Should I Spend Donuts on Strupo Statue?

We have a new episode tie in!  But, with the new premium items that are limited-time it may be overwhelming trying to decide whether to buy it or to pass on. With that limited-time label on items I know it can be tempting to just buy everything you can. But, have no fear! That’s where we come in to tell you what’s worth your donuts & what you might want to hold off on.

Wondering if you should add the Strupo Statue to your Springfield? Well before you hit that confirm button, let’s break down the Pros and Cons of adding this decoration to your Springfield.


Decoration: Strupo Statue
Donut Price: 20 donuts
Dimensions: 2×2 (also pretty tall, so it can be seen fairly easy)
Bonus %: 0.50% on all cash and XP
Conform-O-Meter: Vanity +200
Placement: Grass, Pavement, Beach, Boardwalk

-New decoration for Springfield
-Base of it is small, yet it’s fairly tall so it won’t take up much land but can still be seen.
-Add a 0.50% bonus to all cash and XP
-Can be placed anywhere (well except the road…of course!)
-Reasonably priced, as far as premium items go

-Just a decoration.  No animation or quest associated with it
-Does not unlock any additional character tasks
-A bit random in appearance and may be difficult to fit with the “flow” of your Sprignfield.
-At a 0.50% bonus and a vanity impact there are far better premium items you can purchase that offer a similar bonus and impact other areas of the conform-o-meter that are more difficult to max out.

Final Thought:
Personally,  I plan on purchasing it…but I’m a completest.  I can’t help it! (just like a ended up buying Freedom at the 11th hour last time…despite my objections to it)  However, UNLESS you are a completest or you think you have the PERFECT spot for it I’d pass on this one.  Be cons on this statue far out weigh the pros.  Save those donuts for something far more useful to you!  But in the end it’s your call.  What you buy and what you don’t buy is your own personal choice we can only guide you on the facts and let you know what we did and what we think.
Just remember whatever you decide this is a LIMITED-TIME decoration and once it’s gone, it’s gone…so be sure to get it before the event is over if you’re thinking about it.

What are your thoughts on the Strupo Statue?  Will you be spending the donuts to bring a little art to YOUR Springfield?  Where have you placed it in your Springfield?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

16 responses to “Should I Spend Donuts on Strupo Statue?

  1. Josephine Kick@$$

    Yayyy!!! I was just looking at this in a neighbor’s town & wished I’d been able to get it before😊😊😊😊

  2. Strupo! Lose Everything!

  3. Bandango Phillips

    What in the world is a Strupo statue? I have never heard of this in my life.

  4. I do not understand why they would give a turkey and not a GP but Oh well! thats the way the lil piggie rolls! Ha Ha!

    • Cuz turkeys are dumb…you have to PAY people to take them. Small lil furry creatures that make silly noises are adorable and fit well in the basement. 😉

  5. CentralCali559


  6. Capital City Goofball

    I’m leaning towards no, but want to see the episode first. It will still take some convincing though in order to buy it.

  7. I’ll probably pass on the statue, I’m leaning towards not getting the guinea pig either, it’s probably really small and I’ll never see it. I got Freedom, it’s cool when I can find it…
    Then again this will all mean more after we know why we would want a giant liniment statue (?) I think if the guinea pig was 20 donuts I’d get it… 40 seems a lot. I’ll wait and decide on Sunday. lol

    • Lol I think they should do the tie ins on Fridays so it’s a lot closer to the episode so we don’t have all of these days to contemplate how these things fit into our games

  8. If I bought one of the items it would be the liniment bottle ahead of the guinea pig.

    Would wait patiently until Barney slept it off next to it lol

  9. I bought it but not impressed. I have to work Sunday so it’s not even going to make sense to me

  10. I pretty much grab these while I can, I missed out on so many cool items when I first started designing/playing tapped out, witch marge, 3 eyed sushi, the duff super bowl stuff—-all before I had neighbors and a little extra $$$$. So now, esp with limited time stuff, I’ll pretty much pick it up. And yes, I bought freedom too….

    • I’ve gotten some things and passed on others. Candy Kevin and Freedom make me smile whenever I tap on them. (Candy Kevin was a little costly.) I passed on the Super Bowl stuff, but now wonder if I should have gotten it.
      Somehow I can’t see how a bottle statue would make me smile, so I will probably skip it.

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