Silly Simpsons: Springfield, Springfield, it’s a hell of Town!

What’s up my friends?  Probably should have added the words “to find” at the end of the title but oh well, you’ll see where I’m going with this post.

tsto springfieldsign

Wookiee back with another edition of Silly Simpsons inspired by reader Lorennac.  In the Open Thread on the Sunday before St. Paddy’s day, she mentioned the “true” location of Springfield and how she was happy Matt Groening had finally revealed its location as Springfield, Oregon.  Here’s the article with Smithsonian Magazine she’s referencing.

Had you seen this?  Well, Matt Groening later recanted the location.

Make up your mind Matt!  j/k  Also cool to note that Simpsons showrunner Mike Scully (Seasons 9-12) is from West Springfield, Massachusetts.  I think it is funny that folks really want Springfield to be in their state so I was curious and actually looked up all the Springfields in the United States.  Knowing that most folks don’t want to read a long list, I also made a little graphic showing all the Springfields.  Below the image is the list for anyone so inclined (special props to Wikipedia and Oogle who made this nerdiness possible)

US Map

  • Springfield, Alabama
  • Springfield, Arkansas
  • Springfield, California, an unincorporated community, formerly a Gold Rush Boomtown
  • Springfield, Colorado
  • Springfield, Florida
  • Springfield, Georgia
  • Springfield, Idaho
  • Springfield, Illinois, the state capital of Illinois
  • Springfield, Indiana, an unincorporated community
  • Springfield, Kansas, a ghost town in Seward County
  • Springfield, Kentucky
  • Springfield, Louisiana
  • Springfield, Maine
  • Springfield, Massachusetts, the first Springfield settled in America
  • Springfield, Michigan, a city in Calhoun County
  • Springfield, Minnesota, in Brown County Motto: We have a lot to share!
  • Springfield, Missouri, the most populous Springfield in the United States
  • Springfield, Nebraska
  • Springfield, New Hampshire
  • Springfield Township, Burlington County, New Jersey
  • Springfield Township, Union County, New Jersey
  • Springfield, New York
  • Springfield, Ohio
  • Springfield, Oregon
  • Springfield Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania
  • Springfield Township, Bucks County, Pennsylvania
  • Springfield Township, Delaware County, Pennsylvania
  • Springfield Township, Erie County, Pennsylvania
  • Springfield Township, Fayette County, Pennsylvania
  • Springfield Township, Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania
  • Springfield Township, Mercer County, Pennsylvania
  • Springfield Township, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania
  • Springfield Township, York County, Pennsylvania
  • Springfield, South Carolina
  • Springfield, South Dakota
  • Springfield, Tennessee
  • Springfield, Texas, Jim Wells County
  • Springfield, Limestone County, Texas, former town and county seat, now part of Fort Parker State Park
  • Springfield, Vermont
  • Springfield, Virginia
  • Springfield, West Virginia
  • Springfield, Dane County, Wisconsin
  • Springfield, Jackson County, Wisconsin
  • Springfield, Marquette County, Wisconsin
  • Springfield, St. Croix County, Wisconsin
  • Springfield, Walworth County, Wisconsin

Wowza… that’s a lot of Springfields!  It has to be noted that the Homers cover the area where the town would be but that this map is not exact.  Any errors are entirely the authors fault.  In fact, there’s one complete error on the map.  If you can point it out to me, I will write about whatever you want or make a 2D, your choice.  Even with the one minor error, I like the map and hope you do too.  Just glad it didn’t turn out like this one.

homers across America

Anyone else find it silly that that Pennsylvania has 9 Springfield Townships, Wisconsin has 5 Springfields and New Jersey has two Springfield Townships?  I have to think that there are some really confusing “away” games for some high schools lol.

I think we all know that Springfield is really just Anytown, USA.  I think this is summed up nicely by the chalkboard gag in “Beware My Cheating Bart” (S23:E18).

True Location of Springfield

Also pretty cool that I found out there are Springfields in Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa and the United Kingdom.

Any thoughts on all this?  We all know Springfield has crazy geography.  Its two area codes are shared with Missouri (636) and Puerto Rico (939).  No matter what, it is a perfect place for the Best. Show. Ever. to take place and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  Y’all stay classy as usual.

TTFN… Wookiee out!

33 responses to “Silly Simpsons: Springfield, Springfield, it’s a hell of Town!

  1. Springfield, Springfield, it’s a hell of a town!
    The schoolyard’s up and the shopping mall’s down!
    The stray dogs go to the animal pound…

    In The Simpsons Movie, Flanders tells Bart that Springfield borders four states: Ohio, Nevada, Maine and Kentucky. Good luck finding a state that borders all four.

    • Great song. My favorite part is when the sailor pops in and sings “New York New York”… “New York’s that a way…” I loved that scene in the movie.

  2. Springfield, VT hosted the official premier of the Simpsons movie.

  3. The real location of Springfield HAS to be Michigan. It’s the only location with a Shelbyville even remotely nearby. Plus, being near Lake Michigan, it wouldn’t be that strange for it to have a port near it.

    • philipstarkes

      BUT, when Homer meets his bro Herb, he lives in Detroit, and closing the episode it shows the family passing a “Now Leaving Michigan” sign..

  4. how the heck can one determine that with all those Homer heads?? Anyway congrats again!! i never would of figured that out!!!

  5. Schneiper1988

    Hehe, when I drove through Christchurch I remember that I turned arounded to take a photo of the traffic sign. 😀 Just so hard to find among those thousands of photos. :-/

  6. My avatar is a selfie taken outside Max’s.

  7. yeah man cough it up or we will take a dirt devil and clean the cheeto dust off your furry self lol

  8. Oh, the suspense… Spill the beans Wookiee Man. 😉

  9. 1 too many in Kansas?

  10. think it is the northern california area

  11. i think the mistake is up around the northwest area! not sure of the exact state but to me it looks like the young twins!

  12. Did Pennsylvania just go nuts for Springfields??? 🙂

  13. Colorado’s missing. That or covered in a cloud of smoke…

  14. Is the error with the map the fact that Massachusetts, New Jersey, and Maryland are labeled in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean?

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