Weekend Update: March 30th – April 5th

This is the song that never ends…it goes on and on my friends…some people started singing it not knowing what it was…and they’ll continue singing it forever just because…this is the song that never ends…it goes on and on my friends…some people started singing it not knowing what it was…and they’ll continue singing it forever just because…this is the song that never ends…

Weekend Update Addicts

Got the song stuck in your heads yet? You’re welcome! 🙂

Now, what you all came here for…ICE CREAM!!! … errr… I mean… ON WITH THE SHOW!!!

Last SATURDAY, Bunny put up the Springfield Showoff: Watcher In The Woods. Did you do something cool and forest like in your town?

SUNDAY: Bunny kicked it off with the background of where Sanjay came from within the Simpsons TV world in Mad Men of Springfield.

Alissa reminded you to make sure you watch the New Simpsons Episode: You Don’t Have To Live Like A Referee. She then wanted to get your thoughts and opinions during the live broadcast and anything else going on in the Sunday Night Open Thread.

MONDAY: Bunny hopped in during the wee early morning hours to recap of  the New Simpsons Episode: You Don’t Have To Live Like A Referee. Then she bounced back in to let you know Where Did THAT Come From: Apu’s Apartment.

Alissa let us all giggle and laugh ourselves in this weeks Caption This. Then she updated the changes that effected your Conform/Krust – O-Meters. Then she gave you some overall information to assist you in deciding Should I Spend Donuts on Apu’s Apartment with Manjula.

Wookiee gave us a lil peak into the Universal Theme Park and the origin of some cool new items for Krustyland in Where Did THAT Come From: Seven Duffs.

TUESDAY: Bunny started out the morning with another break down of Where Did That Come From: Sanjay’s House. Then she hopped back in with a fluffly lil Bunny that needed a home in the 2D Some Bunny to Wuv. Then she bounced back in to show us some fun stuff going on today around the internet in Mischievous Bunny’s Guide To April Fools.

The Addicts brought us some very serious information in EA Cracking Down On Hackers.

Alissa gave you the short short version of Turbo Tappin Manjula for those that want all the info in a lil amount of time. She then announced the winner for April in the Tapper Of The Month.

WEDNESDAY: Wookiee showed us all more cool pics from his Universal trip in the Where Did THAT Come From: Bumblebee Man Taco’s. He came back to give all you new tappers a lil taste of Whacking Day from 2013.

Alissa gave us the break down on the new FP Level 6 item E.A.R.L.

Bunny hopped in to let us know just Where Did That Come From E.A.R.L. Then she came back to brag about YOU, our readers, in this edition of From The Mouths of Addicts.

THURSDAY: Bunny likes to see what YOU do in your towns, so she reminded you to get those submissions in for this weeks Showoff: What Apartment Are You In.

Wookiee gave you a run down of the Ice God from the Holiday Event and also the Where Did THAT Come From: Shiva Statue.

FRIDAY: Wookiee rolled back in with some Silly Simpsons News: New Names in the Cafeteria.

Alissa gave us the full dialog for Level 39 with Tapped Out Walkthrough. Then came back with the Tapped Out Premium for Apu’s Apartment and Manjula.

SATURDAY: Oooh what sneaky lil tricks can I get up to today? You KNOW I’m gonna post some cool stuff for the Springfield Showoff. Got yours in? Tick tock tick tock. I’m putting them up tonight. HURRY HURRY!! 😛


So there you have it. The week all smashed into one neat and tidy lil post. Nice and convenient for you. Makes you wonder what is gonna come next, huh? What was YOUR favorite things that happened this week? Get E.A.R.L. yet? Buy Apu’s Apartment? Still tappin on those lil Leprechauns and making them run round your town? Tell me in the comments below.

Well I am off, apparently SOMEONE wants me to read them a bedtime story. How can you say no to that lil face?

Rub the Rabbit

Til next time…



45 responses to “Weekend Update: March 30th – April 5th

  1. Bunny, you’re always hopping around! Where to now? Wish I could travel more, put me in your suitcase!

  2. So, where can I get a copy of Rub the Rabbit? It is on the ‘must read’ list now.

  3. Hey is Tabi1980 in da house??? Tabi, your TSTOAddicts sign is really cool!!! 🙂

  4. Ohmeohmyso420

    I’ll check for it bunny. I’m about to eat my Chinese. Yum.
    Will it have (bunny) in the ID?

  5. HiDiddlyHomer

    Quick question. Does anyone here know just how unstable the game gets after you surpass the 4500 items limit? I can always lessen the amount of trees, but I don’t want to have to compromise the general design scheme of my town (which is pretty green) to save from a little slow loading. Just gauging.

    • I’m running bout 5200 right now. It’s a bit slow at times. Especially on pavement add/remove. I live on the edge though

      • HiDiddlyHomer

        You daredevil you! I think I’ll follow your lead and throw caution to the wind. After playing for 19 months, I’ve finally started building my town instead of dropping buildings randomly and saving up money (I was up to $35 million!) thanks to the incentive from your blog to show off my town. So thanks for giving me the virtual kick in the rear I so desperately needed.

        • Awww well you’re welcome. 😉
          Just be cautious and see how your device reacts to the extra items as you pass the threshold. People have been kicked out of their games and couldn’t get back in cuz too over loaded.

    • It depends on your device. My town is at about 5900 currently and just fine on my iPhone. A little slower on my galaxy S4 tab but still manageable.

      • I have no idea how many items I have. How does one figure that out short of physically counting every item.

      • Sweet! I haven’t had a warning yet even though my town Is filled to the brim and lags like a mofo when I go north. Good to know. Thanks, Wook.

      • thats great info for me with my iphone! Thanks Wookie for this post!

  6. Ohmeohmyso420

    Here’s E.A.R.L.


  7. Ohmeohmyso420

    I really really wish we could grow roses all the time. I could use about 50-100 of them.
    I’m putting finishing touches on my town.
    Need more variety on decor. (EA hint, hint).
    I’m now happy with my Squidport and made that lighthouse attractive.
    Krustyland is still on going. Once I have everything for it, then I’ll set it up the way I want.
    Want more roses… Sigh.

    • I know the feeling! But when I think about it, the rarity of them makes Valentine’s that much sweeter… Er… Lovelier.

    • I’m also waiting for dirt roads, random rocks, and a way to attach the rivers to the ocean.

  8. I was so proud of my soccer field/bleacher thing behind my high school… Until I just saw Bunny’s town. I was also proud of my apartment complex thing… Until I saw Bunny’s town. We had similar ideas, but she kicked the crap outta me.

    • Awwwww. Half my town is in shambles though. Most areas only partially finished. Lol.

      Thanks though 🙂

      • I know the feeling. I still have unfinished parts of my town too. Still your town is friggin awesome! I’ve never really been too interested in 2D in my town, but it’s always a treat to see awesome art in another’s town. To each their own, but I enjoy all.

      • Ohmeohmyso420

        I’d love to see your town one day. Even just for a lookie loo… Then you could delete me if you’d like.

  9. Has anyone else noticed a steep increase in the amount of “Frink” tagging by the game? Its enough to deal with my real friends, but this uptick is mui frustrating…

    • I think its a way of helping those new with FPs.

    • Yup – saw it for the first time ever a couple of days ago, hit me again the next day. Now that I have E.A.R.L safe in my inventory until I buy more water, he’ll hopefully chill out in my game.

  10. I’d like to give a shout out to MamaWookie! Thanks for those points! And of course to all my Tappereenos! I have joined the ranks of E.A.R.L. owners! Now for those delectible, sprinklie sweets!

  11. I’m going to be having a HUGE dumpster sale… 😉

    • Ohmeohmyso420

      I bet… How many do you have there now?

    • LOL! I bet!

    • I think I’ll have me one ah them “Buy 1, get 1 Free” $ales…I didn’t count…started out as…”how would it look as islands?”…had just won big at the dograce, thought, what the hell, couple three dumpsters…lol…It just didn’t come out like bunny’s water with her shark…

  12. I just want to brag about something… I just scored FIVE FRIGGIN FANTASTICALLY FREE, DOWNRIGHT DELECTABLY DELICIOUS DONUTS by visiting my friends!! Mmmmm premium currency.

    • sweet! Brag away! L)

    • Alright alright…I got four… 🙂 …at least you’re all calm and cool about it…lol

    • Awesome, congrats! I’ve never gotten five! Gotten four twice but usually get two or three on most days. Five is incredible. Love these bonus donuts. I was at 75 donuts when I got Stampy and maxed out FP lvl 5 couple weeks ago. Now at 136 donuts! I can buy my first premium building (though I’m still saving up for now).

    • Oooh, so it’s still working, hooray! I just hit level 7 a couple hours ago, and was a little worried something was changed since the FPs no longer appear – this was mitigated by the $101 I now get per action though, haha. I’ll keep an eye on my donut count – if it goes up at the same rates I’m seeing here, maybe Otto will get to move in earlier than I ever anticipated…

  13. Omg that pic with Maggie’s awesome! I think I had a zombie version of that book once… Mmm… Zombies…

    • Lol. Thanks. I saw it in an episode I was watching and just had to put me in place of the Bunny on the cover. It seemed like a silly fit. Lol. 😉

    • SaraMary!!! …was just in your town for tappping…looked and wandered around…and forgot I was there to tap…lol…love it!!! 🙂

  14. Looking for some new neighbors. I am relatively new but I play at least 2 times a day. Ellabella7671

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