Level 39 is Here!!! Complete Update Rundown

Level 39 unlock

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Level 39 is finally here! (and comes with TWO FREE DONUTS) Working through it right now (thank goodness I have my tab since my phone says it’s full!) and as soon as we have the details we’ll post them right here (as always)!


Remember this is an in App update so no need to hit the app store! If your update doesn’t start right away…if you’re at Level 38, Level 39 should automatically hit….try the usual troubleshoot methods (hard close, reopen app, restart your device) that should help trigger it.

Dolph kicks off this update, so make sure this bully is free! (yes he must be free.  It’s not an auto-start)

Also remember…as with all new updates…your Confirm Donut Spend Button may have been reset.  Meaning it’s turned off.  So check it out and make sure it’s switched to on…unless you want to end up with 2 Whales…. 😉

As always for those who like to be surprised we’ll reveal the details after the fold….so what follows are SPOILERS Looks like this update has a few goodies for us, including a few for our lonely friend Apu! First task you’ll be greeted with in Level 39 is to build Sanjay’s house! It costs $438,000 (FINALLY a use for all that money I’ve been building up since Level 38!)  and takes 24hrs to build.  (6×12 in size) sanjayshouse_menu This will also unlock Sanjay! sanjay_menu So Sanjay is the freemium in this game…any guesses on who the premium character would be?

Of course it’s Manjula!  (Ahhh some more woman in Springfield again!)  Manjula is unlocked with Apu’s Apartment. Of course a sought after character/building combo will have a hefty price tag no doubt….this one will run you 160 donuts.
Apu’s Apartment is 10×6 in size, and will earn you $500, 45xp every 24hrs (and like most premium builds it takes 6 seconds)
apusapartment_menuAnd of course this also unlocks Manjula!


New Premium decoration:

Shiva Statue 40 donuts, 2% bonus on all cash and xp, 2 x 2 in size.

So what else is new in Level 39??  Oh nothing really…just a new FRINK POINT PRIZE! (ok ok I know they’re called Friend Points)

So now there’s a sweet prize at the end of Level 6…so those FP’s will turn back on for vandalized buildings in your town.  The Level 6 Friendship prize is the E.A.R.L Lighthouse!
earlslighthouse_menuYou can unlock the Lighthouse for 500 donuts OR earn FP’s to unlock it.  Here’s the deal tho.  I don’t know if my game is glitching or not but it’s not showing how many FP’s it takes to unlock.  So I checked into the files and they’re showing 5,000FP’s to unlock E.A.R.L, with a rush rate of 10 points per donut.  (so 5000 points left =500 donuts, 4000 points left =400 donuts, etc)

Hmmm what else did Level 39 bring???  Let’s take a look in KRUSTYLAND!!

Clearly EA heard your pleas for MORE CONTENT FOR KL during last week’s Krustyland Showoff because we’ve got EIGHT NEW FREEMIUM items for Krustyland!

First up the Taco Truck….mmmmm Taco’s:

Bumblebee Man’s Tacos.  The truck will run you 1,000 tickets and improves your Grub rating!  And requires you to be at Level 31:

Next new decorations for KL!  The SEVEN DUFFS! They seriously crack me up….all improve your Kitsch Rating and require you to be at Level 30 to unlock.  And here are those 7 wonderful Duffs:

dizzydufftopiary_menuDizzy Duff Topiary- 400 tickets
edgydufftopiary_menu Edgy Duff Topiary- 300 tickets
queasydufftopiary_menu Queasy Duff Topiary- 400 tickets
remorsefuldufftopiary_menu Remorseful Duff Topiary– 300 tickets
sleazydufftopiary_menu Sleazy Duff Topiary– 400 tickets
surlydufftopiary_menu Surly Duff Topiary– 300 tickets

And the Addicts Favorite….
tipsydufftopiary_menu Tipsy Duff Topiary– 500 tickets

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  1. I’m not sure if this is new or not, but in KL using the Sideshow You balloon pop, you can also earn doughnuts. I got 5 but I was tap happy and completely passed it up before I could take a picture.

  2. my work hrs have changed so i will begin visiting my neighboreenos this evening and every evening for awhile! 🙂

    • I manage to visit all 100 neighbors every day, needless to say I have no life other than TSTO, work, sleep (usually what suffers), occasionally eat, quality family time, other essentials, a date when it fits into my TSTO schedule LOL.

    • My power went out a few hours ago…may be a short night for tapping…the wify battery backup will last a little while…bummer…i’m at 2900 FP for earl…w o o h o o… 🙂

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  4. Krustyland isn’t Duff Gardens! What the hell!?

  5. I need more friends my FP progress is horrible slow.

  6. Is it just me or does anyone else get random tasks between and DURING Level Updates and Events?

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