Silly Simpsons: Who knew the show had so many problems?

As one of my other favorite cartoon characters would say, it’s time to get Mathematical!

Adventure Time Mathematical

Why is that?  Well, Bunny got all geeky for us today with Pi Day and some funny stuff involving pie and my nerdiness made a sudden resurgence.  Ok, it was probably already there but I felt it more keenly.

Pi Pie

First off, in all fairness, I’m not that great at Math, but once upon a time I was.  I could write a long post about a certain teacher that thought Wookiees shouldn’t be in advanced math and the resultant boredom of repeating pre-Algebra coupled with a young discovery that education is sometimes treated as state-sponsored childcare for working parents resulting in a certain ennui when it came to subjects I wasn’t fond of.  Sorry Math, we had a good run but like most simple ideas in life such as you and romance, it just got too complicated.

Basically… 2n + 2n is 4n to me… lol

Woo hoo!  I’m already rambling and I just started!  So, getting back to the point just like a decimal, a lot of us Simpsons nerds know that the writers of the Best. Show. Ever.  are actually huge math geeks.  We’re talking PHDs, prestigious schools and advanced theory here.  The result is some really funny insertions of math into the show.

Gotta love Martin’s mathematical bed sheets.

Martin Math Sheets

I have a friend or two that would try to explain to you how mathematical logic is like a drug.  Thanks to the Simpsons, we know that drug is Crystal Math.  Sounds addictive.

Marge Crystal Math

In the Treehouse of Horror VI segment when Homer goes all 3D, there’s math floating everywhere.  This blew my mind back in 1995.  Crazy to think how far this technology has gone since then.

Homer 3D Math

I love when I get one of the jokes that’s a little more complex that Frink stating Pi is exactly 3.

Frink Pi

Alright, feeling SMRTer yet?  While thinking of ideas for this post, I kept remembering an article I read in 2013 about it (apparently reader schneiper was too).  After re-reading that gem of writing, I decided that the Simpsons/math guy/author had already covered all this awesomeness much better than me.  His name is Simon Singh and he is definitely an expert on this subject.  I prefer not to retread something that has already been done amazingly, so I figured I’d share this article from the ultraweb.

Here’s a couple images about a few of the references mentioned in the article.

Math Billboard

The info on the three numbers was so interesting to me.  Of course when I first saw this episode I picked “D”.

Lisa Moneyball

Really great stuff.  This article is a good read but if the subject really interests you, Simon Singh wrote a whole book on the subject.  I’m no expert on whether books are good or not, but I’m adding this one to my wish list on Amazon.


There are even more math/Simpsons fans floating on the currents of the WWW.  Check out this equation I found on

Simpsons Equation

So, just a quick little bit of writing on Mathematicalness in the Simpsons.  My thoughts on Math probably tend more towards Homer though.  Check out this rad meme I found on Flickr from CelebQuote.


And there you go… Math in the Simpsons.  Don’t forget about our Pi Day Contest that ends tonight.  If you pick me to get the pie in my face, I’ll have an image of the carnage posted soon for all you sadists.

Well, I’ll leave you with two of my favorite quotes about Math and a fun Math problem I found.  I got it wrong but my little Ewok didn’t.  Do you know the answer?

“Do not worry too much about your difficulties in mathematics, I can assure you that mine are still greater.” ~ Albert Einstein

“Arithmetic is being able to count up to twenty without taking off your shoes.” ~ Mickey Mouse

T-Shirt Math

TTFN… Wookiee out!


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  1. I originally was going to say 8 but then I read the other comments and have no clue. Are you going to tell us the right answer because now it is just driving me crazy. Lol.

  2. “Mmmmmmmmm, floor pie.”

  3. How many holes won’t matter if it’s a man’s favorite & you throw it away 😉

  4. It’s a 2d image so it’s 2 we are all assuming it is 3d object but ….education is sometimes treated as state-sponsored childcare for working parents I may have taken working out but this is a truism.

    • According to the site I found this on, you are the correct answer. I still think it’s 8 but I never did like the school’s answers.

      • WanderingCaveman

        This is getting into some serious “This is not a pipe” territory.

        • Lol… I actually had to look this up but glad I did. Love that the painting is titled “The Treachery of Images”. According to wikipedia, I can actually go see it in person too since its in a gallery in Los Angeles.

      • Hmmm, now that I look at it that way, I’d say there are no holes at all, but there are two very large grease stains 😉

      • DOH! I guess if they were grease stains they’d be black… so we wont go there as to what kind of stains they are. (Maybe the paint from when they painted the wall?) Ha! I know what you were thinking!!

      • It’s lateral thinking but I will bask in the glory….;)

        My favourite conundrum is …is it a chair if no one sits on it?

        • I love conundrums aka wordplay. One of my favorites is if a turtle losing its shell is it naked or homeless? Also fun to wonder why psychics still have to work when they all know the winning lottery numbers?

  5. Math (shudder). Seeing Pi stopped me from entering the Pie contest. If only I had a brain…

  6. thats right! i forgot the bottom opening lol

  7. Most people would say there are 8 holes in the shirt but the fact is that a needle pierced hundreds, maybe thousands of tiny holes to sow this shirt. So there. In. Your. Face. |>13

  8. Eight holes in the shirt.

  9. Seven holes

  10. 4 (2 back and 2 front) or 8 (2 back+2 front+2 sleeves+neck+ bottom of shirt)
    Or there’s no way to tell (does the back have one big whole rather than 2 that match the front? Is there more holes on the back that don’t match the front and so can’t be seen?)
    When numbers get involved a seemingly simple question can become so much more complicated… And the result is I don’t like math

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