on the voting. (Once every 6 hours). I felt like I had to run to my device and vote as often as I could. I like this better…Thanks!

  6. Thanks once again for you great comforting help!! You all are so great. You reply so swiftly! Unlike no other ive seen! Your awesome!

  7. Sadly, I am one of those voting often. You said vote early and often so…First thing I thought…..people would be spending their time voting for themselves and I wouldn’t stand a chance. I like the idea of one vote per person instead. I hope that it will go by just what others vote for and 1 vote for yourself.

  8. I was lucky amd thrilled to be picked for one of the finalists. But im a little worried about the rule, vote as many times and vote often. I suppose someone could vote over and over again for their poem and us that dont vote as much will obviously not win. Im I right?

    • We also see who’s voting and their ip address…so we’ll know if anyone is repeatedly voting for themselves.
      It was designed to make it so that multiple entries could be voted for (since there are 25 finalists) but it seems more people have an issue with it than we thought they would. So it’s been adjusted now you can only vote once every 6 hrs. Don’t worry…I can see the results no one is significantly ahead, it’s actually a close battle 🙂

  9. Woohoo good luck my springfield neighbors!

  10. :○} GOOD LUCK EVERYONE. Im so excited!!!!!

  11. Wow! I am so excited to be listed as a finalist. I’m a musician, not a writer. I guess that’s why mine is short. Lol
    I must have been inspired because I spend so much time playing the game and reading TSTO Addicts between rehearsals!
    Love you guys!

  12. I made the cut-yea! I’d jump up and down, but I might break something! Good luck to all!

  13. Jiminy Cricket, tough call! There are three I love, bur they all are great. Well played, leave it up to the readers and blame us. Lol. Joking


  15. WHOO, hoo! Vote for me! ::crosses fingers::
    C’mon lucky #**! Same backwards as forwards! 😉
    Thanks guys!

  16. Thanks to the staff at addicts for bringing me a step closer to more donuts. I am truly grateful to be a finalist. Best wishes to all the rest of the finalists.

  17. I didn’t submit an entry being an O/S resident, however I would like to congratulate all of the finalists. A pleasurable 30 minutes of reading. (And yes, I am a game and site addict too 🙂 )

  18. The other poll isn’t at the bottom??

  19. Well done to everyone who’ve made the finals. It’s gonna be so hard for me to choose one

  20. I’ve got to say I was so excited to make the finals. Good luck to everyone!

  21. I’m happy I’m a finalist IDC much about winning I just did my poem on the fly one night because I was bored but thank you for naming me a finalist

  22. Sweet, I’m a finalist!

    Good luck to my 24 co-finalist. May the most poetic addicts win!

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