Turbo Tappin’ Level 24: Dr. Hibbert

Hello Tappers!

Back with another Turbo Tappin’ TSTO walkthrough.  This time we’re going a little back in time for those on Level 38, but something perhaps in the future for new tappers.  We’re Turbo Tappin’ Level 24 and Dr. Hibbert!

For those of you who don’t know Turbo Tappin’ is our quick version of a walkthrough for the Level/Update/Character where we give you who starts the quest, the task and what you earn.  This way you have your quick guide on who to keep free and when.  This is great for our fellow Addicts who love to copy and paste the walkthrough into their device for quick reference.  You can check out more of our Turbo Tappin’ Walkthroughs here.

So let’s get this going in Level 24 shall we?  You’ll need to have Bart free, as he kicks off Level 24…

turbo tappin' level24

Bart starts

Make Bart Skip School-8hrs
Keep Skinner free when complete

Hahahaha Sucker
Skinner starts

Build Hibbert Family Practice– 24hr build
Keep Bart free when complete

Bart’s Checkup
Bart starts

Make Bart Go for a Checkup– 10 minutes
Keep Hibbert free when complete

General Practice
Dr. Hibbert starts

Make Dr. Hibbert Practice Medicine- 12hrs
Keep Grampa free when complete.

My Pills!
Grampa starts

Make Grampa Go for a Checkup– 10 minutes
Keep Cletus free when complete

Cletus Condition
Cletus starts

Make Cletus Go for a Checkup– 10 minutes
Keep Luigi free when complete

Luigi’s Growing Problem
Luigi starts

Make Luigi Go for a Checkup- 10 minutes
Keep Quimby free when complete

Mayoral Difficulties
Quimby starts

Make Quimby Go for a Checkup– 10 minutes
Keep Mr. Burns free when complete.

Medical Industry Corruption?
Mr. Burns starts

Make Mr. Burns Hide Nuclear Waste-8hrs
Keep Dr. Hibbert free when complete

Grey Matter
Dr. Hibbert starts

Make Dr. Hibbert Deal Organs on the Black Market- 4hrs
Keep Brockman free when complete

Kent Afford It
Brockman starts

Make Brockman Go for a Checkup-10 minutes

Corporate Sponsor
Dr. Hibbert starts

Make Dr. Hibbert Sacrifice his Principles- 6hrs
Keep Brockman free when complete

Show Biz Life
Brockman starts

Make Brockman Dine at the Truffle-2hrs
Make Dr. Hibbert Dine at the Truffle- 2hrs
Make Krusty Dine at the Truffle-2hrs
Keep Krusty free when complete

Kramp Krusty
Krusty starts

Make Krusty Promote a New Product- 8hrs
Keep Homer, Comic Book Guy & Wiggum free when complete 

The Flavormax
Homer starts

Make Homer Eat at Krusty Burger– 30minutes
Make Comic Book Guy Eat at Krusty Burger– 30minutes
Make Wigum Eat at Krusty Burger– 30minutes
Keep Dr. Hibbert Free when complete

Business is Picking Up
Dr. Hibbert starts

Make Homer Go for a Checkup- 10 minutes
Make Comic Book Guy Go for a Checkup- 10 minutes
Make Wiggum Go for a Checkup – 10 minutes
Keep Dr. Hibbert free when complete

General Hospital
Dr. Hibbert starts

Build Springfield General Hospital- 24hr build
Keep Dr. Hibbert Free when complete

Dr. Hibbert starts

Make Dr. Hibbert Perform Surgery-24hrs

Such a Beautiful Day
Dr. Hibbert starts

Make Dr. Hibbert Do Surgery Outdoors– 1hr

And with that you’ve completed Level 24, Congratulations!

Looking for the full dialogue for Level 24?  Check out our dialogue walkthrough here.

Happy Tapping!

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9 responses to “Turbo Tappin’ Level 24: Dr. Hibbert

  1. It seems that some of the characters get stuck in other unrelated tasks when you get into the specialty questlines. I just had EA roll my Springfield back to before I bought the Unfinished Shed and before I bought Dr. Hibbert’s Stonecutter skin. (about a month’s rollback)
    I just finished building the family practice, and the game immediately had Mr. Burns prompt for Homer to work a plant shift for the start of the Smithers arc. I made sure Bart was free, but I think because he’s still “involved” with Mrs. Krabappel’s task of serving detention, he is still considered to be tied up by the game and won’t prompt to go for a check-up yet. I have about lost patience with the poor programming that some of the questlines are subjected to.

    • 🙁 It’s also possible they tweaked somethings since we did that turbo tappin’. It’s been a while (about a year and a half lol)

  2. I’m on level 42 and haven’t been able to build the hospital. Any suggestions?

  3. I can’t start this quest series at all!?!? I have the general practice but there hasn’t been a mission to make Bart go for a checkup yet or the Hahahaha sucker quest and I have no clue what I’m doing wrong. I’m about to place the Burn’s mansion but nothing to do with the general practice mission and I NEED the hospital for the stonecutters mission for Dr. Hibbert :'( any help out there?

    • This quest has been a problem since day it was added. Not sure if it is a coding issue, but a lot of us have gone through it in our games especially those who started later. Just kept moving on past it and eventually it triggers. In the meantime, open a ticket with EA and add to the EA forum to get attention on it. You can try to store the Family Practice and replace it to see if that does anything but beyond that, it’s either wait or try and have EA fix it (they usually do this with a rollback). As for the Parchment tasks, you can skip it with 12 donuts if you have to have the stonecovenant decoration.


  4. I did all this right up to when wiggum goes for a checkup but it never asked me to build the hospital..!? What went wrong? Level 40 now and still not unlocking 🙁

    • Some tasks can take a little to trigger. My hospital quest in my B game took forever for no good reason. I wish I remembered how it finally started but alas I don’t. Sorry I can’t be more helpful.

    • I had the same problem. I tried everything I read in a lot of websites. Finally the only thing lbthat work was storing all or blowing up springfield again, in the inventory section. It was tedious return everything from my inventory but it was the only way. I hope it helps you to.

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