200 Eggs Glitch

Hey there Hoppereenos. Just bouncin on in to let you in on a lil issue that is currently trending in our game. No worries…this one seems quite simple.

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For those of you with working baskets, when you tap on the eggs to collect your bounty…it only gives you half…at first. (200 a basket.)

To resolve this issue you just need to “re-sync” your game. Just travel back and forth to Krustyland, Neighbors, or out of the game and you will see it “synchronizing”. Once back to Springfield, the egg count should then reflect the proper amount.

Need to try one step more? Then log out, restart your device, log back in. All these steps have been correcting the issue. If you are still experiencing it after taking these steps, there may be a separate issue in your game and contacting EA will be your best next step.

Did you run into this? Did the steps above help? Let us know if you have any further questions. Sound off in the comments below.


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66 responses to “200 Eggs Glitch

  1. In my B account game I had full baskets and they did the 200 egg glitch. I synchronized and it only gave 400. Is that something new?

    • It’s how we’ve all been making sure to get the full 400 from the baskets. Just make sure you do this in between each basket if you don’t get all 400 eggs. It even works if you click on a basket and get zero eggs. Synchronize sets the number to where it should’ve been.

  2. I haven’t won an Easter basket from a Zapped bunny in over a week! Before that I probably won 9 of them. Am I just unlucky or did someone change a rule??

    • Nothing has changed. It’s all hit or miss with some folks having all the luck. The basket glitch has messed up a bunch of folks too. I’ve gotten 4 since completing my quest… only one after finding the Faberge egg.

  3. i cant get my eggs out of the basket anyway does anyone know how to solve this

  4. This happens every time I get eggs out of a basket, and it’s really annoying having to go to Krustyland and back every time I collect eggs from the baskets. Hope it gets fixed soon.

  5. A couple of my baskets will not work any more and they had one or two eggs in them πŸ™ there is no egg trading symbol floating above them and now look empty

  6. Yesterday I had a pink basket with 3 eggs. Today it is empty πŸ™
    I’ve tried syncing, resetting my device but no luck. Any advice?

  7. I have too many egg baskets in my town and the game will not let me store them. I need some of the land space for expansion. How to I remove unwanted baskets? I have 16 baskets!!!

    • Sorry, once placed…they can only be set aside or moved around. Not stored. The only way they disappear is once they are filled.

  8. For those of you who mentioned a significant drop in getting baskets, where are you in the quest line? I used to get a basket or 2 each day, but not a single one since I finished the main quest. I was wondering if this was a coincidence or a glitch that stops the basket drop odds when it adds the Faberge egg drop odds.

    • I cleared the quest right away in my B game that I sped through for blog info. Still getting random baskets the same as my A game that I’m not done with quest in. I myself see no difference.

      • Since posting, I got the Faberge egg (yea!) and soon after that my first basket in maybe 3 days. So, maybe a connection or maybe just my poor luck. (Related, it won’t be long before I get all 50 fences! )

    • Same here, not getting baskets at all, two days now. All friends get daily visits, all people that can are in egg missions, find all my bunnies… but no baskets. EA you are cheap…lol wont spend donuts on baskets. Give me some baskets…lol

  9. ZOINKS !!!
    I’m confused.
    At some point you will get full credit for the full basket of eggs?

  10. I experienced the CRAZIEST, but incredibly beneficial glitch in my B game last night. I’ve noticed that the dialogue in the Quests repeats a couple times in my B game, so I have to click through the entire dialogue three or four times (but I do it fast so it’s not a big deal). This didn’t mean anything to me until I got to the dialogue where Frink has you place the MK1 egg generator. Guess how many I got to place FOR FREE? FOUR!! I had to go through the entire dialogue four times, so I had to place the generator four times in order to complete the quest. Super cool glitch, right?! Too bad it’s in my B game (which is level 11 or something and I only visit during contests)! Could have definitely used the extra eggs in my A game!

    I can provide a screenshot if you want me to send one.

  11. FINALLY got my first basket yesterday – was starting to get really paranoid about it, too. I was thinking, the game knows exactly I have enough donuts to buy the things and therefore wouldn’t give me any for free… No way this is random…
    It was the wrong colour, though, but I put it out anyway, and lo and behold, it is already full a day later. Couldn’t quite make out who donated, so thanks to all my loyal friends out there πŸ™‚
    At first, it only gave me 200 eggs, but going in and out fixed that problem, just as described.

    • I had a similar thing. I had no donuts and got like 5 baskets. Bought some donuts and didn’t get one for like three days while I had donuts. After I spent them all I got 3 baskets in the next bunny clearing. Freaky!!

  12. I popped a blue basket (go pink!) and thought at first I encountered the basket glitch as my count didn’t increase at all, but going to my neighbors area added all 400 to my total.

  13. I cannot collect eggs out of my baskets at all and I’m not sure how to contact ea about it!

  14. Yeah, it happened to me the other day…think I was the first or second to mention it…sure enough, got all my eggs upon returning to the game…I have since decided to trust EA and have placed more baskets…man, I tell you, I get several baskets a day just tapping bunnies…DON’T buy any!!! πŸ™‚

    • Tempted to buy one anyway, because the last 8 baskets I got were all BLUE baskets–but I’m already a blue player, so don’t want blue eggs! (which isn’t an issue anyway because nobody leaves any eggs, despite 5 empty baskets taking up space in my town)

      • Hey…are your blue baskets getting full??? If so try this…take your blue eggs with you when visiting rather than throwing them at blue boxes…give to friends that will also swap with you…you already know that you’re getting pink in return, so…if done as I have been doing, you can freemium this event…I even dropped my blues down to near nothingness knowing that I’ll get them back alittle later…also…it is really fun helping others just don’t demand reciprocation (?)… sometimes big words are fun as long as you don’t trip over the last syllable…lol

      • There I go trying to speed read…Hey neighbor!!! I thought your name looked familiar…lol…if you want to spend donuts, only your account or lack of a server connection can stop you…lol…but I say please wait until this glitch is fixed…you may get some pink baskets while you wait and I can try helping now that we are more acquainted… πŸ™‚

      • Hi neighbor Freak! My baskets are still empty (1 basket has had 2 eggs in forever). I’d have given you some of my blues but you don’t have any baskets out last I checked! I did just tap your Simpsons/Flanders/brown houses. Keep up the good decorations–wish I had your creativity…

      • Maybe your town is experiencing something I have found in some of my neighbors towns. I have a couple neighbours that I have tried to return the favor and leave them eggs. I tap and tap on their baskets but it will not let me leave anything.

      • Just a tip…I’ve read about people leaving more than one basket out in their town and they end up with one egg in one basket And three in another… its easier and quicker to fill one basket than five….happy tapping πŸ˜ƒ

      • Hey, there you go scoch…now it’s up to you…get a box or share them for pinkies… πŸ™‚

    • Wow! I think I’ve only found 8 baskets total.

      • If you only “think” that then go check your inventory…they never get stored side by side in mine…seriously…go look again to be sure…especially before buying…and it is still early to worry… πŸ™‚

      • Unfortunately, my inventory is clear. I’m just not sure whether I found exactly 8. I can account for 7, but I’m allowing for the possibility I could have missed one.

      • Just FYI, I’ve found exactly one basket in the nearly five days since I wrote this post. I also had to go through 18 friends this morning in oder to find the 3 baskets I needed to convert 300 pink eggs to 150 blue ones. I’m definitely seeing a decrease in basket availability.

        • See for me…I didn’t get many in beginning. Long waits in one of my games. Now they’re increasing for me. Maybe some got a lot while others got little and now that’s reversed.

  15. I have been without baskets for a couple of days (haven’t found any lately) and am also seeing less and less of them in neighbor’s towns. Are other folks seeing the same thing?

  16. What about the non-working baskets? I have 5 empty baskets in my town, and still have 2 in storage… I don’t want to have a town full of empty baskets. (And sadly, they are ALL blue egg baskets, and blue is my dominant color!) I have 94 friends, and get friend taps all the time, frustrating to never get baskets full!

  17. Yes, this happened to me one time after the update… i never previously had a basket glitch…. boy! Was i relieved when it righted itself!! Not collected a bounty since so I’ll check it out next time to see if it’s still doing it! πŸ˜ƒ

  18. I must have experienced this. I thought I had not gained any eggs from one of my baskets rather than gaining half from two baskets. Synced and it was fixed.

  19. I guess I might be the only one but I’m not getting ANY baskets. I am a freemium player but play every 4 hours, have about 75 neighbors and am level 39. I have not gotten any baskets. Just wondering if this could be a glitch or am I just that unlucky. I also have 25 fences already for the sucking out. No “special” items from the boxes just fences gates ponds and egg piles. Starting to think my game is cursed.

    • The amount of baskets is all chance. I initially got 4 real fast in the first couple days and only one since then. It’s all luck. I don’t know about cursed but for every person breezes through the goodies, there’s folks like us that aren’t as lucky. Still plenty of time left so I’m ready for our luck to change.

  20. I ran into this issue when I played, half-asleep, at 3 in morning. I thought I had imagined that I clicked on 3 full baskets. When I woke up this morning, I was pleasantly surprised to see my full egg count!

  21. Had this problem also, when I came back from KL count was corrected. Still having issues with eggs counting in my town, all EA does is close about problem because it’s been open for more then 48 hours! When I wrte back get another message they will be in contact within 48 hours. I have given up on them to frustrated & just keep playing my game, this was just a FYI to you πŸ™‚

  22. Thank you Bunny, this worked great! There seems to be one other glitch that I saw mentioned on your site before. Maybe you could ask other tappers and see if it’s common problem. In my town, about every tenth rabbit egg is not being credited to the count. This is true of my dominant color pink (the most awesome color) and blue. I reported it to EA.

  23. I saw that this morning, although in my case the resync happened as the result of restarting the game after crashing upon me while assigning tasks to all characters.

  24. I had this problem too. Going to Krustyland and back fixed it! Thank god….

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