Limited Time Gil Deal Has Arrived!

Bunny hoppin in while hoppin flights. Well it wasn’t what I expected but Gil is back in SOME of our games with a lil deal.

Gil Deal 2 20

I say some due to if you already have the items, you won’t see the deal. So what IS the deal?


For the cost of 200 donuts, Gil will give you the Krustylu Studios, Cannon, and Dr. Nick. You have less than 5 days to decide, so act quick if you want the deal.


Breakdown of items…

Studio 140 donuts

Cannon 20 donuts

Dr. Nick 90 donuts

So deal is saving you 50 donuts overall.

HOPPY Tappin’


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102 responses to “Limited Time Gil Deal Has Arrived!

  1. I was looking for this certain info for a very long time. Thank you and best of luck

  2. Aww man. I’ve been wanting to get Sideshow Mel/Cannon for a while. I’d totally get this deal, but I already have Dr. Nick. Wish the bundle was just Krustylu and the Cannon. Sad day.

  3. Don’t forget if your a kindle owner you can buy coins at a discount as I did at Xmas for a discount on donuts now or later if or when a donut deal shows up. This way your saving even more if you don’t have iTunes gift cards that is. 😉

    More info on coins from Amazon for kindle users –

    • Thanks for the tip! I’m sure our Tappers will appreciate anyway to save $$! 🙂

    • In a similar vein, you can often get iTunes gift cards at a discount. Just yesterday I bought a $100 iTunes card for $75 from a major seller on eBay. That’s the best I’ve seen, but you can often get at least 15-20% off even from places like Best Buy. Combine that with a deal and the prices become a little more reasonable (although frankly I still think items and donuts in Tapped Out are much too expensive).

  4. I need an opinion! Would it be better to get the Up Up buffet, or Kamp Krusty?

    • It depends on what you want to do and where the design of YOUR Springfield takes you. Up Up & Buffet is nice (and Limited Time) because characters WILL use it and earn a premium rate for doing so. It’s also cool because it’s a airplane in Springfield! Lots of tappers making runways with it. Plus it earns a decent chunk of change (if you can wait 2 days) and it helps your Gluttony rating.
      However, Kamp Krusty comes with a Bart skin. And that skin has some of my FAVORITE animations in the game (roasting marshmallows, burning Krusty, going on a rampage) & the skin earns at a Premium rate (50% more cash & xp). However, it’s got a hefty price tag with it. 200 donuts for Kamp Krusty vs. 90 for Up Up.
      While I can’t tell you what to do…it is YOUR decision. It’s YOUR Springfield. If it were me…I would go with the Up, Up & Buffet now for the 90 donuts. It’s Limited Time so most likely after Tuesday it will be gone. Then I would see if I can save those 90 donuts back up over the next few months, (Bonus Level Up helps!) and buy Kamp Krusty then. Since that’s not going anywhere 🙂
      Hope that helps & let us know what you decide.

  5. I was going to spend 200 donuts on Bowl-o-rama and Barney since I got the Plow King custom last christmas. Should I buy it or is it better to buy Gill’s offer?

    • Ooooooh. Tough decision. Myself…I adore Barney. With this offer, you’ll have 2 new premium characters and tasks vs one and his skin w/tasks. Very hard.

      I’d say go with the one that’ll make YOU happy most.

  6. Is it me or did they put the cho-choo train at 50 donuts and the pond at 30 donuts with this update? I’ve never seen them at this price before.

  7. Waterfall please bring back the waterfall EA plllllleeeeeaaaaaaaassssssssssse

    • It’s funny when Bunny told me there was a Gil deal this morning I had been hoping it was the waterfall since SO many of my favorite Addicted Tappers want it to come back! I do too, for you guys! It’s a neat decoration 🙂

  8. I just bought Krustylou Studios last week 🙁 I wish TSTO had a 30 day price garuntee…

  9. Anyone else end up with extra spins on the wheel today… or did I accidentally pay for spins i REALLY didn’t need. (Wayyy done with the wheel.)

    • I’m a little wheeled out myself. Not sure on the extra spins, I haven’t been paying much attention to how many spins I have since I stopped spinning.

      • I still need those darn heart balloons for the KL ride 🙁 someday… You will be mine.. Oh yes… You will be mine *Wayne’s World voice*


        • Waynes World…party time…excellent. Lol

          Schwiiiiing! 😉

        • hahahaha I needed those balloons too in my B game. Couldn’t get them. Threw my phone at Bunny and told her to try..and said if she gets them on the first try I’m gonna scream. Sure enough…first try…balloons! (and yes I screamed) Moral of the story? Sometimes it helps if you throw your phone at someone else and make them do the dirty work for you. 🙂

      • That’s hilarious…today I was in my moms Singing Monsters game, and she needed help breeding a monster, and so I told her which ones to breed, and she needed help, so I did it for her, and she bred this rare monster in her first try, and it took me like, fifty times to breed it.
        Strange world.

      • Guess I’m going to start asking random people to spin the wheel. Maybe if I turn on Carrie Underwood, close my eyes, and sing “Jesus take the wheel” I might get those allusive heart balloons.

  10. Get this: in my misery box (what I call the mystery box) I got Homer BUDDAH! I was psyched…then I used my Homer BUDDAH, and tadah: I got….(drumroll please)…a mystery box! Inside the mystery box?
    A tree.

  11. Interesting, I do not have any of those items, got a small update but don’t seem to have gill.

  12. I have 254 donuts and am on level 38. I do not buy donuts, but have saved them from when I started playing the game. I’d like to buy a few premium items, but I am overwhelmed. Can anyone give me some advice on what I should buy to spend my donuts in the best possible way (I don’t have any premium buildings or characters).

    • Hi Nicole! I completely agree it can be very overwhelming when it comes to what to spend your donuts on, especially when you’ve worked hard to earn each and every one of them. My suggestion is, don’t feel pressure to buy anything. (unless you want the Up, Up & Buffet or Brandine…those are limited time and will be gone on the 25th) Take your time and make the right decisions. What characters/buildings you might love, someone else might hate. To me when you’re buying premium it’s a very personal decision on what you buy. The items/characters need to fit your Springfield.
      We do have some helpful articles you can read when looking to see if a character/building/decoration is worth the investment. We’ve broken down every item in the game in our Premium Guide, which you can find here.
      We’ve also got a post where Bunny, Wookiee and I picked our Top 10 premium items. So you can see what we would buy here.
      Wookiee took us through what he would do with a Tray of Donuts here.
      And we’ve got what our readers picked as their best and worst Character/Building combos here.
      And finally you can see the readers picks for the best and worst character and building here.
      Hope that helps you make the best decisions and good luck! 🙂

  13. Hi bunny you floppy ear’s cutey heehee
    How could I get to see your creative design’s in your towns to inspire me some more :-))))

  14. Hi addicts, how come you don’t have a blog stats as I would really like to know your current views 🙂

  15. I have a somewhat related question: I just leveled up and inlieu of the next level I got the mystery box with one to three donuts. I unluckily chose one then accidentally paid the 50k to find two. I should have two extra donuts. However, I don’t but am still out the 50k. Is it worth it even bringing this up to EA? I have already had to play the rollback through lvl 38, am consistently seeing the Bart screen, and am now losing donuts? Although I have been playing since Halloween 2012 I am thinking its time to find another game. I am getting more frustration than enjoyment at this point. And isn’t that the whole point of his game? Entertainment, not adding more frustration to my daily life.
    Ps. Daily reader of this site, I absolutely love it.

    • First of all…thanks for being a part of Addicts. We love our readers. In my opinion, honestly…yes…contact EA. They are few handling millions so things may take a lil time to resolve, but they are great at doing all they can and also compensation where it applies. It helps the entire community when issues are reported. They are made aware if it is a serious one and how far spread to what devices. Makes it easier on their end to pinpoint and resolve issues. It’s worth a try, especially since you’re invested in the game. Screenshot when possible issues. It comes in handy.

      Let us know how it goes. 😉

  16. Ps Bunny I love yet again the design you’ve done in your tsto artistic addict town it’s beautiful and I’ve seen something like it but can’t recall where at the moment (not enough caffeine yet) however yours was much larger scale and more detailed for sure. Keep up those artistic bunny creations because I am aw inspired when I see them. Thank you again for accepting the invite I sent awhile back. 🙂

    Bob was also in your town but I got the bugger. 😉

  17. I would be interested but I already have DR Nick. What a bummer.

  18. I am on two kindle fires one older & one HD. My older one had the update but no Gil my newer one (HD) did have Gil with sideshow Mel bubble above his head but did not register in task manager. My older kindle often to get the things to fully work I have to remove and redownload again, set settings for donut spends etc to get it to fully update. Or wait a day to few days for it to work its self out. Just my experience (I was a apple tapper before Halloween I don’t miss my phone Tappin).

    Thank you for this post or I wouldn’t have known to log on my HD toy to get the deal to pop. I’ll be Waiting on that post missy Alissa 😉

    Happy Tappin

  19. I had the same issue with it not showing up in my game even though I didn’t own any of the items. I restarted my device and the game and it appeared. Thought id share for anyone having the same issue.

  20. Sigh, maybe EA will listen and offer reduced deals for those of us who have part of the existing deal. Like others, I have Krustylu, but not Dr. Nick or the cannon. So they could offer those two (110) for 75!

  21. I don’t see the promo in my town but it’s ok cause they are my least fav so I will for next promo and update!!!

    • Do you have any of the characters/items offered? Dr. Nick, Krustylu or the Cannon? If you have even 1 of those items the deal won’t be offered to you. 🙂
      However, I too am looking forward to the next promo…I’ll be thrilled if they run another donut deal! 🙂

  22. i’m hoping for a Gil deal that includes the whale and yes we need to see Gil more! Now, if we only had a level update! I am so ready for 39!

    • You mean there’s a level that comes after 38?! I feel like we’ve been stuck on it forever!
      We’ll hopefully we’re at least providing you with some entertainment while you wait for the next Level 🙂

  23. 400 friend requests????? You popular Bunny you! 🙂

  24. Oh man, fail on me. If only I waited… I bought the krusty studios just a few days ago. And I don’t have dr nick yet :'(

  25. Is this deal worth it? Do I finally have to purchase some donuts? Will that start a chain reaction?

    So many questions so little time… 🙁

  26. Hmm, any Idea what else is in this Update?

    • Going to check into the files now and see if anything else has changed. But looks like it’s just Gil and the ability to buy the Train and the pond for donuts. (although I think that hit last night)

  27. Is it a good deal, Bunny? Are we saving money?

    • You’re always saving money lol It is Gil after all!

      • I think separately, this would be 250 donuts Nick(90), canon (20), & the studioSSM Combo is 140…off to look at the premium guides (I’m currently holding onto my donuts for LuannCrackerFactory and am undecided.

      • Well, I went for it because last time I missed out on the deal, thinking it would be available for the x amount of days it was offered, and then it disappeared! EA gave me 25 donuts for missing out, but I wanted the sign and the brewery…so I went for it before it closed out. Hi, Dr. Nick!

  28. We need more Gil!

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