Dear EA… A Valentine’s wish list from the TSTO Addicts

Hey hey hey! How’s everyone doing? So it’s Valentine’s Day and I hope it’s a great one for all of you Addicts. In the spirit of love and giving, I figured it might be time to post up some more requesterinos from all of you.

On 25 Jan 14 we threw up quite a list but apparently, you creative folks had even more ideas. In fact, 57 comments which made me smile big. Over at the Tapaholic Requesterinos to EA, there were 15 more. Wowza, can you say “EA should just make us their brain trust?”


Before the list starts, I think it’s important to note a couple tappers who got their suggestions in the game. Runicgem got his wish of Shauna returning.  Hey Silverdog77, happy some more limited-time stuff came back?  Fusionwerks wanted a way to organize their friends list.  Well, not the same but it is alphabetized so I count that as a win.  I’m not sure if OSebhlen was talking about gaudy pink fences when they asked for different fences but sometimes you have to be careful what you wish for.  Mummie wanted an easy way to delete inactive players.  I think we all need to send her roses or chocolate for hooking us up.

Is EA listening to us?  I know most of us have had a complaint or two while playing but I like to think that our positive suggestions are a breath of fresh air for EA. We’re like TSTO Ghandi and trying to be the change we want to see in our digital world.

First off, I know most of you were thinking it but SquareBiz79 voiced that we need MORE LAND.  This especially would be important if EA keeps listening to all us crazies.  The list is broke down into buildings, characters, decorations, tasks, skins and gameplay.  Anything requested on the previous post is in red.


– Fire station with fire truck, unlocking fireman skins for Homer, Moe, Apu or Skinner (EvilKitten812)
– I Can’t Believe It’s Not a Law Firm (schnopp.schniederheimer)
Troy McClure’s Mansion (schnopp.schniederheimer)
– Return of Pow Wow Casion with Chief (runicgem)
– A classy hotel (Teal)
– Lil Vicki Valentine’s School of Dance (mh43338)
– Itchy & Scratchy Studios (Bea)
– Krusty’s houseboat (Capital City Goofball)
– Springfield Speedway (mh43338)
– Ayn Rand’s School for Tots (A. Peck)
– Rancho Relaxo (steveCTTW & johnny)
– Temple Beth Springfield (Wooben22313)
– Hindu Temple (Wooben22313)


Lionel Hutz (schnopp.schniederheimer, Fred Gipson & Bunny)
Troy McClure (schnopp.schniederheimer, Fred Gipson & Bunny)
– Itchy & Scratchy (Reddevil769)
Crazy Cat Lady (Megan)
– Little Vicki aka Vicki Valentine (mh43338)
– Dewey Largo (jessica)
– Roger Myers, Jr. (Bea)
– Furious George (Capital City Goofball)
– Maggie Simpson (mh43338, Poloman67, A. Peck & Johnny)
– Artie Ziff (dean)
– Sideshow Bob as playable character (Teal)
– Senor Ding Dong and his van (@TappedOutKing)
– Dr. Marvin Monroe (Rich)
– Cecil Terwilleger (johnny)
– Seth and Munchi (Dandondanuk)
– Homer’s Mom aka Mona Simpson (Dandondanuk)
– Jose Flanders (ziggymonkeybob2)
– Rabbi Krustofski (Wooben22313)


– Restrooms or porta-potties for Krustyland (EvilKitten812)
– A cat (Megan)
A fence characters cannot walk through (alunited1961 & Mike)
– More trees (Teal & Mike)
– Light brick surface for ground (Teal)
Homer’s car aka Simpsons car (Teal, Johnathan Smith, Mike & Kaleb)
– Old style cedar picnic tables (Teal & Mike)
– White beach chairs (Teal)
– Beach cabanas (Teal)
Beach towels (Teal)
– Swimming Pools or hot tubs for backyards (Teal)
– Tennis courts (Teal)
– Big flower baskets on street lights (Teal)
– Drinking fountains (minicha)
Canyonero (Teal & Johnathan Smith)
– West Springfield desert area: dirt, dirt trails, cactus, cow skull (Mike)
– Devil’s Anvil (Mike)
– Potted Ficus (Mike)
– Camping Tents (Mike)
– More flowers (Mike)
– Outdoor table with umbrellas (Mike)
– Rocks (Mike)
Burns’ Yacht (Capital City Goofball)
– More boats (fusionwerks)
– Mailboxes (wolfguy)
– Springfield Dam (johnny)
Monorail (alunited1961)
– VD decorations in Krustyland (Nicole)


– CBG and Kumiko joint tasks (minicha)
– Driving cars on roads character tasks (Mike)
– More team tasks (mh43338)
– Ability to pick tasks and choose the duration for them (Veklo)
– Shorter tasks for Maude (Rich)
– Quests in Capital City (Rich)
– Dancing Homer at the Stadium (Rich)
– More tasks for Open Air Stage (Ohhthatguy)
– Tasks for the Be Sharps (PaulieRebs)
– Squidport tasks (Wooben22313)
– Tasks in all buildings (Wooben22313)
– More tasks time i.e. 45 sec, 7 hour, 9 hour/every character (Wooben 22313)


– Fat Homer with Moo Moo (Hannie-lou97)
– Rory B. Bellows skin for Krusty (Capital City Goofball)
– The Party Posse (PaulieRebs)


– 4 directional parking spaces (EvilKitten812 & Teal)
– Search option to find decorations (Punchinello)
– Skull Island as separate area for next Halloween with all the characters as animals (Shumbdeep)
– For driveways and porch sidewalks to automatically extend to nearest adjacent curb (Corinna Blevins)
– Ability to zoom out to see entire town (Gypsydla & runicgem)
– Unique cut-scenes (Johnathan Smith)
– Multiple task selections like “Lisa go pick up trash till done” (Johnathan Smith)
– Stop current task option (Johnathan Smith)
– Storage option for Squidport Entrance (Mike)
– Ability to place boats on rivers (Mars)
– Ability to send premium gifts to friends (Dawn)
– Ability to place any item on Squidport (fusionwerks)
– Ability to store multiple items (fusionwerks)
– Building animations shown when you tap on them (Wooben22313)

As you can see, so many of these are “new” ideas.  I don’t know about you but I think these suggestions are awesome sauce and hope EA is reading this.  Is there something on the list you MUST have?  Anything not listed you absolutely NEED?  Would you like to see more lists like this in the future?  Let us know in the comments below.

Until next time, keep on tapa-tapa-tapping Tapped Out.  TTFN… Wookiee out!

85 responses to “Dear EA… A Valentine’s wish list from the TSTO Addicts

  1. I just want office buildings so I can build a proper downtown. And burns casino

  2. actual round round-a-bouts not square ones
    game play cash -> donuts (not just donuts -> cash)
    place cars on roads

  3. I’d love to see episode tie-ins for the Lego episode and the Futurama crossover. Maybe a Lego version of the Simpsons’ house (also promotes the new Lego set) and all the main characters from Futurama and the Planet Express ship 🙂

  4. I’d love some more beach buildings, like those in Little Pwagmattasquarmsettport (where the Simpsons go for a summer holiday and Lisa tries to be “cool” to make new friends)

  5. I love the newish character finder, but I would love it even more if there were a way to find characters while they’re still on tasks. For example, I often have Smithers and Burns on joint tasks, but when I don’t and then I want to again, I need to figure out how long it is until whichever one is still busy (or not yet tapped) still has left for his task. I also wish that Smithers could have a task of his own that takes less than four hours.

  6. We need an American flag

  7. Nedna even just do one secret task

  8. Re-release of some episode tie-in content. (Cool brown house, Mayan calendar) I know its prolly never gonna happen BUT I missed out on a lot while on vaca and would love to have another chance at that stuff 😀 when I found out what I’d missed, I vowed to never let my phone leave me again LOL.

  9. If we had ghosts, witches, aliens, snow monsters and even presidents from the past, I think we are ready for cartoon characters (the real Itchy and Scratchy) and comic super heroes (Radioactive Man and Fallout Boy)

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