Episode Recap: Days Of Future Future

Woohoo another Sunday night and another New Simpsons Episode. So sit back, relax, and get comfy on your red couch while we go through another fun episode…DAYS OF FUTURE FUTURE. (I bet you can’t guess who is gonna die.)

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Lol. Martin hanging from the flagpole with an Epic Wedgie opens the title while that crazy 3 eyed crow squawks on by.


The episode begins with Marge waking up in the morning minus Homer in the bed. She goes downstairs to find the place a complete disaster with pizza boxes, cereal, and milk everywhere (I think Fuzzballs been there). She hopes it was just a bear that had got into the house. To her dismay, no. It was just Homer and his “snacking”.

Marge is gravely concerned at how unhealthy Homer is eating. Though he thinks he is healthy as a horse. She pleads with him to just ease up on the eating after 3am. (WHAT THE??!! I guess I can’t complain too much, but that is just because I usually don’t eat or forget during the day, so I eat a light snack at night. NOTHING like Homer.)

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Homer is determined to make a change. He heads up the stairs to go take Marge in his arms and tell her he is going to change his ways. He almost makes it to the top when his body ceases up, he tumbles down the stairs, and lands at the bottom and passes out.

Cut to the First Church of Springfield with the sign outside, “HOMER SIMPSON FUNERAL– WE TOLD YOU SO.” Inside, Homer lays in a casket while Lovejoy gives the eulogy. “Beloved Father, Husband, and poorly informed Sports Fan.” Lenny and Carl are in the pews wearing the signature black band around their left arms.

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Moe approaches “Midge” to give his condolences, and of course uses it as an opportunity to make advances on her. After an honorable period of grief of course. He gives her his card. “Moe Szyslak. Normal Person.” (Keep telling yourself that Moe. Lol.)

Just then Professor Frink rushes in to stop with the wailing and the gnashing and the….Homer is NOT dead. He has made a copy. Marge is happy but curious. Frink explains he put all of Homer’s memories into the clone. Frink wanted to clone a sheep, but wanted to start with something simpler instead. The family is really happy. Lisa is grateful that he is back just in time for her recital. (#2 mumbles, “someone kill me”.) Now he has a 2nd chance to live a healthier life…

…for a day. Back to the Church. “HOMER SIMPSON CLONE FUNERAL. PREVIOUS DONATIONS HONORED.” He sure loved potato salad. Moe is right back at it again with his new card. “Will Wear Bag Over Head.” Just then #3 bursts through the doors with Frink. High fives all around. He can die all he wants. Frink has tons of him.


(Love the music playing. Talking Heads-Once In A Lifetime. How fitting. Lol.) Homer #3 is being buried and #4 slips and falls onto the casket as it is being lowered into the ground. The family is sitting at the kitchen table as #5 electrocutes himself while trying to get some toast out of the toaster. #6 steps in and eats the toast (not sure what happened to him). #7 is lying in the Hospital, the family noticeably older now. Dr. Hibbert tells Homer clone no solid food for two weeks. So #7 pulls the plug.

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At COSTLO, #73 is piling up all the bodies of MANY clones before him in the aisle. He climbs up them to get to a giant can of Bulk Pop Corn, has a jammer, and falls to the bottom.

It is now 30 years into the future, back at the Church again. Larry and Carl. Eulogy. Lisa is married to Milhouse. No sign of Maggie. Bart and two lil boys. Marge. Yadda Yadda. Time for the Crematorium Bot. Just as it tosses the latest Homer Clone and casket in, you hear a tapping and a, “WAIT A MINUTE!!” Meh, on with the burn. The Cremo Bot turns its attention to sleeping Grampa, but Lisa pulls him away. Lovejoy tells the bot to not go too far.

Moe shows up, flowers in hand. Marge asks if they’re doing this again. He is annoyed. He is not getting his hopes up again. Marge and her Immortal husband can go take a flying leap. Frink cuts in to notify the family that this time he is not able to bring Homer back to life. (Should have waited 5 more minutes Moe. Lol.)

No worries, all is not lost. Frink was able to download Homer into a flash drive. TV Homer is a bit annoyed he has no body. Frink yells at him for using up all his clones. Fat fat fat fat fat reckless fat pig. He is just going to have to get used to just being a TV screen now. (I think he likes the bouncing all over screensaver mode though.) Marge does not seem to be happy about it though.

Back at the Simpsons, Homer gets a nice cozy place right over the mantle. Of course with all the technology, he can move to pretty much any location in the house he wants by jumping from picture screen to TV to monitor. He can even play “Goody Gobble”. (What is it with crazy men and their ridiculous obsession with candy games.) Unfortunately, even computer Homer can get fat from the computer games. So same issue. He tells Marge he needs to be rebooted. This was the last straw. Marge is throwing Homer out. He can go live with his no good son, Bart, that hasn’t done anything for 30 years.

Jump to Bart’s. Springfield Elementary turned into The Lofts at Springfield Elementary. Too bad putting Homer into 3D doesn’t really do more than make him a transparent image that can stick out of the screen. His attempts to choke hold Bart just won’t work.

OOOOooooh I do like the idea that if you want to go to someone’s place, open the pill into a phone, a few simple taps of the phone app, turning the phone into a giant door, then ringing the bell. Teleportation in a whole different way. (Looks like the Ex is married to some weird bug looking creature. Very District 9 mixed with Alien.)

Bart is saddened to send the boys off with their mom to go camping. It was THEIR thing, or so he thought. He could really use some fatherly advice from Homer. But it looks as though he has frakked out again.

At the Cretaceous Park (Now Correctly Named), looks like it is feeding time to the predator dinosaurs. Oh goody, nothing like watching a goat feeding…just like in Jurassic Park. At least Bart has a “great” job and gets to clean up after the feeding. Even better, Nelson is his boss. He tries to cheer Bart up by pointing out he gets to work with dinosaurs. He even offers to hook him up with some of the adult dancers his Mom works with. His **gulp** 87 yr old Mom. With no more social security, she can’t afford to retire.

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Lisa is working at the Zombie rescue mission. OH MAN…WE MISSED THE ZOMBIE INVASION??!! She is serving up brain substitute for Zombie Vegans or Zegans. (I just hope they still have Twinkies.)

Looks like Lard Lad got in shape. It is now the Hard Lad. A buffer looking guy holding up a hottie in his hand instead of a donut. Bart and Nelson are inside. Bart is trying to get up the nerve to approach some girls. It has been two years since the divorce. Nelson hooks up right away by offering a girl to’ “Smell yah later”, she said smell her now.

Bart ends up getting tossed out for bumming out the other clubbers. Not to mention he had a goat beard stuck to his shoe. He ends up at an Adult Skateboard kiosk, for people who used to be cool, and gets one. He starts to go down the road and zaps out and in to go past a passed out Barney. He stops at a sign that gets his attention. Some great targeted advertising. So he heads on in to “MOVING ON, give yourself a PRESENT… escape from the PAST.”

The places reminds me of Total Recall or Vanilla Sky. It only took a few seconds and ZAP…no more sad memories of Jenda and Bart is over her.

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Back at the Hospital, Hibbert is fixing up Milhouse after his unfortunate run in with a biting Zombie where Lisa was working. It’ll take a few weeks to cure him, but until then…he will experience some zombieism.

Back to Bart’s loft. He wakes up to see he is in bed with a not bad looking lady. She is a lil creeped out by the frozen Homer screensaver staring off into space. As they are kissing, Bart realizes Homer is watching them. EWWWWWWWWWWWWW.


(music courtesy of Beastie Boys-Girls). Bart with a Brunette. Bart with a blonde. Bart with a red head. Bart with…WHAT THE…Ms. Hoover??!! Some purple octopus looking woman. Looks like some mixed offspring of Kang & Kodos. Bart with another brunette and Krusty and another Brown haired girl and LOTS of clowns. WHOA!! Beppo, Boppo, Frenchie, Emmett Kelly the 9th, Insane Clown Poppy, Commodore Tee Hee.

Back to Lisa and currently Zombie Milhouse, outside of Swapper Jacks’s (where they picked up some Garden Variety Brains) they are held up by the now grown Bullies (who seem to have a light saber knife??!! Cool!) Looks like it’s Ralphie the cop to the rescue. “What seems to be the whoopsie here?” Milhouse literally uses Ralphie to beat up the Bullies. “Yaaaah, I’m fighting crime.” Lisa is kinda turned on by all this as the old Milhouse would have run scared from them or have an asthma attack. Back at their house, Milhouse seems to be cooking up some bully brains for dinner. MMMmmmm BRAAAAAAAAAAAAINS!!

Bart is back at the Simpsons talking to Marge. (Funny thing, it seems there are yellow post it notes stuck to all the photo screens covering Homer’s face.) Bart is trying to explain to her just how much Homer misses her. She is coming to realize all the things he has blamed on raccoons over the years are most likely his fault.  Bart has brought Homer with him…or so he thought. He must have recorded over him. (Is that possible?) He wants her to admit that she was excited at the thought of seeing him. It is natural to miss a man you buried 127 times. (And you thought 10 graves were a lot.)

Back to the Lofts again. Bart is going through a collection of pics. I giggle that it seems he has dated EVA from WALL-E, An Ape from Planet of the Apes, Queen Amidala, A slave girl from Orion, and one of the creatures from Avatar… to name a few. Lol. As he is looking through them, a box is teleported in with Homer’s robot body. Looks like they shipped his junk separately. Lol. Bart’s Ex door appears and his kids come hover Scooter boarding through. They are happy, but point out their Mom is sad because Jerry (the alien boyfriend) moved out. She is crying. She thought he was the one. Put in a salt water tank for him to shed his exo-skeleton in and all. Bart comforts her. She thanks Bart for his kind words but points out he doesn’t have to pretend. He explains he is not. He has really grown. She asks him out, so Bart asks Homer (no floating in a tank with a Blinky fish) to watch the kids for him. Bart puts Homer’s head on the table to “watch” the kids. Homer sends his robot body to Moe’s to literally fill up on beer. Barney is there and points out how quiet Homer is. (Can’t really say much with just a body.)

At the Guilded Truffle it seems EVERYONE is there. Ralphie with a robot from Futurama, Sea Captain with some Abyss looking creature, even Skinner with the corpse of his Mommy (Bates Motelish?) Awww looks like Maggie and Baby…errr…now grown up Gerald Samson (Longest Daycare and opening credits) are sucking down a Martini together. Now who wants to guess where the robot busboy comes from? Bart and Jenda are enjoying a great evening. Squeaky Voice Teen turned Man is their waiter. Bart even asks him when his voice is going to change. He just moans and walks away. Looks like the two are getting reacquainted with some old feelings. Ay Carumba!

Lol, the Lofts have a statue of Groundskeeper Willie outside. “Eaten by Boiler Room Rats.” Now THAT would have been funny to get in our towns. Homer is outside with Bart’s boys letting them beat the heck out of him with bats. Then, as any good Grampa would do, let them dump gas on him and light him on fire. Now he looks all Terminator. Of course he freaks them out by saying, “Terminate.” Just then, Santa’s Little Hybrid comes along. (So, CatDog? Lol. Talking and all.)

Bart and Jenda sit the boys down in the Loft to explain their lives are about to change a lil. The boys know that means it isn’t a good thing. She explains they are going to try to make the relationship work again…like the classic rock band who’s hold out member finally needs money. Bart of course opts to stay home and take care of the boys while Jenna works. (Wait a minute…JAR JAR on the cereal…errrr…Jim Jam as they called him. BLAH I SAY!!) Google needs her help hunting down the self driving cars that turned evil. Cut to poor Grampa Simpson desperately needing the restroom, but the self driving car just keeps on going. They argue.

Bart does still work though, at the Park with the dinosaurs. Amusing the crowds with hi-jinx from the dinosaurs. Awwwww T-Rex has a Teddy Bear. He tries to get him to juggle, but those lil tiny arms. As the crowd laughs, a big tear rolls down the T-Rex’ face. Awwwww 🙁 . Milhouse and Lisa are in the crowd. Dr Hibber too. He points out that Milhouse missed his appointment for the anti zombie injection, but Hibbert is supposed to be in surgery too…so they both played hookie. Looks like Lisa likes this new kind of Milhouse. If she doesn’t bring him in by tomorrow, he will never return to his old self. Lisa likes this Zombie Milhouse a LOT.

Back at the house, looks like the boring old married life is back to usual with Bart and Jenda. She is going on about losing an earring in teleport that is now in Florida. Bart is pretending to listen while he is “lensing” a game. (OOOoooh a TV in your head?) Bart points out her fidgeting fingers gave away that she isn’t listening to him either. She is texting. Looks like nothing has changed at all between them.

Bart heads to Moe for a drink. Looks like Lisa has beat him there. She is drinking away her dilemma of trying to decide whether to make Milhouse human again or not. She even prefers his rotting meat smell. o.O WHOA!! Marge is there too? Hidden conveniently behind a shrub as tall as her hair on the table. Lol. She points out they have no idea what a rough marriage is. They want to know her secret. How did she stay with Homer for so long? Bart points out that until he was 8 years old, he thought Homer was a magical gorilla. Lol. She just says when you make a decision with your heart, you stick with it. Even Moe is taking care of Duff Man in his old age.

Lisa asks if this means she is going to take Homer back. She states that she is in fact going to join him forever…as she electrocutes herself and transfers into the TV screen with him. They can even play Goody Gobble together…errrr…Homer just ate Marge’s lil  head. HEY NOW HOMER….MARGE IS NOT A CANDY!! Moe can’t tell if that was love, suicide, or a really boring video game.

Back at Dr. Hibbert’s, Milhouse is now just fine. No zombie left in him what so ever. Lisa seems quite disappointed by that. To test it out, he even waves a juicy brain in front of him causing Milhouse to faint.

Back at the house, Bart is explaining to Jenda, on the TV screen, that it just isn’t working out. She agrees. That’s why she started to see Jerry again without telling him.


Bart is back in the chair at Moving On. Everything he just experienced was just a neural implant she put in his temporal lobe. He tells her to look at his profile. (She has to explain it in small words, like he is a child.) It was all a dream and now he can go home. He just wants to make sure he is cured. She explains they treat a lot of people with obsessions…like Disco…errrr…Nothing Stu. Even Ol’ Gil needs a fresh new start…since just being there…that morning. Lol.

Back in the Simpsons basement…HEY…BIG UGLY HEAD!!! Anywho…back in the basement, it looks like after 35 years, they finally got Homer right.

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Bart tells Lisa that in case her and Milhouse don’t work out he knows a place that can help her. She points out Milhouse was cured in his dream. There is no cure for Zombies, so things are great.

Woohoo!! They are gonna do our Mad Men of Springfield Episode. Lol 🙂

Pretty cool episode with a lot of hidden moments and jokes. A lot of geek references that made me giggle. What did YOU think of it? Did you understand why we got all those graves now? What moments were YOUR favorite? What stood out to YOU? Sound off in the comments below.

Until Next Time…

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  1. Nice recap Lite-Brite 🙂
    I really enjoyed this episode – especially Dr. Hibbert rocking Simon Phoenix hair… https://www.flickr.com/photos/drewdabble/13873438144/

  2. Tapper for life

    I experienced a small nerd gams when I saw the Olmec head in the basement ^.^ I can’t be the only one who did.

  3. Aside from the sadness of this episode, and Bart turning out like me, it was chuck full of stuff!!!
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  4. I would tap friends like crazy to earn 5000 or even 10000 points to get a dinosaur with teddy bear to walk around my town and shed a tear when tapped. Just sayin… that was awesome.

  5. Hey bunny…. where would someone like me watch these episode? Online? I’m in the UK, no subscription to sky, therefore no FOX. All that’s available to me is the odd old episode about twice a week…. would love to start watching weekly again as is been years since I lived at my Mother’s haha with sky one.. happy tapping

    • Well I’m not fluffy but I might be able to help 😉
      I know they air on Hulu Plus and Fox set up another site to show them, you can find Wookiee’s Post on it here. But not sure if those will work in the UK or not. So if any of our UK readers have any tips please feel free to chime in too 🙂

  6. His eyebrows freak me out, they remind me of unibrow from Austin Powers LOL. Great recap Bunny! Feels like I was there 😉

  7. Maggie was probably M.I.A. because her band for which she’s the lead singer must have been touring. (Reference to the Hugh Grant/Hugh Parkfield future episode)

    • That or getting bored with the continuous deaths and figured no need to go to yet ANOTHER one. She did reappear though. THAT made me giggle. Her and “eyebrows” baby. Lol. (Gerald Samson)

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