A Gil of a Deal- Is THIS Gil Deal Worth YOUR Donuts???

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

By now you all know Ol’ Gil is back in Springfield.  This time he’s brought his bag of tricks to try and do everything his can to entice you to go in on his offer!  What’s he offering this time?  Unfortunately, not discounted donuts (we just saw that in December).

This time Gil is bringing an offer of Krusty sized proportions in Krustylu Studios, Sideshow Mel & the Cannon…and if that wasn’t crazy enough he’s thrown in Dr. Nick (because he always adds a little crazy to the party!) for a cost of 200 donuts!  Those items combined normally would set you back 250 donuts.   Seems like a great deal right? Well before you give in to Ol’ Gil’s terms let’s break down the deal and see if this is something you should spend your donuts on.  gil


So first we’ve got full detailed Should I Buy posts on everyone/everything included in this deal.  You can find the full Should I Buy’s here:
Dr. Nick
Sideshow Mel/Krustylu Studios

Now let’s break down the combined deal…

-You’re saving 50 donuts
-Two characters included in package.  Both characters earn at a premium rate (50% more on all cash an XP) AND both come with their own questline when unlocked. (Walkthroughs are here for Dr. Nick and here for Sideshow Mel)
-Krustylu Studios earns $150, 17xp every 5hrs.  A pretty decent rate.
-Canon unlocks a 30min (funny) task for Sideshow Mel.
-Canon earns a 0.5% bonus on all cash and XP
-Unlocking Dr. Nick will unlock a special quest for Dr. Nick and Bart on Squidport.
-Krustylu Studios is a neat looking building to add to your Springfield right next to Channel 6.
-Building will get used.

-You’re only saving 50 donuts.
-Krustylu Studios is a big building.  At 12×10 it can be hard to place in your Springfield, especially if it’s already crowded.

Final Thought:
Honestly…I think this is a decent deal.  It’s hard for me to find negatives about Dr. Nick & Sideshow Mel.  They’re two fun characters in the game and have amusing tasks.   My only thought is this….if you’ve been saving your donuts for something else DON’T spend them to get this deal.  Just because it’s limited-time and will run out in 5 days doesn’t mean you need to jump on it.  If donuts are not something you easily come by save them for something you really really want.  With this deal you’re only saving 50 donuts, so if you miss out now it’s not the end of the world.

Whatever you decide just remember…this offer is only going to be around for 5 days.  Gil will leave Springfield on the 25th, just like Valentine’s Day.  So if you’re looking at making the purchase make sure you don’t miss out!

What do YOU think of the Gil offer?  Will you be adding these items to your Springfield?  Is there something else you’ve had your eye on instead?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you! 🙂

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55 responses to “A Gil of a Deal- Is THIS Gil Deal Worth YOUR Donuts???

  1. How often do Gil’s deals come around?

  2. Bought Gil’s deal yesterday, got Krustylu studios, Sideshow Mel and cannon but did not get Dr Nick. Anybody got any ideas? Is there a customer service site where I can report this? Any help is appreciated!!

    • He is not wandering around your town? Hmmm. I would suggest trying some basic troubleshooting steps to see if he appears back into your game. Also, check your inventory to see if he got hidden in there. If still no results, contact EA for further assistance. Sorry.

      • In my inventory it shows that I have Dr Hibbert but Dr Nick still grayed out. You said troubleshoot, explain please (I deleted and redownloaded app). How do I contact EA about this? Thanks for your help!

  3. I’m thinking about this deal but I’ve been debating between the duff brewery and cracker factory. Then I saw something about the monorail above. I don’t know what to do. I have 209 donuts and have yet to spend real money on them. What do you suggest?

    • Premium purchases are always tough choices, especially if you’re using donuts that you’ve earned. Here’s a little bit of my advice….
      First off I wouldn’t put all of your donuts in the monorail basket. Not yet anyway. There was something hinted about the monorail in the New Year’s Day quest line…but nothing is for sure yet. We don’t know if it’s even coming or what it will cost.
      Hmm well between the 3 options here are your pros and cons. With the deal you get 2 premium characters (and both will earn you 50% more on jobs than a regular character), a building that earns you a fairly decent rate (every 5 hrs) & a premium decoration that will add a small bonus % on all cash and XP you take in. Some good outdoor animations (especially Sideshow Mel with the Canon) but they’re not the best animations in the game.
      With the Duff Brewery you get the number 1 pick of the Addict’s Readers favorite Character/Building combo (and mine!), 1 premium character that will earn you 50% more cash and XP & 1 building that will earn you a decent rate (every 6hrs). Duffman also has some funny outdoor tasks, BUT most of them are the same animation just at different locations. You’ll also save 10 donuts over the other purchase because it’s 190.
      With the Cracker Factory you’ll get 1 premium character (50% more cash and xp) & a building with an ok rate (ever 12hrs). Luann will unlock 3 questlines involving a ton of characters and you’ll also unlock the Fleet-A-Pita (which can be placed in Springfield or Krustyland). You’ll also save 50 donuts over the first deal because this is only 150.
      Here’s what it comes down to…what do you want? What characters/buildings do you think will fit best in YOUR Springfield? If you’re wrestling with the decision take a little more time to decide. Think to yourself…would you have wanted Krustylu Studios & Dr. Nick if it weren’t for the Gil deal? You’re only saving 50 donuts with the Gil deal…
      Take your time, make an informed decision. You still have 4 days before the Gil deal expires. 🙂

      • This is one of the reasons I love this site. You guys are all very helpful and quick to respond. Thanks for advice. I’m not sure if I would have bought the studio if not for the deal. I do love dr nick though. I guess I’m going to have to keep thinking about it

        • Awwwww, well we try. All of us have been there before, so we know what it is like wanting information and not getting any help. We will keep doing all we can to help our readers. We wouldn’t be here without YOU! 😉

  4. I would normally jump on this deal, but I am holding out for St Patrick’s Day. I started playing last June and I REALLY want an Irish pub filled with beer (Can’t Get Enough Of That Wonderful Duff!)

  5. this doesn’t eeally help me cause i have unlock all three Premium items already it would have been sweet if that gave you a chance to unlock character from previous holiday update if you are a new player like I’m

  6. Was excited to see the deal when I opened my B game this morning, but Gil hasn’t come around my A game yet! (That’s where I hide my donuts). What’s the deal Gil? I’s gots none of the items up for sale and I did get the downloading wait when opening this morning, but no deal. Anyone know what that’s about?

  7. hi everybody! if i didn’t buy dr. nick already i would have totally coughed up donuts for this gil deal!

  8. I currently have 72 donuts and thanks to this site and all your votes, I have $35 iTunes credit for first place in the VDay poetry contest. While I’m not too interested in having the cannon, I would love to have premium characters and buildings. However, I think I should continue to be patient based on various outcomes seen below:

    Spend $30 now (tray of 132 + truckload of 300), buy KLS/Mel&DrNick now for 200 donuts
    72+132+300 = 504
    504-200 = 304
    304 donuts left

    Spend $10 now (tray of 132), buy KLS/Mel&DrNick now for 200 donuts, $20 at 25% bonus donuts later (truckload of 300)
    72+132+375 = 579
    579-200 = 379
    379 donuts left

    Dec 23-28 2012 Gil added 25% bonus donuts to bundles.
    $10 tray + $20 truckload at 25% bonus donuts, buy KLS/Mel&DrNick later for 230 donuts
    72+165+375 = 612
    612-230 = 382
    382 donuts left, but no cannon

    Dec 24-31 2013 Gil added 30% bonus donuts to bundles.
    $10 tray + $20 truckload at 30% bonus donuts, buy KLS/Mel&DrNick later for 230 donuts
    72+172+390 = 634
    634-230 = 404
    404 donuts left, but no cannon

    May 24-27 2013 Gil dropped prices by 25% off all bundles.
    Two truckloads of donuts for $15 at 25% donut sale, buy KLS/Mel&DrNick later for 230 donuts
    72+300+300 = 672
    672-230 = 442
    442 donuts left, but no cannon

    I’ve only been playing 6.5 months. Is my logic for waiting sound? Any reason why I shouldn’t wait?

  9. Hmm fate has it I got 202 donuts left…. buy it…. save the delicious donuts… wait deal is close to delicious…. hmm thinking about it…

    I’ll have to get back to you when I choose the deal or save the delicious donuts. 🙂

  10. I did end up buying Lincoln so out of donuts for now but I kinda like this deal so I might fork out a few more donuts n get it..I need new quests 😉

  11. Have all 3, but would def get this deal! Krustyland Studios is awesome because so much of the game can be used to go with it. Mel performs on the air stage and is playable in Krustyland, and Dr. Nick is fairly amusing. Plus the cannon can be used to decorate the worthless mayflower for a pirate themed boardwalk, or you can do what I did and use the cannon to decorate The Military Antique store. It goes nicely there if I don’t say so myself 😉


  12. I already have KrustyLou studios, and I just spent my last 150 on Lincoln. My town needed him! So I don’t think I will be getting the offer. Too bad….I like to totally ignore Gil when he comes to town….I never tap on him, but just make hm keep getting on his knees and begging me for attention……I wonder if this how my wife feels about me, now that I think about it!

  13. I’m jumping. I passed on Lincoln and the whale but I’ve wanted Krustylu Studios for a while. I also have the Outdoor stage and Sideshow Mel is the only task/character I don’t have that uses it. I’m thinking of making a big ‘Studio backlot” to store all my old V-Day, Christmas, Halloween…and other stuff that just doesn’t fit the town but may earn me bonus %.

  14. I just won 50 XP at the dograce and saved 200 donuts by not getting this deal!!!…;)


  15. Alert addicts family now I have SSMel n Kristy Studios and do like Dr Nick.

    However since Christmas EA has been tempting us to spend those cheap doughnuts we bought with the Gil deal. a whale Abe Lincoln and now this nearly 700 doughnuts should clear us out.

    Something big and beautiful and costing lots of doughnuts I bet is coming…….monorail and land is my guess.

  16. Christian Goddard

    No wonder i didnt see gil i already have all 3 of things oh well i have in five days for this update to be done maybe we will get 39 that day

  17. I already have sideshow Mel and the studios and dr nick and don’t plan on getting the cannon. While I think it’s a cool decoration, i would always save those donuts for future new content and not buy a premium decoration, though anything with a premium character I have or am planning to get in the future. For other people with the same thinking rather than saving you 50 donuts, it’s more like saving you 30 donuts and giving you a free cannon.

  18. Only the Deal is limited time and i love Lincoln! Still waiting to get the Cannon tho!


    I only have 10 doughnuts because I bought Lincoln!

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