Limited Time Gil Deal Has Arrived!

Bunny hoppin in while hoppin flights. Well it wasn’t what I expected but Gil is back in SOME of our games with a lil deal.

Gil Deal 2 20

I say some due to if you already have the items, you won’t see the deal. So what IS the deal?


For the cost of 200 donuts, Gil will give you the Krustylu Studios, Cannon, and Dr. Nick. You have less than 5 days to decide, so act quick if you want the deal.


Breakdown of items…

Studio 140 donuts

Cannon 20 donuts

Dr. Nick 90 donuts

So deal is saving you 50 donuts overall.

HOPPY Tappin’


Bunny Icon 2

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102 responses to “Limited Time Gil Deal Has Arrived!

  1. I was looking for this certain info for a very long time. Thank you and best of luck


  2. Aww man. I’ve been wanting to get Sideshow Mel/Cannon for a while. I’d totally get this deal, but I already have Dr. Nick. Wish the bundle was just Krustylu and the Cannon. Sad day.


  3. Don’t forget if your a kindle owner you can buy coins at a discount as I did at Xmas for a discount on donuts now or later if or when a donut deal shows up. This way your saving even more if you don’t have iTunes gift cards that is. 😉

    More info on coins from Amazon for kindle users –


    • Thanks for the tip! I’m sure our Tappers will appreciate anyway to save $$! 🙂


    • In a similar vein, you can often get iTunes gift cards at a discount. Just yesterday I bought a $100 iTunes card for $75 from a major seller on eBay. That’s the best I’ve seen, but you can often get at least 15-20% off even from places like Best Buy. Combine that with a deal and the prices become a little more reasonable (although frankly I still think items and donuts in Tapped Out are much too expensive).


  4. I need an opinion! Would it be better to get the Up Up buffet, or Kamp Krusty?


    • It depends on what you want to do and where the design of YOUR Springfield takes you. Up Up & Buffet is nice (and Limited Time) because characters WILL use it and earn a premium rate for doing so. It’s also cool because it’s a airplane in Springfield! Lots of tappers making runways with it. Plus it earns a decent chunk of change (if you can wait 2 days) and it helps your Gluttony rating.
      However, Kamp Krusty comes with a Bart skin. And that skin has some of my FAVORITE animations in the game (roasting marshmallows, burning Krusty, going on a rampage) & the skin earns at a Premium rate (50% more cash & xp). However, it’s got a hefty price tag with it. 200 donuts for Kamp Krusty vs. 90 for Up Up.
      While I can’t tell you what to do…it is YOUR decision. It’s YOUR Springfield. If it were me…I would go with the Up, Up & Buffet now for the 90 donuts. It’s Limited Time so most likely after Tuesday it will be gone. Then I would see if I can save those 90 donuts back up over the next few months, (Bonus Level Up helps!) and buy Kamp Krusty then. Since that’s not going anywhere 🙂
      Hope that helps & let us know what you decide.


  5. I was going to spend 200 donuts on Bowl-o-rama and Barney since I got the Plow King custom last christmas. Should I buy it or is it better to buy Gill’s offer?


    • Ooooooh. Tough decision. Myself…I adore Barney. With this offer, you’ll have 2 new premium characters and tasks vs one and his skin w/tasks. Very hard.

      I’d say go with the one that’ll make YOU happy most.


  6. Is it me or did they put the cho-choo train at 50 donuts and the pond at 30 donuts with this update? I’ve never seen them at this price before.


  7. Waterfall please bring back the waterfall EA plllllleeeeeaaaaaaaassssssssssse


    • It’s funny when Bunny told me there was a Gil deal this morning I had been hoping it was the waterfall since SO many of my favorite Addicted Tappers want it to come back! I do too, for you guys! It’s a neat decoration 🙂


  8. I just bought Krustylou Studios last week 😦 I wish TSTO had a 30 day price garuntee…


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