Where Did THAT Come From- E.A.R.L.

New Level 39 Update!! WOOHOO!  How far are YOU already to those next 5000 FP? Tappin like mad yet? Well no worries, we got all the details on the New Social Event item coming for you. Starting with THIS post. 🙂

EA likes to drop lil items into our game that we have no clue even existed. Items that were such a small blip or not important/memorable enough to grasp where we even saw it. That’s what I am here for. To poke deep into the brain storage and pull out these lil blips for you.

E.A.R.L. Unlock Screen

What the Frak is an E.A.R.L.? To answer that question, let’s jump into another edition of Where Did THAT Come From. E.A.R.L. (Electronic Automatic Robotic Lighthouse.)



Season 8, Episode 9: El Viaje Misterioso de Nuestro Jomer (The Mysterious Voyage of Homer)
Marge is trying desperately to not let Homer go to the Chili Cook Off due to the drunken mess he was the prior year (Nothing like drunk nakey Homer covered in Cotton Candy running around.) Homer promises he WON’T drink so he can go. Quimby has a special treat in store for him this year. He added some merciless peppers of Quetzlzacatenango (Guatemalan Insanity Peppers . Grown by inmates of a Guatemalan Insane Asylum. He tries one of the Peppers, but it is so hot it burns his tongue badly and he runs around desperately seeking out any form of drink. Alcohol being one of them. (Marge seems him drinking and is upset. He promised.) He even is so desperate he drinks candle wax…no worries he has a plan. The wax allows him to digest a ton of the Peppers with no worries.

Homer hopped up on these Insane Peppers starts to hallucinate and runs off. He dreams he is in the desert talking all sorts of animals that lead him to a Space Coyote (his Spirit Guide) who tells him to find his soul mate. (Ooooh Johnny Cash voiced the Coyote. I love his voice.) Meanwhile Marge is out trying to find him. She becomes more and more enraged by the moment. Homer wakes up in a golf course and stumbles home to a very upset Marge who still thinks his actions were a result of drinking. She just doesn’t understand him. So he heads off in search of his soul mate…to Moe’s of course.

In his search of looking around, placing ads, and just not finding one…he ends up in the pouring rain on the Boardwalk. He sees a blinking light and realizes there is a Lighthouse. He comes to the conclusion whoever lives in there must be terribly lonely. He has found a new friend.


The sign tells him his new friends name even that operates the Lighthouse, EARL. Imagine Homer’s surprise when he climbs to the top of the stairs and learns that E.A.R.L. is a computer, NOT a human.


Homer just wants a friend. He doesn’t want to be lonely. He sees a ship nearing the harbor and decides the perfect thing to do is to bring a friend to him…by smashing out the light. Homer has lost his mind. Luckily Marge was close by. She woke up and he wasn’t home, so she went looking for him. He realizes Marge is his soulmate. (p.s. They do fix the light, too late though. No worries…everyone in Springfield now gets short shorts. WOOHOO!!)

So there you have it. Another item that has a small lil part in an episode and now we have another cool item to place into our Squidport Bay. What do you think of it? Excited for more items for the Squidport area? Or are you too full up that you don’t know where you are going to put it? Sound off in the comments below.

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19 responses to “Where Did THAT Come From- E.A.R.L.

  1. Help me please !! I won the lighthouse but it is not in my inventory I can’t find it anywhere 😩

    • Try going back and forth between neighbor screen and Springfield to synchronize your game and see if it fixes it. Otherwise you will need to contact EA. Good news is it should be an easy fix from their end.

  2. When you tap it the light spells EARL in morse code

  3. Yeah got my E.A.R.L now to redesign my squidport. Also good morning and thanks bunny Alissa Wookie and the rest for all the great info everyday.

  4. Got my E.A.R.L an hour ago. Yes, I get the Social Butterfly message every day 🙂

  5. Woo less than 400 points to
    Mine can’t wait.

  6. I LOVE that you do these! And you include pics! I’ve actually started watching/ rewatching. I realized there’s some that I’ve missed from even the earlier seasons!

    • Thanks. It is one thing that I was determined to do when I joined the team. I went mad trying to remember where I saw something. Figured there has got to be others out there the same. So it helps refresh my memories as I go back and rewatch the entire episodes myself and catch even MORE stuff I forgot about. It’s fun for me. 🙂

  7. One of the best episodes ever !!

  8. Quimby, Wiggum. They’re both fat guys in blue, so totally interchangeable. 😉

    I’m pretty sure Chief Wiggum brought the insanity peppers. Mayor Quimby has far too much philandering to do to have time to hunt down special peppers just to foil Homer!

    Great post though – can’t wait to unlock E.A.R.L.

  9. We like short shorts……

    Great recap of great episodes earl is a great addition and free.

    • Thanks. That episode always cracked me up due to in the middle of the night that stupid commercial with the “We wear short shorts” song came on like every 5 minutes.

  10. Wow, you were busy doing this…how rude of me…thanks!!! 🙂

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