Something’s Coming: A Peek Inside the Files

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Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Sorry I’m a little late today with getting this…random…info out to you.  We’ve been slammed with, yet another, massive  snow storm here in the North East and I’ve spent much of the day shoveling out!

I know most of the other TSTO sites out there reported on this earlier that something was coming.  What exactly that something is…no one seems to know.  As you know the policy here at Addicts is not to report on anything unless we can verify it for ourselves.  So, now that I can finally see my driveway again I’ve taken another look at the files.

As some of you may have seen when you logged on to TSTO today a little mini update hit.  No…nothing changed, well from the game play itself for today.  But this little update most likely updated the files with information about that something that’s supposed to be coming.  So let’s see what we’ve uncovered shall we?

Oh and for those curious….here’s what my driveway looked like with all that snow!
2014-02-13 12.36.33 2014-02-13 12.36.39

So here’s what we know.  As we mentioned on the Valentine’s Day Run Down Post Lincoln’s Cabin and Lincoln should be making a return on President’s Day as a Limited-Time return.  Again as we posted earlier this will be available from February 16th-18th.  As This was a premium character/building combo (one of our favorites!) that was originally offered over 4th of July.  So if you missed out on this premium combo now’s your chance to get it (it looks like it will be offered for 150 donuts)!

lincolnscabin_menu Abraham-Lincoln

Why Lincoln?  It actually makes complete sense.  Not only is President’s Day on Monday the 17th (woo-hoo day off from work!) but Lincoln’s birthday was just yesterday (February 12th).  So it fits perfectly in with the February event (much better than 4th of July when he originally made an appearance)…plus they already had him in the files!  So no new character/building to create!

Now here’s the new stuff.  According the the files there’s a line in the files that calls for ValTwoStart and End dates.  Here’s what the files show:

What exactly ValTwo is…we don’t know, at least not yet.  But it’s scheduled to start in about 6.5 hours (3am EST)…so we’ll know soon.

Will it be donuts?  Will it be free prizes?  What do YOU think they’ll surprise us with?  What would you like it to be?  Sound off in the comments below…you know we LOVE hearing from you! 🙂

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45 responses to “Something’s Coming: A Peek Inside the Files

  1. Love your site.
    Down near the Cape, getting another foot of snow as I type. I actually love winter. Not looking forward to the muddy Spring.

    • Thank you! Oh wow! We only got a few inches up here tonight…but I’m sick of looking at snow! Hopefully it melts slowly though, all this snow and no where for the water to go if it melts fast. Stay safe and warm! 🙂

  2. There are also 3 plant for Cletus’ farm in the files. Cabbage baby, meth plant, elf berries and tofu.


  4. Hey! I also received the choo-choo but it said so,etching about me giving donuts out? Not sure how that works. Need room for 3 more neighbors. Josh12189

    • It was EA’s lil way of telling YOU what to buy your special someone for Valentine’s Day. Basically saying that is the only way the guy will stay out of the doghouse is if he buys his sweetie donuts for their game. Lol 😉

  5. It’s another Choo-Choo and a yet another Lovely Bench. More trash! Wouldn’t even be able to get rid of them in a garage sale. But the Choo-Choo does give a 2.25% bonus to all jobs and XP. I’ve hidden mine behind a tall building. Sigh.

  6. So valentines has hit… According to the dialogue I received something in my inventory. Upon checking my inventory… I don’t think I see anything new… Though I may have an extra choo choo choose you train… Not 100% sure how many of those I had. And yes I stayed up way past my bedtime waiting to discover what the new content was.

    • Post is coming…yes it is a Choo choo choose you train. I actually do not mind the extra multipliers. I could use them in my A game.

      • I don’t mind the extra train either. However, if I had known it was the train I wouldn’t have stayed up till 3am…. I would have just waited till tomorrow… Or later today… I think? Gah. It’s late.

        • We stayed up too. Lol. This is one of those hidden ones I wish I was able to see better, but EA likes to keep some things still hidden from us. Oh well. Here’s to hoping for some more goodies from EA soon. 😉

  7. Wel, I logged in to TSTO and got the spinner item I had the least of, “The Choo Choo Choose” me train, not much of a biggie since I had just used doughnuts to buy more spins and got it two hours earlieri did that I’m case the wheel was removed at 3am.

  8. Christian Goddard

    That was stupid i waited and waited it was a real disappointment Not cool EA

  9. I got really excited to see the return of Lincoln when VD launched since I didn’t have enough donuts to get him last year. (I asked for a lot of Google play gift cards for Christmas so I could take advantage of Gil’s offer) 😀 But then I realized I have just used up all of my land and I don’t have a special place for good ol’ Abe. I will be up all night at the drawing board now rearranging for his arrival!

  10. Oooo. Those files look interesting. V2 runs for 24 hours, but what is the V2 late unlock on the 20th?

  11. Bernadette Weiss

    Are you guys kidding me in northern Jersey?! I’m in south Jersey and we’ve been getting hit hard the last couple years.

  12. I seriously hope its something new. I hate my “valentines park” its an ugly add to springfield IMHO. And you cant even sell the stuff you get.
    I call mine “The wasteland of love” since it actually looks like bunch of carebears are living in the corner of my town, just pooping piles of “lovely crap” around. 😀

    • Same here.. I like the train because I love the episode it’s from, but that’s it. I’ve been trying to put all my VD stuff around Madame Chao’s, but it just looks tacky. After the event I’ll just store it all and make a more classy Madame Chao’s.

  13. 7pm Oz time. Only 2 hours to go 🙂

  14. Love the fact that you validate the files before posting it! So happy because I missed Lincoln (Spent donuts on many many many other things, happily though) Hope they bring out Robotic version of George Washington hehe.
    I am hoping ValTwo means additional quests like Bart and Shauna in the Tunnel of Love, more Mindy quests, and possibly an appearance by Gil with a new deal. Have been playing since it came out and am loving every minute of it! Your site just adds more fun to it.

    • Well thanks for joining the madness that is Addicts. Welcome aboard!! Lol 😉

      We just know from past experience, just because it’s in the files does not mean it will launch in the game. Soooooo many cool items still just sitting there in those files. Abandoned quests, characters, mini games, buildings, etc. So we would rather make sure it will be released before we plug it then to give our readers hope of an item that never appears.

  15. I hope they don’t take the wheel away… I still need the pond, but I keep getting the other stuff. My “VD park” looks like one of those crammed chinese dollar stores 😛 I guess I should start selling some items

  16. Well, they probably call it ValTwo since this is,th second valentines day since the game was introduced, as for what it is I have no idea..
    I didn’t see any update today, then again i could have been looking away for a second when it happend since you said it was a short update.
    Unless the game glitched up and didn’t update, I will know at 3am for sure though.

    • Well the game coding for the event is called Valentine’sDayTwo so ValTwo is a separate event. 🙂 I almost missed the update myself just happened to catch the last second of it. It was really minor. 🙂

  17. Pandi (@LadyPandi)

    Well, since they usually go with a free *premium event item” I’m going to guess that it’s a free love hammock. It would have to be something people can have more than one of… and might use more than one of.
    I would love for it to be something new and unique though!

  18. I wish it were the return of my regenereating waste barrels.
    or a Cool Brown House.
    or a Springfield Falls.
    or joint task for CBG & Kumiko.
    or Lisa’s bf from the movie.
    or a pony.c

  19. Bit random but I have to whine to someone… I accidentally bought Howard’s flowers instead of the ice cream parlour. Worst. Purchase. Ever <\3
    I can't believe how much snow you've got! We're drowning in torrential rain here in England :S

    • Aw that stinks! At least it’s colorful…so it’ll give you something bright for your Springfield 🙂
      And yea…we’ve been getting killed! But I guess we were due. Haven’t had too much snow the last couple of years!

    • Pandi (@LadyPandi)

      Aw what’s wrong with the flower shop? I got that over the ice cream store because of the decoration possibilities, I put a heart topiary and some balloons outside, looks quite nice. I’m not a fan of the style of the ice cream store, doesn’t fit with my decor. lol
      I am also in New England and it’s horrid out there, about 10″ of snow today and supposed to get some rain and more snow during the night. They haven’t called off school tomorrow though, yet. My son is hoping. ha!

  20. I hope it’s donuts. It would be fitting for them to give away free donuts to commemorate the 6 month anniversary of TSTO Addicts.

    Alternatively, I’d love if they brought back stuff from before July 31st 2013 for money sale to allow us late starters another crack at items like the Waterfall. I have over $1.4million itching to be spent on new stuff (well new to me at least).

    BTW, is that driveway in Ewing Township, NJ?

    • Lol nope to Ewing Township. I’m in Somerset County…more centralized.
      I hope they bring back the Waterfall and other items for you newer Tappers too! Maybe for Whacking Day?
      And yes…I think it’s completely fitting for them to give donuts away to commemorate our anniversary! I mean we’re giving them away…so EA should be too. It’s only fair right? 😉

  21. As a fellow northeaster, your driveway looks about right when I look at mine, lol, hears to fingers crossed that wave two tonight doesn’t make things too bad tomorrow!

    this valtwo thing has me really excited! I may have to stay up for this,. I’m always up for some donuts, or a free character…. one can dream right?

    Btw, I’m sooo happy i stumbled across this site! I looked at other sites, but this one is my favorite for TSTO!!!

    • Aw well thank you! We love that you’re part of the Addicts community! 🙂
      And yes…i’m hoping round 2 isn’t as bad as they think it will be. We’re running out of room to put the shoveled snow! Good luck to you if you venture out tomorrow!
      I’m excited about it too! Here’s hoping it’s free donuts! 🙂

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