Turbo Tappin’ Level 39: Sanjay

Level 39 has arrived in Springfield!!! Only took 2 months! I wonder if EA had to go to India to find Sanjay and Manjula because the nuclear blast was so powerful it sent them back?  ANYWAY…like I was saying Level 39 is upon us and what a fun Level it is!  Apu finally gets some family in Springfield…not to mention his house (I bet he was getting tired of sleeping at the Kwik-E-Mart…or not sleeping at all)!

So now that there’s a new level out there you know what that means, right?  Time for another Turbo Tappin’!  So with that let’s jump right in a Turbo Tap the Main Questline (Freemium) of Level 39!

As we mentioned in the Level 39 is here post Dolph gets things rolling for Level 39 and that kicks off the need to build Sanjay’s house (WOO HOO a new house!) which takes 24hrs.  So now let’s get to Tappin’ shall we?!

level 39 turbo tap

A Perfectly Cromulent Job Pt. 1
Dolph starts

Build Sanjay’s House- 24hrs, $438,000 (Rewards 45,000xp)

A Perfectly Cromulent Job Pt. 2
Sanjay starts

Make Sanjay and Apu Heartily Celebrate Sanjay’s Return– 45seconds, Rewards $3, 1xp (Apu needs to be free) 

A Perfectly Cromulent Job Pt. 3
Sanjay starts

Make Sanjay and Apu Negotiate Employment Contract– 5hrs, Rewards $200, 50xp (Requires Apu)

A Perfectly Cromulent Job Pt. 4
Sanjay starts

Make Sanjay Work a 16 Hour Shift- 16hrs, Rewards $500, 125xp

A Perfectly Cromulent Job Pt. 5
Sanjay starts

Make Sanjay Drink with Homer– 8hrs, Rewards $275, 70xp (requires Homer)

A Perfectly Cromulent Job Pt. 6
Sanjay starts

Make Apu Fume- 16hrs, Rewards $500, 125xp
Make Sanjay Sulk- 16hrs, Rewards $500, 125xp

A Perfectly Cromulent Job Pt. 7
Sanjay starts

Make Sanjay Party Like It’s on Sale for $19.99– 4hrs, Rewards $175, 45xp

A Perfectly Cromulent Job Pt. 8
Sanjay starts

Make Sanjay Skateboard- 12hrs, Rewards $420, 100xp

A Perfectly Cromulent Job Pt. 9
Apu starts

Make Apu Work a 48hr Shift– 2days, Rewards $1000, 250xp 

A Perfectly Cromulent Job Pt. 10
Mr. Burns starts

Make Smithers and Mr. Burns Shop ‘Till You Drop– 3hrs, Earns $135, 35xp (requires Smithers) 

A Perfectly Cromulent Job Pt. 11
Apu starts

Make Citizens Shop ‘Till You Drop– 3hrs, x 15.  Earns $135, 35xp non-premium characters, $200, 55xp premium characters.
Send 15 characters to shop at the Kwik-E-Mart for 3hrs.  Almost everyone in Springfield CAN do this.  So instead we’ll do a list of who CAN’T complete this task:
Apu, Sanjay, Manjula, Ghost Maude, Mr. Burns & Smithers.  (Non-Playable characters…of course and animals..Stampy and Jub)
Again this is a list of who CANNOT complete this quest.  All other characters CAN do this task…so you should have a ton to choose from.

A Perfectly Cromulent Job Pt. 12
Apu starts

Make Apu Pray to Ganesh– 45seconds, Earns $3, 1xp

A Perfectly Cromulent Job Pt. 13
Apu starts

Make Citizens Shop ‘Till You Drop– 3hrs, x10.  Earns $135, 35xp non-premium characters, $200, 55xp premium characters.
Send 10 characters this time to shop at the Kwik-E-Mart for 3hrs.  Almost everyone in Springfield CAN do this.  So instead we’ll do a list of who CAN’T complete this task:
Apu, Sanjay, Manjula, Ghost Maude, Mr. Burns & Smithers.  (Non-Playable characters…of course and animals..Stampy and Jub)
Again this is a list of who CANNOT complete this quest.  All other characters CAN do this task…so you should have a ton to choose from.  

A Perfectly Cromulent Job Pt. 14
Apu starts

Make Apu Recuperate in the Hospital– 2days, Earns $1,000, 250xp 

A Perfectly Cromulent Job Pt. 15
Apu starts

Make Apu & Sanjay Reconcile– 2hrs, Earns $110, 27xp  (requires Sanjay) 

A Perfectly Cromulent Job Pt. 16
Sanjay starts

Make Sanjay Work a 1 Hour Shift– 1hr, Earns $70, 17xp

And with that you’ve completed Level 39!  Congratulations!  Sanjay is in Springfield, Apu can finally get some well deserved rest, and the people of Springfield got to Shop Till they Dropped….again!  (what would an update be if it didn’t involve all of Springfield???)

If you work from start to finish on Level 39, with out using donuts to rush it, it will take you 8 days, 1 hr and 1min 30 seconds to complete!  So basically about a week’s worth of content.  So don’t RUSH it…you never know if those snakes will be slithering around the corner in the next couple of weeks…so save those precious donuts for the premium content and don’t rush your games!  (that’s what we’re here for!  To senselessly spend donuts to rush the game so you don’t have to!)

Enjoy Level 39 Tappers!

58 responses to “Turbo Tappin’ Level 39: Sanjay

  1. I’m at part 14 and still font have the hospital 🙁

  2. I think this game has some sort of sliding cost curve if you’re behind. As I’m level 44 and just started Sanjay his house only cost $140k or so.

  3. Anyone else having trouble with the part 8 to part 9 transition? I’ve done the skateboarding task twice and the task log says it is done but, the notification won’t clear and part 9 won’t activate.

  4. i think i just skipped the “shop till you drop x 10 and jumped to Apu’s task “Make Apu Recuperate in the Hospital”.

    i got Bart to do the task but i accidentally clicked Go to Krustyland. when i got back to Springfield, Apu starts his dialogue and “Task Completed” popped out and i got the “hospital” task after that. I checked for other springfielders to do the task but its not there. would this affect my game? and losing my Springfield a possibility? OH MEN! i hope not.


    • I wouldnt worry about it just yet. Keep an eye on it. If an issue arises…contact EA.

      • oki thanks! i’ll focus on tappin and zappin of bunnies first. still need to earn those prizes. 😀

        • Yah…don’t worry so much on Levels just yet…they will be around a while. Just focus on the Event. When it is over…then you can go back to daily Level Play. 😉

  5. I’m stuck on the shop till you drop part? I’ve done it twice for all of the Springfield citizens and it still doesn’t say it’s completed. When I click on the task it says -47/10 complete. Not sure what to do? I can’t move on to the next task either. HELP??!!

  6. Hello, I finished level 39 but didn’t get the Sanjay quest. His house is still “locked”. How to I get that quest to re-appear?

  7. Could you guys maybe add a turbo tapping link to the home page so that we can get to them a bit easier? I accidentally closed the level 39 turbo tapping and had to go looking for it.

    • We’ll look into it. They’re all in the walkthrough section. We have it brokedown regular and turbo for all we’ve done. Also, we put a cool “search” feature in the main top menu. It takes you to a google search page that searches only our posts on our blog. It’s pretty cool. You put in a keyword or 3 and it shows you all the posts with those words in it.

      • If this is a double post feel free to delete one. My iPad froze after I hit post comment so I don’t know if it went through. I just said never mind about the turbo tapping link. I didn’t think to check the walk through section. I should have known it would easy to find. I love the redesign of the site. It’s my fault for not looking harder.

  8. Wait! I’m expected to pay $400,000 for a house? Who has that kind of money? I’ve been saving and saving and still only have accumulated 1/2 that.

  9. Having trouble with Perfectly Cromulent Part 5, make Sanjay drink with Homer. My Homer is missing! The Drink with Homer task is locked on Sanjay’s tasks. It has been over 48 hours so I know he isn’t stuck in a task. He isn’t in Krustyland. I can’t store him to reset anything. I tried storing Sanjay and doing a fresh download and install of the game and still no luck. Any ideas?

    • If Homer is truly missing, you need to contact EA to fix this. Homer went AWOL in my town during Halloween. Good news is EA was able to fix it, just took a little bit of time. The sooner you let the EA folks know, the sooner he’ll return.

    • Usually when a character is required for a main quest, you have that lil icon in your task book. (I believe it is Sanjay’s face for most his quest.) Do me a favor and click on that icon in your task bar. I will show the “Make Sanjay Drink with Homer” quest box. Once you click on the “Do It”. Watch to see if it directs you towards a specific buildings (Like Moe’s or O’Flanagans). I ask this because the system will usually try to find the characters needed for the task. And Homer may be on a task somewhere that you just can’t see. (Like he could be drinking at O’Flanagans, but it isn’t showing when you click on the building.)

      If you can figure out what building it is, you can just store that building even though he is not shown as in there, and it should kick him out of it. Make sense? Give it a try and let me know.

      • The other option is to store all the buildings Homer would use for any of his regular tasks and then replace them. The only one you won’t be able to store is the Simpson’s Home.

        • Here is a list of buildings he might be in if you can’t find him.

          Brown House
          Hibber Family Practice
          Lard Lad
          Krusty Burger
          Guilded Truffle
          Springfield Downs
          Barney’s Bowlarama
          Power Plant

          (His pool outside)

  10. I still can’t start the quest to build Sanjay’s house. I’m level 39, Dolph and all of my other characters aren’t busy so am I missing something??
    I’ve done all of the troubleshooting and nothing has happened yet. I was contemplating contacting EA but it appears from reading other peoples posts and threads that it could be a total waste of time and wait months for a response. Does anyone think that it could be a slight glitch in my game or is there, in anyone’s opinion, a mission I need to complete first to kickstart it. Be nice to know if I’m the only one suffering from this. Thanks 🙂

    • The response time honestly depends on the issue itself. I’ve had them contact me with 24 hrs with a resolve up to two weeks. It can’t hurt to try. 🙂

      • Thanks bunny. I have messaged them now. I just hope they have a solution or even an explanation so I can get back to tapping 🙂

        • I have a question for you…have you completed the task of building the courthouse and getting the Judge? If not, it may not trigger until AFTER you build your courthouse. Some quests require the prior level building to at least be placed before moving to the next one.

  11. I NEED MORE LAND! hah it is Nice to see Manjula and Sanjay finally in the game but I would like more land. one square to the west and south would be nice.

  12. Is APU apartment and character worth the 160 donuts or should I wait

    • It is up to what you want in your town. I personally like the idea of another woman. This one will not be a limited time item. So no need to rush. It does come with a character(Manjula) and her tasks. Another building to generate money and XP for your town. We will have a “Should I Spend Donuts On” coming soon along with the other new items. Keep your eyes out. It will break down all the details you are looking for. 🙂

  13. Do I have a different version or something? Who is Sanjay? I got Apu’s apartment and with it, his suspicious wife, Marjula. In another matter, I’m trying to build up FPs but still at level 5. I’ve noticed I don’t get as many points when vandalizing as I did before level 39.

  14. Also Mindy has a quest that requires “Error!” What is it that I need to do this quest?

  15. Am I the only one to notice the Friend Points are back and there is a new Tower you for Visiting friends towns?
    But for some reason the progress bar is at max Friend Points still saying level 6, but I noticed by the doughnut price dropping for the new Tower as you collect friend points and that it is registering someplace. It does show how many you need when you get FP in your own town.
    I hope EA fixes this glitch so you can see how many points you need in the Friend Town Menu.

    • Nah, we touched on it in the main post. More in the next one about to go up in 20 minutes.

      Basically it stays at “maxed” but you are still collecting FP’s. I see them in the lil mini bar that pops up in the top center of the screen when I collect vandalism points. So in this case…vandalism pays off. Lets you know where you stand on the 5000 FP needed.


      As you collect more FP the cost to “speed it up” by paying out donuts will get less and less as usual.

  16. So Ive never really noticed this. Is a big price drop on buildings a usual thing when there’s a level update. I was set to buy the Grocery, the only non donut building I didnt have yet and noticed it dropped from 261,000 to 174,000. The wife is mad because she just bought it a couple days ago. Wonder what that court house cost is now? Or if Sanjay’s house will be half as much when we get to level 40? Any insights Bunny, Alissa and Wookiee?

    • This is a common occurance. Post coming soon on it. If you look at our Realty Guide, you will notice in the Springfield listings (it also explains on the main page) the cost of the buildings have a base fee. They come out at 3 times that base and slowly drop as the new levels come out. If you Look into the Springfield listings, I have posted the base fees next to the items that are on the top 6 levels along with the multiplier and current cost.


  17. Thanks for this run through. Should be busy til next weekend, lol.

    Can E.A.R.L. The Lighthouse be placed on the beach, boardwalk, or water?

    • It goes ON the water in Squidport. It kinda comes with its own lil island around it. Once tapped…it flashes light.

      • Thanks Bunny. Now if they could just unlock more Boardwalk tiles for those of us who couldn’t make the most out of the glitch. 150 tiles is not enough. 🙁

  18. Thanks Alissa ☺

    • Anytime! Sorry it took so long to get up! Friday’s are always crazy at work…hard to sneak in the time to play an update through! 🙂

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