Chat with the Addicts Live today at 1pm EST!

A special note: to celebrate our 6 month anniversary we’re going to have a live Twitter Chat today at 1pm EST with Bunny, Wookiee and I.  That’s right all 3 of us will be here chatting with you live.

Now’s your chance to ask us anything and everything about TSTO & beyond!  Just keep in mind…we’re not EA.  So we can’t answer things like when will we be able to place cars on the road, why don’t you fix my game, etc.  But we will be here to answer any other questions you have about design, game basics, how we play & more!

So be here at at 1pm EST today, we’ll have the twitter stream live on the blog so you can follow along.  To participate all you need is a Twitter account 🙂

Can’t wait to chat with you all in a few hours!

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4 responses to “Chat with the Addicts Live today at 1pm EST!

  1. Y’all gonna be so famous!!!…Forgive me for this following rant…
    In the Bible, Paul told the Corinthians about love giving it an a happy definition leaving out the dark side…
    Fore love is truly sweet but to everything is an opposite. One cannot begin to understand love without also examining hate…both can often be found in the same hole…no one really wakes up in the morning bent on hating everyone, do they? Sadly some do…those that were stung by love, those that never recognized love, and the majority being those that simply don’t have the capacity for the affliction.
    The age old saying, “if you love something let it go” is possibly the saddest and most wonderful statements ever coined…wonderful when that love is returned in kind…
    So love is sad and lonely…it’s tiresome and stressful…it’s an invitation to much pain and sorrow…
    it’s complete surrender…if love was so great then why is it something that we fall into?
    So we fall in love because we must…just can’t help it…that tingling in your stomach, that slight tremble in your knees…beware…you might be in love…
    God bless you all,

    Once again, forgive me,
    freak out

    • Awwww I adore you Freak 😉

      Thank you so much. Can’t wait to harass…errrr…I mean hop all over….no that’s not it…help? and talk to people 😉

  2. This sounds like the perfect opportunity to profess my love to Bunny! Wait, did I just say that out loud?

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