Wookiee Live Interview with The Adipose

Hey hey hey.

So, this past weekend I got the chance to do a livestream with one of my friends from TSTO.  You may have heard of him or seen his youtube videos or heard one of us talk about him here or on TOuk.  He is of course, the one, the only, the Adipose.

Adipose  Adipose 7

You may remember a Whovian inspired image but recently the Adipose has changed it to more of a cellular looking character similar to Bunny’s favorite tiny microbes.  Makes sense to me because his livestreams are from “The Fat Cell”.

How’d I get on the show?  Well, duh… I’m kind of a big deal… totally kidding. Really as simple as I am the guy who teases people he is cool with.  I actually have been writing down notes of some of the hilarious things Adi says during his live streams for a while.  (you can see these notes on TOuk here)  Adi likes the jokes and this ended up with an invitation to join him and I did this past Saturday and it was a ton of fun.  The entire stream focused on designing the Tunnel of Love in Krustyland.  We got to chat about TSTO, Star Wars, 2D, Easter and other stuff.  I can neither confirm or deny a Yoda and Chewbacca impression happening during the course of our convo.

Here’s the video. The whole thing is fun but if you’re pressed for time, yours truly (and what I sound like) is present at around the 27-54 minute mark.

If you like this, Adi has a ton of mytube videos you can find here.  He does livestreams on Simpsons design every saturday on twitch.tv at 9PM GMT. Here’s the link for those.

My favorite thing about all his stuff is it’s just one more way to see really cool designs by fellow tappers.  It’s a big community out there and Adi seems to be the place where a lot of them merge.  Add to that his hilariousness/ability to make even the mundane sound interesting and it’s a good time to be had by all. He regularly features the town of various tappers and Bunny and I have been shown several times.  Another bonus is sometimes he gives out gift cards for donuts if that’s to your fancy.  We had a ten dollar winner this past weekend.

Well, check out the video if your curious to learn more about one of the writers here on Addicts.  Hopefully there will be more opportunities for stuff like this in the future.

TTFN… Wookiee out!

8 responses to “Wookiee Live Interview with The Adipose

  1. Add me ciarankerr504 wont vandilise

  2. Caught the very end. Great job, Wookiee. 🙂

  3. You’re awesome and important too, Wookie!

  4. Love the Adipose graphic! Such sweet little things….

  5. Go Wookie! Watched the video on the MyPad while I had my coffee and morning tap on the MyPhone. Great interview, I didn’t know the same guy voiced Yoda and Miss Piggy. It sounds so obvious now!! Got the Goofball today, woo hoo! Currently searching out donuts and crossing my fingers for an update.

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