Hey Addicts, Caption This!

Sometimes TSTO gives us humorous little moments when we capture our characters doing rather strange things.  These posts are all about those strange and funny moments! Twice a week we’ll be posting a Caption This! moment where we want you, the Addicts readers, to put on your writing caps and come up with what you think is happening in the screenshot. Post your captions in the comments below. We can’t wait to see how creative and funny you guys can be!

Hey Addicts… Caption This!
(This week’s Caption This image was submitted by Addicts reader Jack E)


If you’ve got an image you’d like to submit for a “Caption this!” post, email it to us at TSTOAddictsblog@gmail.com or post it on the Addicts Flickr page, you never know when yours might be next!

30 responses to “Hey Addicts, Caption This!

  1. Running one of the franchises has it’s perks.

  2. Alissa, great choice!

    “I know I cheated, but please don’t strike me dead, please don’t strike me dead, pl…”

    • It just seemed to fit this week lol

      • Definitely, I totally spaced out Sunday was Easter, we aren’t having ours until the next Sunday because my grandson is going to… well I’m meeting his mom in Riverside, half way, so he can spend it with them. Should I throw out a case of Cheetos for Wookiee while there, they gotta be cheaper in AZ than Cali? LOL

        • Don’t know the cost comparison. As long as they’re cheesy and delicious, I’m happy.

          • OK, they’ll be behind the TA on Dillon in Coachella at 11am Friday LOL.

            I’ll make sure I write “May only be opened by a big hairy Wookiee” on the box 😉

            • Why am I laughing because that could describe any number of men in Coachella? As long as someone’s not hungry and has cheesy fingers, I’m happy.

              • Making me literally LOL again, as if my kids don’t think I’m nuts already. They must think I’m talking on the phone to someone who I only reply to with laughs.

                I’ve never been to Coachella, should I be packing? just say yes… and to pack lots of beef jerky & Coors LOL

              • I’d add a change of clothes but sounds like you’re ready lol. Can’t go wrong with sunscreen and water as well. The line-up for the fest looks great. Have fun!

              • LOL, the beef jerky & beer is to ward off the weirdos. I was just going to throw it out the window at them 😉

                Don’t know what the drive will be like, it’s been a while since I’ve taken a road trip, but I guarantee I’ll be singing my loudest, lousy voice & all, all the way back home. My commute is only 7 minutes, I kind of miss having to drive “into town” for work, it was my singin’ time 🙂

  3. “Hhhmmmmm…easier than I thought”

  4. After talking to Marty Mcfly…Rev. Lovejoy’s technology helped him walk on water.

  5. See, if I wad thought of this 2000 years ago, I would have been worshiped. Now look. People are paying as little attention to me now as they do in church.

  6. Unbeknownst to his fellow Springfieldians, Lovejoy’s little prank worked. “Now they will pay attention to me”, he thought as he walked across the rocks he placed last nite.

  7. Lovejoy 3:16 – And that’s the bottom line, cause Lovejoy did so!

  8. If I had know how easy this was I would have done it years ago!

  9. If I could only find some holy water…

  10. If only I could come up with some good sermon ideas…

  11. Best pic ever!

  12. “Jesus can do it, why can’t I”

  13. Awesome pic!

  14. Walking on water? Praise Jebus!

  15. Thanks alissa

  16. Alright it made it on! The Reverend pulls out a miracle as he watches over for any signs of evil…. Bob perhaps?

  17. Rev. Lovejoy stubbornly refused to let mere laws of nature dictated what he could or couldn’t do…

  18. Whoa! The Second Coming!!!

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