Krustyland and Potential Awesomeness

Well hello there Addicts and welcome to another Wookiee report on The Krustiest Place on Earth!

So, some of you know that I am blessed to live near one of the real Krustylands in Southern California.  Just for fun, I even wrote a little about Krustyland in Hollywood.  The other Krustyland is in Florida and part of an entire Springfield recreation.  Thanks to dumb luck, I actually visited there last year and wrote about it just for you.

That’s all neither here nor there but with the appearance of Krustyland in one of the latest Simpsons episodes (S25:E14, “Winter of His Content”) and Bunny’s Springfield Show-Off Post, I’m not only excited about designing my Krustyland but salivating over new things we could get in the future.

Krustyland Bullys


The biggest item from the recent episode I’ve heard about is the Ferris Wheel.  It would look really neat in our KLs.  I even like the couple extra decorative items Bart and the Bullys can see from the top of the wheel.


Ooooh… a cheesy carousel and a big green pavilion tent.  There’s also a big pink one in another shot.  These could look pretty snazzy in our towns.  Of course, one of the benefits of being a So Cal resident is uber cheap annual passes to Universal, so I visit the real life KL when I can.  On my last trip in January, I snapped some shots of other cool stuff that could be added.

So, the outside of the Simpsons Ride was under construction when I went.  Me thinks they are adding boardwalk games like its Florida counterpart but that’s just conjecture.  A bonus was they decorated the walls they erected with funny stuff.  Check these out!

KL Ralph & Willy KL Barney KL Moe Rod KL Mel & Teeny KL Frink KL CBG Apu

Cool, eh?  I really love CBG’s t-shirt.  There were a couple others I didn’t get shots of but you can see that I was totally geeking out.  The walls come together at the Simpsons Ride entrance and I couldn’t help but notice a map as my focal point.

KL Ride Entrance Map

This map basically contains all the rides we currently have in TSTO plus more. Already, two rides have been added since KL was released (Twirl n’ Hurl and Happy Little Elves Ride).  I actually wrote about the map once upon a time in August if you’d like to read more on it.  That post actually lists all the rides on it.

As I passed by the map with my beautiful little Ewok daughter, I decided to take some quick close-up shots of some rides that struck my fancy.  Let’s see what awesomeness we could hopefully see added in the near future.

KL Map Ferris Wheel

We see the ferris wheel which is called Krusty’s Giant Wheel (“Not affiliated with “Ferris Wheel” brand amusement wheels”) and the train ride is called Scratchy’s Cat-anooga Spew-Spew.  The latter encircles Sleeping Itchy’s Castle on the map.


Krusty’s Futuristic Rootin’ Tootin’ BBQ Review 3000!  A very cool looking restaurant.

KL Map Waterslide

Krusty’s Waterless Waterslide… ouch.  I just love the way this ride looks and I am a big fan of the color yellow.  The nuclear logo on it looks a little ominous but it is Krusty.

KL Map Krusty Buffet

Right above the slide is Krusty’s One-Plate-Maximum Buffet.  What I’d really like to see is the other ride in this shot, Poochie’s Half-Pipe (“Warning: Pipe may be less than one-half”).  If you’re wondering what #5 is, it’s the Unoriginal Log Ride.

KL Map Fountain

This image doesn’t really show any rides but I love the Main Street a la Disneyland.  Also dig the signs for Gift Shop Land, Itchy & Scratchy Land, and Long Line Land.  You can see that Mount Krustmore is a lot bigger in the Universal Studios version.

KL Map Simpsons Ride


This last image is the real item the theme park lover in me would have a nerdgasm over if it appeared in TSTO.  On the map, this isn’t even numbered. It’s identified by its sign as Krusty’s All New Thrilltacular Upsy-Downsy-Spins-Aroundsy Teen-Operated Thrill Ride.  If you haven’t read my other posts, it’s a duplicate of the exterior of the Simpsons Ride.  I want it, I want it, I want it!

Well, that’s just some stuff we could see in the future and as proven by the addition of the Tunnel of Love, EA could also drag whatever they like from other theme parks in the show.  Another ramble from the Wookiee accomplished including some more photos taken with my own furry hands.

TTFN… Wookiee out!

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16 responses to “Krustyland and Potential Awesomeness

  1. CentralCali559

    Glad we got some of the items listed on here. Reading all the possible future additions has me super excited!!

  2. I’ve been seeing a lot of people have a really neat looking krusty land shuttle stop I was wondering how I get it?

  3. I am so excited! I’ve been doing so much in KL lately, but want more rides & character interaction. My favorite addition ideas would definitely be the Waterless Waterslide & Krusty’s Giant Wheel. I did notice Marge & Homer can go through the Tunnel Of Love, which I thought was cool. (weird that it is only a Marge task, but not one of Homeees.) Speaking of which, I want to scream when I get to task Stampy & realize I already sent Bart on another task. I love seeing them wandering around town. Anyway, back to KL. Since I’ve been visiting neighbor’s KL’s for extra tix, I’ve been a bit disappointed at how many aren’t active at all in KL. Maybe EA adding more attractions will change that. One of my neighbors even has “I don’t play KL” in 2d, which is a bit sad since they are very creative & actually have a nice beginning there, and their Springfield is fabulous! Anywho, more rides in KL? I say YAY!!!

    PS, You made me blush (which is hard to do), w/”nerdgasm”, but I did chuckle too 😉

  4. I’ve been a complete lazy bastard when it comes to Krustyland. *hangs head in shame*… *lifts head to take a sip of beer*… *resumes shame-head-hanging*.

  5. What do you think about the thought of adding stuff from Mt. Splashmore, Duff Gardens and Itchy & Scratchy Land? KL has tons of potential!

    • All of that stuff would be amazing but the theme park nerd in me wants them to keep it as real as possible. They did add the Tunnel of Love so anything is possible. Top pick for me would be either the Duff Hall of Presidents or the Beerquarium.

  6. Bunny can you explain to me why I can’t rush mr burns (run power plant) task because I get the message saying “up bup bup you can’t rush this” try it

    • You need to make sure he is actually inside the building and has started the task. If he is still walking on over to it and the countdown has not begun, it won’t let you.

  7. CentralCali559

    YESSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!! Oh man I want all of that in my KL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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