Weekend Update: March 9th – 15th

So it is that time again. You know. Where I get to bore you to no end. No? You like to read this? Oh shoot, that means I have to try harder to make it all sound cool…and stuff. OFF WE GO!!

Weekend Update Addicts

Well I am fresh off my Pi Day fun. Ate some Pizza Pies, some homemade Pies, threw some pies at random people…errr….I mean…that wasn’t me. I…uhhh…I was in the basement the entire time. Yes, that’s it. Good lil Bunny. Does as she’s told. 😉

So in case YOU were busy running from the law and missed what happened during the week, here is the short short version. Keep up, will yah?

SUNDAY:  Bunny started off the day by showing of YOUR cool town designing around the items we have acquired in the Social Event for the Springfield Showoff “FREAK” Points. Then she hopped on back to tie in a little information to the new episode on Sideshow Bob’s Italian wife in this weeks edition of Real Housewives of Springfield: Francesca Terwilliger.

Wookiee tried to break down some pretty cool ideas and information on what could possibly be coming our way (ESP there Fuzzball, the guesses were quite accurate.) Wanna see how accurate? Check out his post Leprechauns Don’t Believe in You Either.

Alissa rounded out the night with some fun chatter in the Sunday Night Open Thread

MONDAY: Bunny hopped in bright and early to give you the complete breakdown of the New Simpsons Episode in the Episode Recap: Man Who Grew Too Much.

Alissa brought us some giggles and ideas from YOU in this weeks Caption This Awkward Alien Moment. She then came back to update everyone on what to expect on their star ratings with the Friendship Prizes and the Conform-O-Meter. Lastly, she wanted to make sure you took the chance at the Limited Time item if you wanted it in Freedom Reminder.

Wookiee dug deep into his mind to see if he was going to “Have A Nice Day” in Silly Simpsons: Motivation. If you ever wondered about those posters, take a look at what Wookiee’s take on them was.

TUESDAY:  Wookiee pounced on in to give us more detail on the 2nd New Simpson Episode Recap: Diggs. Then he wanted to brainstorm some more in another silly post about Silly Simpsons: Quotable Quotes.

Alissa posted some GREAT work from reader saramary3 in this weeks edition of the Mouths of Addicts: 2D Tuesday. Take a look at what you can make with decorations in your town.

WEDNESDAY:  Alissa wanted update the results to Wookiee’s inquiry of what character you most resemble in Survey Says: Who Are YOU?.


Alissa made sure you all ran to find your devices and gave you the Saint Patrick’s Day Event Rundown. Then jumped right in with the quick and easy version of the main quest in Turbo Tappin’: Training Day. She also wanted to toss in some humor for the day with Mouths of Addicts: YouTube Fun. That guy makes me giggle.

Bunny wanted to point out a few cool things you may or may not have noticed with the update in St. Patrick’s Day Changes to Our Town. she then wanted to make sure you were getting those pics into us for the Showoff Reminder. (They will go up later today, so if you hurry…you might still be able to squeeze your design in just under the wire.

THURSDAY: Alissa wanted to help give you some basics on one of the new items to assist in your spending decision with Should I Spend Donuts on Sham Rock Cafe & Yupprechaun?  She then returned to give you another short short version of the questline for Turbo Tappin’: Dye The Town Green.

Wookiee wanted to elaborate on something he hinted on in a previous post (you watching us EA?) with his Where Did THAT Come From Sham Rock Cafe & Yupprechaun.

Bunny then put on her geeky nerd glasses and offered up some help and support in Update/Event Technical Help. YOU having issues? Check it out.


Bunny literally started off the day with a fun lil Pi Day Contest.  (Winner announced later today.) But why on earth PIE on a Simpsons blog you ask? Well you will find the answers in Where Did THAT Come From: Pi Day/Simpsons Connection. Then she hopped back in to confirm that those pink sweetie sprinkly donuts are DEFINITELY popping up all over in your games in Donuts in Friend Points. Are you on Level 6 FP? How many have YOU got now?

Alissa again broke down the ins n outs of a Limited Time Premium item in Should I Spend Donuts On Wishing Well & the Leprechaun?

Wookiee wanted to put on some geeky nerd glasses too and went ALL out in Silly Simpsons: Who Knew the Show Had So Many Problems?

SATURDAY: Hmmmm…what do we have in store for you today? Well keep your eyes peeled later tonight as I will be showing you some interesting Lucky Charmz throughout our neighboreenos places. Will YOU be featured in this weeks Springfield Showoff? Also, I will be announcing the Winner of the Pi Day Contest. WOOHOO!!!

So that about wraps it up for this week. But wait…don’t YOU want to win something from us? YOU DO??!!! Well then don’t forget we DO have another contest ongoing.   Our Cross-Blog…..in conjunction with TSTOTopix and TSTOgame…. Monthly Shoutout!  Are YOU going to be the Tapper of the Month??!!  Stay tuned…



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  1. I just finished my 2D…then Homer screwed it up…

  2. Awesomeness! I had a lot of fun this past week! My Springfielders are partying it up!!!


  3. Woohoo, my name made it in two headlines!!! …it’s good to be the freak…lol…oh and guess what day it is…beware the ides of March…!!!

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