Weekend Update: March 2nd-8th

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Well I’ve given Bunny the morning off today.  She’s been working a lot of overnights having fun with the AMAZING Tappers here in the comments BUT I forced her to take a morning off.  So I’m taking over the update today…hopefully you guys don’t mind 🙂

What a week it’s been here at Addicts and in case you missed anything this past week here’s your chance to catch up!

Weekend Update Addicts

Time for a lil Weekend Update…the REAL rundown of what happened at Addicts this week (just in case you missed any of it 🙂 )

SUNDAY:  Alissa kicked off Sunday morning with a look at what happens when you reach Friendship Level 3 and unlock Snowball II, she even gave us a little bonus Where Did THAT Come From with it!  Did YOU unlock this feline yet?  She was then back later in the night to bring us one of our new favorite features here at Addicts, the Sunday Night Open Thread!  Where we get to hear from YOU about anything & everything on your mind…and you guys never fail to make us smile!  

Bunny hopped in between posts to bring us this week’s Springfield Showoff featuring YOUR 2D/3D Words!  Quite a popular Showoff….you guys cracked us up with some of the words/phrases you put into your towns!

MONDAYAlissa gave us our Monday giggles with another edition of Caption This!, featuring Smithers, Mr. Burns and some ducks.  Did YOU send us a caption?! She was back a little later that morning to tell us all about reaching Friendship Level 4 and Unlocking Homer’s Car…even if he can’t find his keys!  

Wookiee was back that afternoon to tell us just where Homer’s Car Came from…spoiler alert…EVERYWHERE!  He was then back later that night with a page from his diary inspired by reader pkkao, all about the quality of The Simpsons today vs the early seasons.  It’s a great read from the Fuzzball you should get it out if you haven’t already!

TUESDAY: Bunny kicked off Tuesday morning with a look at some of the tricks Frink has been playing on us with those spray paint cans!  Has he been doing any tagging in YOUR town?

Wookiee brought back 2D Tuesday with a visit to the darkside and his awesome Darth Vader 2D.

Alissa then ended the night with a friendly PSA to all Tappers….Be a good neighbor CLEAR YOUR TOWN OF HANDSHAKES!   Which apparently is a frustration many of you expressed going through lately as well.

WEDNESDAY: Alissa started the morning off with a detailed look at the Wheel of Friendship poll results, and your take on 1/3 of Tappers NOT clearing the wheel during V-Day.  She was then all over the Episode Tie-In update once it hit our games, bringing you the details and the full walkthrough in one convenient little post.  Ok maybe it wasn’t so little!  What did YOU think of the update?

Bunny hopped in later in the morning to explain a seductive little glitch many of you have been talking about…as she explained just how the Ladies of Town Hall appear next to El Barto’s name.  She was back that night with this week’s From the Mouths of Addicts displaying a great Simpsons inspired plate reader Lauriekc19315 sent in!   Laurie told us she spends her time painting when she’s not Tapping and we wanted to know just how YOU spend your time when you’re not tapping (update or no update).  Well what do YOU do when you’re not playing giant sky finger?

THURSDAY: Bunny kicked Thursday morning off with an insanely popular post about a connection between the Episode Tie-In and her Wish for Sideshow Bob.  Apparently many of you are hopeful for him to enter the game as well…rakes and all!  And MANY of us took this post to wish reader Candiekidz a very happy Birthday.  Her Birthday happens to be TODAY.  So HAPPY BIRTHDAY…again…Candie!! 🙂  Bunny was back again later that morning with a post letting you know the pros and cons on purchasing Freedom the Premium (limited-time) Falcon. 

Alissa gave us all some simple town designs when it comes to creating realistic residential neighborhoods.  Do YOU have any simple designs when it comes to places those TSTO houses?  She was then back later that night with an introduction of a new feature here on Addicts…Monthly Shout Out!  Where we want to know more about YOU!  Will you be the next Addict of the month?!

FRIDAY: Wookiee kicked off another fun Friday morning with a post all about Mustaches.  Did you know March is Mustache month?! He was then back later that afternoon to give us all an animal history lesson and tell us just where Stampy the elephant came from!

Alissa dropped in between Wookiee’s posts to let us all know what happens when you reach Friendship Level 5 and finally unlock Stampy!  She then stopped back Friday night to bring us another edition of You Might Be An Addict if

SATURDAY: Keep an eye out today for Bunny’s Springfield Showoff featuring YOUR Freak Point…err Frink Point….errr Friend Point?  Oh heck FP prizes.  If you want yours to be featured it’s not to late, but get them in quick! 🙂

What did YOU think of the week?  What was your favorite part? How are you doing in the update?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing for you!

Have a great weekend friends! Happy Tappin’

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19 responses to “Weekend Update: March 2nd-8th

  1. Hey there fuzzy people…and you non-fuzzy ones…sitting at a McDonalds swiping some whiffy just to say “hey” and tap my town…spent the past 5 or 6 hours at the theatre…”Thor, Walter Mitty, Hobbit” so far…maybe Capt Phillips next…no power anytime soon…ya’ll have a good, safe evening!!!

    • You know you’re an addict if…

      Best of luck Freak.

      • Thanks Wookiee…
        THE POWER IS BACK ON…the Lightside prevails!!! A couple of hours ago I had rigged a perch for a small pot to sit inches above a candle…boiled water for coffe, oatmeal, and later soup…as I was rinsing the soup bowl the power came back on…my son had opted to wait and just laughed and laughed while cooking his food in the microwave…
        Tapped my town already… 🙂

  2. Been wondering when/if we’ll see another aspirational building or decoration anytime soon… anyone else out there?

    Don’t get me wrong — I’m digging the new Frink Point hunt for prizes… just want something I can, well, aspire to, when it comes to hoarding cold hard (in-game) cash!

    Sunsphere was my favorite… Curious if each of you at Team Addicts would share something from the show that you’d like to see added as an aspirational item (Monorail doesn’t count!). Thx!

    • Oooo I’m hoping for another Aspirational Item to be added. Currently the only one I had any desire to purchase was the Sunsphere, and the only one in my game. The other’s don’t really appeal to me too much. I’d love to see the World’s Largest Toilet (From Season 10, E8 “Homer Simpsons in: “Kidney Trouble”) finally get into the game. It’s something that was in the files over the summer & i’ve been waiting and waiting for it to FINALLY get in the game. 🙂

      • i also would love to get that! i remember when it was offered but at the time i was no where near having the cash needed.

    • I’ve wanted the Devil’s Anvil since I saw it last Halloween.

    • I would like to see some military stuff or used cars (building + separate cars which could be used around the town) + the ability to place cars on streets except if there will be a update that let’s you drive them (task animation)

  3. Just to be “that guy” you forgot Bunny’s post on Is it spending donuts on Freedom

  4. First off, HAPPY BIRTHDAY Candiekids
    Great week in spite of my little slip in the rain last Sat. night, (more time for TSTO & Addicts lol). Looking forward to seeing Stampy stomping around soon, at about 1,500/5,000 (thank you neighbor-eenos

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