Friendship Prizes and the Conform-O-Meter

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

I can’t believe it’s been almost 2 weeks since the Social Currency Event hit our Tapping devices and I haven’t posted about how the new items impact the Conform-O-Meter!  So there’s no time like the present…so let’s break down how these new items affect our stars!
The Conform-O-Meter is an important part of Tapped-Out because it provides you with a bonus boost in your cash and  XP from everything you collect in the game.  When you achieve a 5-Star Town (it’s max rating) you will receive a 5% bonus on all money and XP collected in your town.  If you missed the previous Conform-O-Meter posts check here for the basics and here for how many points you’ll need to reach 5 stars.
While the Social event brought no changes to the Conform-O-Meter requirements, it did bring us a new building and two new decorations to add to our Springfield.  Let’s take a look at how all of the new “goodies” impact our rating:

Item Cost Category Points
Olmec Head 1,000 FP Vanity 100
The Singing Sirlon 3,000 FP (overall) Gluttony 10
Homer’s Car 6,500 FP (overall) Vanity 100

Stampy and Snowball II are characters and do not impact the Conform-o-Meter.

Also, a question many of you have been asking…”did the Social Event change the righteousness impact from vandalizing?”  The answer is no.  According the the files vandalizing still hits your conform-o-meter as it always has.  For every building you vandalize you and your neighbor lose 5 points for Righteousness.  For every building you clean you gain 1 point.

How far have you gotten in the Social event?  What do YOU think of the prizes?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

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48 responses to “Friendship Prizes and the Conform-O-Meter

  1. Is there any way to set up a running post where friends can commend or thank each other? I mean, this new event has showed me I have some pretty great friends. And I know some must have come from the tstoaddicts site. So it would be nice to have a dedicated space where they can be thanked, because some of mine do seem to go above and beyond.
    Just a thought – I think it’s too bad EA has set up this big social game, but it doesn’t actually allow for any, you know, *social* interaction.

  2. I should have my Stampy tomorrow mid-morning! I am way too excited about this, i think. Either way, a HUGE ty to all of my SF friends. No way I could have done this without you, and I appreciate you all. Even you with the spray paint cans in hand ;-p

  3. Have a quick question. If I tap the 3 buildings in each town and move on without waiting for the “you have helped all you can” pop up, do I loose out on the 25 XP that you collect when hitting that “collect” tab? I like being able to tap and move on quickly, but would hate to miss out on the extra XP.

    • Nope, as long as you wait for all of the money/xp/FP to pop out of the building (really only delayed on Vandalizing buildings) you can move to a new town with out waiting for the Pop Up to come up 🙂

  4. Hi!

    Do we already know what happens after we are done with Stampy? Do we keep getting FP or do we go back to the usual xp/$ only?

    I really hope stampy does not disappear when St. Patrick’s event gets here …


  5. Has anyone noticed that when you visit friends towns and click on houses and buildings, that sometimes you always get Two FP, and sometimes later the same day or the next few days, only One FP per house clicked?
    Is this random, a glitch, or somthing to do with ratings?
    Is there a way to always get two FP or more per house?

    • I just depends on where you are on your FP acquirement timeline. You may have hit them at a time you were on 5 each, then the next when you were down to 3 each.

      • Well, I got the car and am have about 3500 to get Stampy, but it seems to happen randomly, it keeps shifting at least once a day, this morning I got 2 FP per house and now only one,
        Yesterday I got one FP in the morning and later got two..
        A few days ago, some towns gave two and others one..
        Some days I get one early, two evening and one by night, but I check my stats and Ritgeous is always high all the time, I can’t seem to find any pattern..
        It seems very random

        • That is very odd. The breakdown as you are tapping through the neighbors should be as follows… (resets every 24 hrs)
          -First 30 actions (so visiting 10 friends and tapping 3 items in each town) 10 FP for each action.
          -31-60 actions (so next 10 friends (11-20) and tapping on 3 items in each town) 5 FP for each action.
          -61-90 (next 10 friends (21-30) and tapping 3 items in each town) 4 FP for each action.
          -91-120 (next 10 friends (31-40) and tapping 3 items in each town) 2 FP for each action.
          -121-300 (friends 41-100 and tapping 3 items in each town) 1 FP for each action.

          Try resetting your device and see if that puts you back on track.

          • Is that what that means? I thought that meant you get 4 free FP for 30 houses clicked..

            I only have about 35 friends towns right now, could that have something to do with the bouncing points?

            • It could. You may not be hitting those bottom levels daily with so few of neighbors. So it is going to depend on the time in the 24 hr window you are tapping and the amount of taps you have already made. One day you may hit a neighbor on the 45th tap…the next you may hit that same neighbor on the 2nd tap, so it will make a big difference in your FP payout.

              • It looks like,that is the case, I just visited some towns and it said 5 FP, for the next 30 clicks, and that’s what I got.. Though sometimes I see 2 FPs drop from a house, I guess that’s when it’s at 10 FPs, so each FP must have a Max Value of up to 5 FP each. Not 5 single 1 point FPs..

              • It really depends on the amount you are at on what you will see happening with the FP symbols. Some are worth just one…some can be worth 2 or 3 each. It really doesn’t matter how many of those lil FP symbols you see…it is the amount that shows as the system or you gather them. Like “+5 Friend Points” or “+2 Friend Points”. The payouts will vary per symbol and the amount of FP symbols you see will depend on where you are in your tapping. All that really matters in the end is that at the bottom left corner of your screen…you are getting 10 FP added after tapping a buildings when it says you are on 10 per tap…and so on. 😉

              • It happend again but this time it was themthird town I visited.. I started getting twice the FP showing up, it went down to 4 points, but each house started giving me two FP, 4 points each house clicked, I was again getting twice the amount.. Instead of 4×3. I was actualy getting 8×3.
                Any idea what could cause Double points to happen?

                Also for the first time, I got the signed into another device problem while I was playing my town. I got booted to thenbart screen and After two retrys I got in.. I’ve heard nightmares of people that were never able to,get back into their towns after that happend, I almost thought my town was gone too. (Whew)

              • Lol. You also need to take into account as you progress through the prizes, you earn more. (The pop up of the prize even has a lil info explaining you’re now getting more per neighbor). So a lot of factors playing into your overall results.

                As for your concern…no worries…the “logged into another device” is actually quite common. I get it all the time. It can happen if you are kicked out and it didn’t get a chance to fully sync up…so the system thinks you’re still in your game. A simple restart of your device usually clears that up. If not…just continue and play now.

                The “scary” one I think you’re referencing is where you actually get logged into another players town…or them into yours. EA is still trying to get a handle on that glitch. It’s scary as someone may mess with your town, buildings, $$$, and precious donuts. Sadly their are dishonest people out there. In the end…EA has been really good at restoring those towns for the player on top of kicking them extra donuts for their troubles.

              • Imfigured it was somthing like that, i get kicked out mostly when I have the game paused in the background I standby and then continue, but all I had to do was hit retry twice and I got back in and the money I collected, was back in the buildings waiting to be collected again.. So I didn’t need to restart anything and nothing was lost.

                So far I haven’t ended up in someone else’s town, but the most I would do would look around and maybe send myself a friend request from their town so I could visit again.. 🙂

                I have heard of people Logging In and finding their town restarted! akk. Or trying for months and they keep getting the Logged in from Another Device message and EA couldn’t help and also having to start all over again.

                And why isn’t Troy McClure in the game, he was in many episodes, if he was in the game he could marry Selma, and go on stage for the musical version of “Planet of the Apes!”
                And make some Educational films for the school too.

              • I want a Troy character too. Hope at least one of Phil Hartmans characters make it in the game.

      • Forgot to mention I got Darby O’gill in the mail today, and it does have behind the scenes stuff, or so the microscopic printing on packaging seems to say, what I can make out at least.

  6. If I had anything to do with the conform-a-thingy, I ‘d dock points for christmas lights still up past valentine’s day…lol…of course one house should have them or it wouldn’t feel like Springfield… 😉

  7. For those just tuning in, the name of the game is VANDALIZE…just load up on training walls( I have 15 ) and you should be fine rating wise…

    PS: I made it without any awkwardness or the f-word…but she’s staying the night cause her power is still out…not kicking anyone out into the cold…

  8. in a few of my neighbors town, im not allowed to do any type of daily actions. kinda sucks cuz its impeding on me racking up on my own FP

  9. How come I haven’t been able to clean graffiti in neighboring towns?

    • That neighbor gets an extra FP for cleaning it themselves. So it helps them get closer to the prizes. So during this social event, the option for you to do it has been disabled so you don’t take those extra points from them.

  10. My rating hasn’t budged at all but then I do have about 15 tranny walls…I’m only at around 2000 FP(freak points) toward Stampy…on a more personal note…there won’t be any hanky-panky with me tonight…my arms are too tired from cutting up this tree… 😉

    • Nobody got or saw my joke…

      Bunny…I’ve got two Nikons here and cannot find the right wire to put pics on the puter…no excuses,, you’ll be laughing AT me sometime tomorrow…in the meantime I’m trying to find my prom pic…don’t know if my elevator shoes are visible though…
      By the way…you wouldn’t sneak into my town with an alternate name would you? Funny that I recently got a new friend called “I like carrots” …lol

    • Lol. Silly Freak…trees are for lumberjacks.

      (NOw I got the lumberjack song stuck in my head)

  11. I am not fond of the event. If keep running out of time. At least there are no set limits on this. I wish I could buy FPs lol What I really need is St. Patrick’s Day content to show up this week. I will be crushed if there is nothing new or if the just rerelease last year’s items.

  12. I’ve managed to keep 5 stars for quite a while using stop signs, but when this event hit, BAM! At your suggestions, I just “bought” several training walls (still haven’t decided how to make use of them), and my rating has gone back up & stayed at 5 stars. Thanks again guys, you rock, well except Bunny, she just hops LOL. 🙂

  13. I’ve JUST acquired the Singing Sirloin, but I will be editing my friends once I’ve maxed the list out, far too many friends either have too few buildings and too many friends or play to little with too many friends, unfortuntately. Which had caused a slower progress than I had hoped.

    I will get Stampy yet.

    How much does catching Sideshow Bob count TOWARDS your Righteousness? Anyone know? It seems I have dishonestly acquired 5 star righteousness when I don’t deserve it, whilst my tree hugging goes down which I don’t deserve.

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