Twitter Chat with the Addicts!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

We’re going to try something new here at TSTO Addicts.  We’re going to do a live Twitter Chat with you guys!  Here’s your chance to ask us anything…TSTO related or not!  All you have to do is tap on the Tweet @TSTOAddicts box at the bottom of the feed and send us your question/comment and we’ll be here to answer away!

We’ll be here for about an hour (till 2pm EST) so pop over and join us! 🙂

We can’t wait to see what you guys have to say!

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15 responses to “Twitter Chat with the Addicts!

  1. I want to follow some tsto addicts!! @Bethmbabb

  2. Missed your Twitter feed…was buying a new kindle fire…mine died last night…*crosses self…
    I bet ya’ll had a blast…famous, I say…you’re gonna be famous..!!!

    Now what the heck is a Twitter feed…???…dang kids and their fancy smancy thingamajigs…

    Now go on and play, I gots to cook supper…go on…oh and happy vd…

  3. Feed was a lot of fun. Thanks to every one who jumped on. Happy V-Day everyone!

  4. I don’t have twitter, but I know I can ask you guys anything anyway!
    Have fun on the twitter feed!


  6. I don’t have twitter 🙁

    Level 33 was Lou and Eddie, and their dog was a premium. Also Arnie Pie was a premium at that level.

  7. Bunny uncensored???!! That could be dangerous. Lol 😉

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