Tapped Out Walkthrough: Level 39 & Sanjay

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Well Level 39 has been in our Tapping Devices for about a week now and while we’ve had our Turbo Tappin’ (quick walkthrough) up since the update hit our games (check out the Level 39 Turbo Tappin’ Walkthrough here) we figured now would be a good time to show you all the full Level 39 dialogue as well.  So in case there was anything you missed when playing the level, or if you just want to know what to expect when you reach Level 39…here’s your chance to catch all of the humor!

So let’s get this walkthrough on the road shall we?

sanjayshouse_menu sanjay_menu

A Perfectly Cromulent Job Pt. 1
Dolph starts

Dolph: Stealing from the Kwik-E-Mart isn’t as easy as it used to be. They now have electronic tags on the electronic tags.
Nelson: It might be the years and years of stealing, but Apu: just doesn’t trust us like he used to.
Dolph: Wasn’t there another clerk at the Kwik-E-Mart? Kind of a younger, hipper, nicer, richer, more handsome version of Apu: ?
Apu: I’m standing right here!
Nelson: I remember him! Sanjay: ! He used to offer a Kwik-E-Mart delivery service for single mothers.
Dolph: I think that was only your mom
Build Sanjay’s House- 24hrs, $438,000 (Rewards 45,000xp)

A Perfectly Cromulent Job Pt. 2
Sanjay starts

Apu: Is that you Sanjay? Praise Ganesh! I thought I’d never see your handsome face again!
Sanjay: Oh Apu! My dear brother…
Apu: You know Sanjay, you’re nearly two years overdue for your shift at the Kwik-E-Mart.
Sanjay: I’ve only just arrived. Come have a drink with me to celebrate my reincarnation!
Apu: One drink. I’d make it two if you’d reincarnated into something more impressive – like a cow.
Make Sanjay and Apu Heartily Celebrate Sanjay’s Return– 45seconds, Rewards $3, 1xp (Apu needs to be free)
Apu: What an amazing 45 seconds! Now I need to get back to the Kwik-E-Mart. Since I can’t lock up the place, I have to leave a cardboard cut-out of me in charge.  And that cardboard cut-out gives way too many discounts for dented cans. It’s ruining my business!

A Perfectly Cromulent Job Pt. 3
Sanjay starts

Sanjay: Apu, you can’t keep running the Kwik-E-Mart all by yourself without any help.
Apu: The octuplets were a great help until they unionized.  I’ve thought about hiring an employee, but could not imagine one of the local buffoons running the place.
Homer: Help! Someone! Anyone! A raccoon ran away with my belt and I can’t chase it because my pants keep falling down!
Apu: *sigh*
Sanjay: While they might be idiots, they do seem to have perfect timing when you want to emphasize a point.
Apu: There is, however, one person I could trust to work for me.
Make Sanjay and Apu Negotiate Employment Contract– 5hrs, Rewards $200, 50xp (Requires Apu)

A Perfectly Cromulent Job Pt. 4
Sanjay starts

Sanjay: Alright Apu. I’ll accept your less than generous offer of employment… only in exchange for working a reasonable schedule.
Apu: You have my word Sanjay, I will do my best to keep all your shifts under 12 hours in length.
Make Sanjay Work a 16 Hour Shift- 16hrs, Rewards $500, 125xp
Sanjay: All work and no play makes Sanjay: a dull boy. All work and no play makes Sanjay a dull boy.  Aughh! Aisle four is a river of blood!  Oh wait, it’s just cherry flavored Squishee. The machine must be broken again. This job is really driving me crazy.
Moleman: Help me! I can’t swim AND I have type II diabetes.
Sanjay: I’m sorry, sir. But company policy clearly states that you must purchase something before I can save your life.

A Perfectly Cromulent Job Pt. 5
Sanjay starts

Sanjay: One day of work and I already hate my job.
Homer: Tell me about it. I skipped work today and it’s still all I hear about.  Nuclear meltdown on the radio, on the TV, from a guy in a hazmat suit in my living room. Yeesh.
Sanjay: Apu promised it would be different this time, but the only thing different is that it is a little worse.
Homer: This is America, Sanjay. Employers lie to employees, and employees take their revenge by getting drunk.  And by sometimes giving their friends free hot dogs.
Make Sanjay Drink with Homer– 8hrs, Rewards $275, 70xp (requires Homer)
Apu: *GASP* My store is without a clerk! Not even a cardboard one!  Oh I cannot believe it! A mere 16 hours into his first 12 hour shift and Sanjay: is already slacking off!  Doesn’t he realize that the American Dream applies to business owners, not their employees?  Just wait until I find you, Sanjay! You’ll get a talking-to that will sting for a lifetime‚ and two more lifetimes after that.  But where could he be? I’ll check his usual haunts ‚ the Kwik-E-Mart and India.  I really don’t know my brother very well.
After task is complete
Apu: There you are Sanjay: ! I’ve finally found you, you lazy goat of a man!
Homer: Well since I had absolutely *hic* nothing to do with this, I must be going
Apu: How dare you leave my store unattended! The magazines have all been read, and the “take a penny leave a penny” jar is practically empty!  This is as irresponsible as that time you ran off to become a sitar player.
Sanjay: I was the second best sitar player in the world! It just turns out that the world needed only ONE sitar player.
Apu: Well maybe I should offer the Kwik-E-Mart job to Ravi Shankar.  Joke’s on you, he’s dead! Not to mention he was a known pickpocket.

A Perfectly Cromulent Job Pt. 6
Sanjay starts

Sanjay: I’m about to say something a Nahasapeemapetilon has never said ‚ I quit! 
Apu: I’m about to say something a Nahasapeemapetilon has said many times – you’re fired!
Apu: Turn in your keys, your gun, and your ‚Employee of the Month‚ mug.
Sanjay: What are you going to do with that?
Apu: Probably get up on the roof and shoot at looters.
Sanjay: No, I meant the mug.
Apu: Target practice for shooting looters.
Sanjay: That’s how you treat the best employee you’ve ever had?
Apu: Oh, I would never be that mean to the cardboard cut-out.
Sanjay: Your heart is as cold as your defective Red Hots. I have no brother.
Apu: Then I will say goodbye to you as coldly as I do my customers‚  Thank you, come again!
Make Apu Fume- 16hrs, Rewards $500, 125xp
Make Sanjay Sulk- 16hrs, Rewards $500, 125xp

A Perfectly Cromulent Job Pt. 7
Sanjay starts

Sanjay: As the ancient saying goes: “Please buy more ancient saying cards for more ancient sayings.”  Argh! I hate the Kwik-E-Mart. Apu: has cheated me out of decent pay, reasonable hours, and now pre-packaged spirituality!  At least I still have my dignity, which I can party away on my own time.
Make Sanjay Party Like It’s on Sale for $19.99– 4hrs, Rewards $175, 45xp
Bart: What’s wrong Sanjay: ? Are you being attacked by bees?
Sanjay: No, I’m dancing!
Bart: I feel like those moves would look better if a thousand other Indians were doing them simultaneously.
Sanjay: A thousand dancers? I wish! But this is my life, not the set of an ultra-low budget Bollywood film. I dance to express myself.   How do you express yourself?  Paint a picture? Practice the ancient art of origami towel folding? Bart: Mostly I just cause millions of dollars worth of property damage

A Perfectly Cromulent Job Pt. 8
Sanjay starts

Sanjay: This is the new me! I’m seizing the now! Doing things I’ve always wanted to do.  For example, I’ve always wanted to ride a skateboard.
Bart: No such luck, dude. This skateboard’s mine. See, my name is written on it. Mart Crimpton? I learned nothing at Krusty’s Kalligraphy Kamp.
Sanjay: I’ve also always wanted to steal from a child.
Bart: Alright alright, you can borrow it.
Sanjay: I’m sure the Gods will someday reward your kindness.
Bart: I would prefer they reward me right now. With cash. From your wallet.
Sanjay: Got to go!
Make Sanjay Skateboard- 12hrs, Rewards $420, 100xp

A Perfectly Cromulent Job Pt. 9
Apu starts

Apu: I thought I had finally found someone to help run the Kwik-E-Mart, but it turns out I can’t even rely on my own family.
Homer: Preaching to the choir.  Maggie never shares her bottle. Marge refuses to let me eat in bed. And Liza is always claiming that I’m forgetting her name.
Apu: You mean Lisa?
Homer: Don’t get me started on Lisa. With her crazy ideas about global warming and her refusal to eat meat.
Apu: I, too, am a vegetarian.
Homer: Hahaha. No meat. Hahaha!  Thank you, Apu: . It’s good to laugh again. You really solved my problem.
Apu: But we were talking about my problem! Ugh, never mind.
Make Apu Work a 48hr Shift– 2days, Rewards $1000, 250xp 

A Perfectly Cromulent Job Pt. 10
Mr. Burns starts

Burns: Smithers!! Start cranking the automobile. We’re headed out on the town for a day of high-jinks, tomfoolery, and, time permitting, japery.
Smithers: Of course, Mr. Burns. Shall I pack the picnic basket and your promenading pants?
Burns: There will be no promenading where we’re going: the local Kwik-E-Mart.
Smithers: But that’s where the common man shops, sir. Men who didn’t meet Teddy Roosevelt.
Burns: I didn’t just meet him, I tried to kill him and stuff him!  Now do as I say or I’ll stuff you too!smithers Yes, sir!  And don’t forget that coupon insert ‚ no sense wasting pennies, especially while I’m saving up for that penny wasting machine.
Smithers: These discounts do seem too good to be true. Perhaps I’ll even pick up a few items.
Burns: You shop on your own time.
Make Smithers and Mr. Burns Shop ‘Till You Drop– 3hrs, Earns $135, 35xp (requires Smithers)
Apu: Mr. Burns sure wiped me out. I can’t believe Kwik-E-Mart corporate let such a promotion slide.  It’s like the Buy None Get One Free fiasco all over again.

A Perfectly Cromulent Job Pt. 11
Apu starts

Apu: Now let’s just hope that no one else sees that deal. Who am I kidding ‚Äì no one in Springfield reads the newspaper.
Brockman: This just in nobody reads about stunning Kwik-E-Mart promotion. Coming up, are your cats TOO cute?
Apu: Why does it sound like an overweight horde is headed my way?
Make Citizens Shop ‘Till You Drop– 3hrs, x 15.  Earns $135, 35xp non-premium characters, $200, 55xp premium characters.
Send 15 characters to shop at the Kwik-E-Mart for 3hrs.  Almost everyone in Springfield CAN do this.  So instead we’ll do a list of who CAN’T complete this task:
Apu, Sanjay, Manjula, Ghost Maude, Mr. Burns & Smithers.  (Non-Playable characters…of course and animals..Stampy and Jub)
Again this is a list of who CANNOT complete this quest.  All other characters CAN do this task…so you should have a ton to choose from.

A Perfectly Cromulent Job Pt. 12
Apu starts

Apu: I’d rather face a swarm of locusts than these deal-hungry demons.  At least the locusts wouldn’t try to pay in nickels and socks full of buttons.
Cletus: Those buttons be legal tender.
Make Apu Pray to Ganesh– 45seconds, Earns $3, 1xp

A Perfectly Cromulent Job Pt. 13
Apu starts

Apu: These coupons will be the death of me. I’ve been forced to sell products at their actual suggested retail price!  Passing these savings off to my loyal customers feels downright un-American.
Make Citizens Shop ‘Till You Drop– 3hrs, x10.  Earns $135, 35xp non-premium characters, $200, 55xp premium characters.
Send 10 characters this time to shop at the Kwik-E-Mart for 3hrs.  Almost everyone in Springfield CAN do this.  So instead we’ll do a list of who CAN’T complete this task:
Apu, Sanjay, Manjula, Ghost Maude, Mr. Burns & Smithers.  (Non-Playable characters…of course and animals..Stampy and Jub)
Again this is a list of who CANNOT complete this quest.  All other characters CAN do this task…so you should have a ton to choose from.
Apu: Thank you, never come again!

A Perfectly Cromulent Job Pt. 14
Apu starts

Apu: Empty shelves AND an empty cash register. I feel like I’ve been robbed.
Snake: Hands up, this is a robbery!
Apu: But I have nothing left to give.
Snake: Those are some good-looking pants!
Apu: *ACK!* *HURR!* *ARGH!* AIEEE! *Faint*
Make Apu Recuperate in the Hospital– 2days, Earns $1,000, 250xp 

A Perfectly Cromulent Job Pt. 15
Apu starts

Apu: So this is what relaxation feels like ‚Äì my back doesn’t hurt, my feet fit in my shoes, my stomach lining has returned.  I must make things right with my brother.
Dr. Hibbert: You’re currently staying in our Exhaustion Wing, which is usually occupied by our celebrity patients.
Krusty: I’d like my regular room and an IV please. I’ll be here until the bad press from those Nazi Mr. Teeny photos dies down.
Apu: All this for me?
Dr. Hibbert: We treated you to the VIP package of exhaustion care, no expense was spared.  Until we realized that your insurance only covers polio braces and Lamaze classes.  At which point every expense was spared… until your brother stepped in and paid all your bills.
Apu: Sanjay?! *gasp* I can’t believe he would pay all my bills after I fired him from the Kwik-E-Mart.
Dr. Hibbert: Hmmm‚ disbelief is a common symptom of exhaustion. Let’s call up your brother and see if he’ll pay for more tests.
Apu: I must make things right with my brother.
Make Apu & Sanjay Reconcile– 2hrs, Earns $110, 27xp  (requires Sanjay)
Apu: Sanjay, I have been a fool and am here to ask for your forgiveness.  I called you lazy, unreliable, and overweight, and I paid the ultimate price. I was punished by doing that which I love most: work.
Sanjay: You never called me overweight.
Apu: May you also find it in your heart to forgive me for talking behind your back. Your wide, expansive back.
Sanjay: Wouldn’t this apology be better with an offer of, oh, I don’t know ‚Äì a job?
Apu: Of course! Please come back to work for me! I’ll give you anything.
Sanjay: Anything?
Apu: Except decent pay, reasonable hours, vacation time, or benefits. But you can have all the mop water you want!
Sanjay: I accept! But only because your medical bills bankrupted me and I’m desperate.

A Perfectly Cromulent Job Pt. 16
Sanjay starts

Sanjay: It is good to be back Apu!
Apu: Do you really mean it?
Sanjay: Not at all.
Make Sanjay Work a 1 Hour Shift– 1hr, Earns $70, 17xp

And with that you’ve completed Level 39!

What did YOU think of the dialogue?  Did you enjoy Level 39?  How far have you gotten?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

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  1. So, I got to part 13 and said I was going to wait until after Christmas because of the Tunnels, well, I did some cleaning in my neighbor menu and when I got back, it auto started part 14 without any characters doing the task. Not complaining, but thought it would be interesting to share.

    • I got pt. 13 too then go to krustyland and after i get back it auto started pt. 14 and same with you i didn’t send any characters doing the task.

  2. I sent more than 10 people to shop til they drop and quest now says -49/10 to complete…

  3. Hi, its seems like I ran into a glitch. I made it onto pt. 10 on this level and Smithers has disappeared. It has been a couple days now and I still cannot locate him. Anybody run into this problem?

  4. LOL, I thought I was done with it days ago…only done up to #7…. 🙂

    • Alrighty then…I’ll take this fresh donut, the third since earl, and put it with the rest…160 of them now…hmmm, what can I buy…??? 🙂
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