Real Housewives of Springfield: Manjula Nahasapeemapetilon

Welcome Addicts to a new addition to our posts. In this little game of ours, we tend to forget those characters that are few and far between. We get so involved in the game, so into the latest events…that we sometimes forget to pay attention to the little things. The little details that make the Springfield world go around. The thing that seems to be really lacking/missing from Springfield.

What exactly is it I am going on about? What is so terribly important to the game that would draw such attention. WOMEN OF COURSE! To be a bit more specific, The Real Housewives of Springfield (and maybe a mistress or 3. Gotta have the drama aspect in any series, right?).

So keep your eyes on our blog as we take you on a new journey into the lives of each of the women currently and NOT currently available in the game.

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This week I am focusing on Manjula Nahasapeemapetilon. The spitfire, strong willed, but completely loyal wife. She has been put through quite a lot by her husband and the people in Springfield, but has still managed to keep her wits. Let’s start out with how she first was introduced to us in the Simpsons world and some of her first encounters with Apu.

Manjula Real Housewives

Season 7, Episode 23: Much Apu About Nothing
The people of Springfield are outraged at a bear wandering the town. So they all form a mob and go yell at the Mayor. He then puts in place a Bear tax, which then causes another mob to go yell at him. Of course he turns focus on the immigrants as the cause of the taxes and tries to pass a bill to get them deported. Homer, bragging about wanting to vote on 24 to rid them of immigrants, learns that if 24 is passed Apu will be deported as he is an immigrant. So he tells Apu he will miss him. He later is speaking to Marge and reflecting on when he left home. Here we see a very young Manjula by his parents side. He tells her goodbye and sorry their arrange marriage will not come to pass as he is going to America.

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Season 9, Episode 17: The Two Mrs. Nahasapeemapetilons
The Springfield Civic Center is hosting a Charity Bachelor Auction. No one seems worth bidding on at all. At the end, Marge points out Apu is a bachelor and is forced to go up on stage and tell everyone about himself. Doctorate in Computer Science, Hard worker, likes to listen, likes to cook, runs his own business…quite a ladies man. The single woman go wild and the bidding starts. Luann, Patty, Ms. Hoover, Ruth Powers, and one other woman end up pooling their money together and win the bid. Apu starts going out on a ton of fun filled dates with them and is having the time of his life, until a package with a lotus flower arrives at the Kwik-E-Mart. It is a reminder from his Mom that he is betroved. On Homer’s suggestion, he calls and lies to her he is already married…to Marge. Lol. His Mother arrives from India to see this new wife. Apu and Marge try desperately to play it off, but Apu finally tells the truth and is forced to marry the stranger he only saw when he was younger and she was very young. Marge and Homer offer to hold the wedding in their backyard. When his bride is finally revealed, Apu is pleasantly surprised that it is a VERY beautiful and exotic Manjula walking towards him. It looks like love at first site and the two are happily married.

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Season 10, Episode 14: I’m with Cupid
We see Apu calling Sanjay from his apartment to see how many pennies he has left in the “give a penny” at the Kwik-E-Mart. Apu freaks out when Sanjay says only seven and claims he will be right there, until Manjula takes the phone away and tells Sanjay Apu will not be there. She had already made plans with Marge for her and Homer to come to dinner. While eating, Manjula learns that it is NOT an American tradition to work 18hr shifts 7 days a week. She is very upset and has an argument behind closed…ummm…dangling beads. Lol. To try and make up for it, Apu figures he must “woo” her for Valentine’s Day. He starts by taking out an ad in the paper promising 7 days of love. His extravagent gift giving and loving gestures end up making all the other women in Springfield jealous. In the end, Manjula and Apu have a lovely serenaded evening on top of the Apartment courtesy of Elton John.

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Manjula is a great Mother as well. She has to be. Her entire lifetime of children was literally all dropped into her lap at once. 4 Boys; Anoop, Sandeep, Nabendu, and Gheet. 4 Girls; Sashi, Pria, Poonam, and Uma. Per Apu (when being told by Ned what a blessing they are), “Oh, they’re a ravenous swarm of locusts. Just eating and screaming and grabbing and poking and pulling and drooling and two have cradle rash. How do you get cradle rash when you sleep in a suitcase!?” Let’s look at when we first are introduced to them.

Season 11, Episode 7: Eight Misbehavin
The Simpsons are shopping at IKEA…errr…I mean SHǾP. Apu and Manjula are there too. Manjula sees lil Maggie and begins to giggle and play with her. She is a naturally with the lil cutie. The Simpsons can’t help but ask them…Are they going to have kids soon? Back at the apartment that night, Apu and Manjula decide they do want a child, and thus begin to try. The pregnancy tests crack me up. “Baby, Baby,…Lemon.” After a while of trying they check again. Baby, Baby,…Pirate?! Ooooh it’s wild which means that Manjula IS pregnant. months speed by in the Simpson world and Manjula’s water breaks at the Kwik-E-Mart. It is not until after she has given birth that anyone knows….OCTUPLETS? EIGHT BABIES???!!!


But how? Well it probably had something to do with everyone sneaking Manjula fertility drugs during the time she was trying to get pregnant including herself. Homer, Marge, Apu,…BART??!! Due to the amount of kids, they are celebrated and showered with help and free gifts from around the world. But then some Shelbyville woman had to go and have NINE babies. All the help and free stuff was gone in a blink of an eye.  They are exhausted from taking care of the babies. (You can see Apu “feeding” them in this episode like in his task.) Larry Kidkill from the Zoo shows up on their door and tells Apu to come with him. He wants to offer Apu a way to have the kids live in “luxury” and take them off his hands. “They’ll have the best of care.” Apu and Manjula decide to give it a try. It seems great at first, but the parents are pushed out and the kids turned into a side show for the crowd. Apu and Manjula are upset and try to take the babies back home. They are thrown out of the Zoo and may never see their kids again. Apu takes the law into his own hands and breaks back into the Zoo with Homer to take them back. The Zoo owner follows them back to the Simpsons. Homer offers himself in the Octuplets place for the show at the Zoo.



Apu and Manjula also have had a lot of marital issues. Including Apu’s infidelity. But through it all, she still dearly loves her man and sticks by his side. Here are a few times they have had “bumps” in the marriage.

Season 13, Episode 19: The Sweetest Apu
Apu is run down and tired of his Octuplets and unloving wife. He ends up turning his wandering eye to the Squishee lady, Annette. Homer finds out that Apu is cheating on Manjula when he tries to return his dented empty beer keg to the Kwik-E-Mart. After a bad nightmare of the encounter, Homer decides he needs to confront Apu. Apu refuses to stop the affair and Manjula, who suspects something and watches the security tapes for the store, kicks Apu out of the apartment. Later at her divorce lawyers office, she realizes she still loves Apu. She goes home to the apartment and her kids. Marge convinces her to take Apu back, by making him suffer and complete a list of tasks she has made up.
-Break up with Squishee Girl
-Lose Weight
-Get Cartoon published in The New Yorker
-Legally change name to “Slime Q. Slimedog
-Wear nametag that says same
-Fix carburetor
-Eat light bulb
-“My Fair Lady” production with an all-octuplet cast


Season 21, Episode 21: Moe Letter Blues
It is Mother’s Day in Springfield and the woman, along with Krusty, are encouraging the men to go on a cruise to Weasel Island. (And you thought Kamp Krusty was a sad place.) As they are leaving, a letter arrives from Moe addressed to Lovejoy, Homer, and Apu. Moe claims that one of their wives is going to leave them for him. During one of the flashbacks, Apu and Manjula are seen arguing outside the apartment as one of the Octuplets got left behind at Moe’s when they were trying to find a warm place to get out of the rain. As the men arrive back home worried who it will be, Apu seems to be the one that is going to have Manjula leave. Instead, he finds that Moe set the entire thing up. Listening to all the problems the men were having with their wives, he tried to do something to help the stay together. Apu again promises Manjula he will be better.

Manjula 2



Thanks to Level 39 and Apu’s Apartment, we now have Manjula in our silly lil games. Of course a new character means brand new tasks to have fun with. Here are all the new ones brought with her. (Some you can see within the episodes above.)

Manjula’s Tasks

Task Task Length Payout Building
Reunite the Family 1hr $105, 26xp Apu’s Apartment, Requires Apu
Consider Apu’s Worth as a Husband 4 hrs $260, 70xp Outside
Look After the Octuplets 8hrs $240, 105xp Outside
Kwik-E-Mart 12hr Shift 12hrs $600, 150xp Kwik-E-Mart
Get Away From It All 24 hrs $1,000, 225xp Kwik-E-Mart Requires Apu

So another woman in our game. Another husband that now has his wife back. A happy lil me to get her into the game finally. What did you think of EA bringing her into the game? Wish it was another woman/wife instead? If so, who? Did you buy Apu’s Apartment to get her? What do you think of all her tasks? Have a favorite? Sound off in the comments below.

Until Next Time…

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16 responses to “Real Housewives of Springfield: Manjula Nahasapeemapetilon

  1. I think its absolutely ridiculous that every time a female character is brought into this game shes a premium item that is super expensive! Milhouse’s mom and now Manjula. For us players who cant afford to buy donuts and have to earn them by leveling up or when EA decides to be generous its a major letdown. I would really like some more women in my town but certainly don’t have 300 donuts to spend on it!

    • It’s all a matter of so many folks clamoring for them both that EA knew they could make money on them. At least Mindy was freemium during Valentine’s.

  2. manjula is my top 3 ladies of Springfield ….. As a couple They are Homer and Marge’s closest friends they have dinner together, play badminton…

  3. She’s not very likeable, is she.

  4. I love having her. I wish her one hour task didn’t tie up Apu and hide her away in a building, but I love watching her walk around my Springfield in her red Sari, evaluating Apu’s worth as a husband or walking the octuplets (at least she gets that cool stroller!). Only thing missing is her voice…

  5. I love that she is here! On a side note, i visited 53 friends and picked up 3 Donuts! 🙂

  6. Indian chicks are HOT…I think it’s okay for me to say that, my being part Cherokee…lol… 😉 …of course the hottest in any race or culture are the ones that don’t know they’re hot… 🙂

    Woohoo…another day, another donut or three…!!! 🙂

    • Hiya Freak! Love the new 2D! Finished my rounds for the day and picked up 6 sweets! Reckon i got lucky there cause thats the most since this FP thing started.

      • 6 in one pass through your friends in a day??? Two is the most I’ve gotten…I mentioned 3 above just hoping, but none today…cause you got ’em!!! 🙂

    • Oh and Yep, the ones that don’t know are! 🙂

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