Where Did THAT Come From – Fabergé Egg (updated)

Easter is over but a lot of us wabbit whackers and zappers should be finished with the Easter questline or really close and that means it’s about time this Wookiee got around to writing about an item available at the end of the Easter questline… the Fabergé Egg.

faberge egg

Oooooohhhh… pretty, I guess.  I know a lot of you have seen this deco and wondered what the big whoop is about it.  Well, it is from a Simpsons Easter episode and also, if it truly is a Fabergé egg, is a rare item.

You see, if we go back in time to Russia between 1885 to 1917, we’d find a company making eggs created by Peter Carl Fabergé.  It is said only about 65 were made and that about 57 survive to this day.  The most famous of his eggs were made for Russian Tsars Alexander III and Nicholas II as Easter gifts for their wives and mothers.  These are known ad the ‘Imperial’ Fabergé eggs.  Since then, the Fabergé company has sold the trademark and while eggs similar to this are made (as well as jewelry), they’re just imitators.

Which brings me to our decoration in the Best. Show. Ever.  In Season 17, Episode 7: “Last of the Red Hat Mamas”, Marge is desperate for female friends after her tour of the Mayor’s Mansion was ruined by Homer battling Hugs Bunny. Homer tries to make her “friends”, but after he brings home the Crazy Cat Lady, it’s the last straw and Marge goes out for a long walk. She happens to stop a pink hat blowing away in the wind and finds some new friends, The Cheery Red Tomatoes.

Marge has some fun with the Tomatoes and is intiated into the group.  Once she’s in, they let her in on their plans to steal 1 million dollars from Mr. Burns in the form of 12 Fabergé Eggs hidden in his vaults.  Before we all assume that every special ladies society has a secret evil agenda, I think it only fair to say they are attempting to recoup their fundraising budget after Burns backs out of giving one million dollars to the Springfield Children’s Hospital (as simple as writing void on the giant check lol).

Faberge Egg 2

The Tomatoes succeed in getting to Burns’ vault and the eggs but are thwarted when Homer, trying to stop Marge leads the cops right to them.  At the thought of jail, all the ladies start to cry, and uncharacteristically Burns lets them go as long as they give him back his eggs.

Faberge Egg 3

I’m so certain Burns would have the real deal and since 8 are missing in real life, I wouldn’t be surprised if only four of these were gotten the legit way by Burns. In a surprise at the end of the episode, Marge reveals she smuggled one of the Fabergé Eggs out in her hair.  Good for the Tomatoes who thank her and then kick her out of the group but I’ll admit when I first saw this episode, I was a little bummed that Marge stole something to begin with, let alone, foiled Burns.  He’s a bad guy but I love Marge’s innocence.  Oh well.

Faberge Egg


Update by a humble Wookiee: In my haste to get this info out fast to you, I must admit I completely missed another reference to Fabergé Eggs.  Reader isodore reminded us here that they also feature in the episode “Round Springfield” (S6:E22).  This is the sad episode where Bleeding Gums Murphy passed on.  In a flashback, Murphy tells Lisa that he blew his fortune from the hit album Sax on the Beach on his Fabergé egg addiction. He confessed that he spent $1,500 a day fueling the habit.

Bleeding Gums Faberge Egg

And there’s the exact egg used for our game.  (thanks isodore!)NERD NOTE: One of the episode write, Al Jean, admitted later that at the time of writing this joke, he had no clue that Fabergé Eggs were much more expensive than $1,500.  In real life, they have been auctioned for millions of dollars.

Like I said previously, you can win one of these beauties when you complete the Easter questline, you have the chance to randomly get one while bopping or electrocuting bunnies.  The egg comes with a 3% bonus to cash and XP which is also pretty sweet.  I strongly recommend not buying it as the chances are good you’ll get one the free way.  Reader JJLeigh73 reminded me I forgot to mention the added bonus that when you get the egg, it goes great with Burns’ Manor and the egg has a funny animation when tapped.  Silly bunny hiding in an egg.

Hope y’all are enjoying this event and until next time, keep on tapping in the free world.  TTFN… Wookie out!

84 responses to “Where Did THAT Come From – Fabergé Egg (updated)

  1. anakinskywalker

    guuuys still no fabergé egg!!`what to do?`

  2. will i ever get this egg?!?!?! i do nothing but tap and zap these bunnies and never get it! my girlfriend got it a day after that message appeared!


  3. 9 days and no egg yet. 🙁

  4. Wow…had to go waaay back in time to find this thread…got the fabby egg…can I trade it for 10 baskets??? LOL 🙂

  5. Can we only buy/find 1 Faberge egg or is it possible to have more than 1

  6. Just zapped a bunny and got the Fabergé Egg. What a good way to start the weekend. 🙂

  7. CravingToaster

    Well tapperzzzzzzz there really is hope!! I thought I wasn’t going to get it and was frustrated with the game and how they distribute them .. I have required the natural Faberge egg!!! Took me at least a week maybe a lil more to get it so get tapping!!!

  8. I havnt got the Egg or a basket in 5-6 days since completing the quests, can you still get the free baskets and i am just having a bad run or are they gone once you finish the storyline?

  9. Woohoo! Got my Egg this morning 🙂 took a couple days of tapping after the end quest, but I got it!

  10. WooHoo! Easter complete, I just received the Faberge egg. Too bad we can’t collect different ones in different colors like the ones Wookie showed us in his write up.

  11. I think there should be a poll on what’s been won so far…I’ve surprisingly gotten everything cool except Shary Bobbins…and the Faberge Egg…did but CCL and planning on the fireworks store and Mojo, but just wondering if anyone is still receiving baskets or has gotten the egg…or who’s won what of the best stuff.
    BTW, have some slacker friends who are not clearing their handshakes out (cough, cough, Bunny in her B game, cough…) I’ll never defriend certain people, ever! But I did just get a couple openings from people who haven’t played in almost a week…anyone noticing this either?
    Loving the update and loving my Blocko Store! And Banana Dictatorship is so freakin cool! So much cool stuff…almost have enough pieces of fence for the donuts too!

    • Lol and you were worried. We’ve got another “what have you won” planned for tomorrow (just like the one we did last week).
      As far as Bunny’s town I’ve had her and wookiee kidnapped the last few days…so they’ve both had limited tapping access…don’t worry normalcy will be restored tomorrow and all will be revealed soon 😉

  12. CravingToaster

    Still haven’t got it .. It’s bin 2 days of zapping and a lot of dissapointment 🙁 whaaatttt iiissss goooooinnggg ooonnn

    • Check your inventory (lil cardboard box) see if it snuck by.

    • I’m 2+ days past finishing the quests still no egg either just pink n blues…. Your not alone. I keep Zappin n Tappin hoping I’ll finally get lucky enough to get that cute little egg too. 😉

  13. I got the Fabergé egg right after I finished the main quest!
    There is hope

  14. Does anyone know the odds for getting a Faberge egg from zapping/tapping a bunny?

    • .993 which if that is similar to all the other codes in there…translates to 99.3% chance.

      • The chance of getting the fabergé egg is not 99.3%!
        Yes,if you consider that the decimal conversion would lead you to believe that however for this item the chance is 0.993%!

        There is a less than 1% chance of getting it hence the reason they say it is rare. EA IS not going to hand out a 100 donut item for free with a chance of nearly 100% certainty, that’s just bad business.

        • The files are showing it as .993 for almost everything in the files you have to do the conversion to a percentage, which would be 99.3%. We’re seeing some tappers getting it right away and others taking a long time to get it.
          Most items in the files require that conversion (otherwise donut items would give you a .03% bonus instead of a 3% bonus. When we know it in fact is 3%). Honestly tho there’s no need to get upset and hostile over it. Especially when there are Tappers getting it right away. It’s a unique item and EA is essentially playing to the people who won’t keep tapping bunnies to win it. These are the same people who will spend donuts to buy eggs instead of collecting them.

      • I think the odds are way off here. I’ve zapped probably a hundred bunnies since completing the mission and still no egg.

        • Just checked files again. Still no change. Still .993 for info on Faberge.

          The payout on the Faberge is a 3% bonus multiplier for XP & $$$ (shown in files as .03) so if the % decimal carries the same for the .993 as every other single item in the entire game, that would be 99.3% Unless EA has ONLY the Faberge not using the code translation all the other items in the game are. Or they have an error in their files. (Many players have been getting the Faberge right away or within a few days of completing quest. ) It doesn’t say that every person will get it in within 10 or less bunnies. Almost everyone may still get it…just at different times. Like the donuts after Maxing out FPs. Just…random.

          You ask us for info, all we can tell you is what we see in the files. The numbers haven’t changed or translation in % since I’ve been looking in the files last year. Always .### and you have to carry the decimal 2 spots right to get % in these Sections.

          You can always try to check with EA. Ask them what the % is for the Faberge if you feel it should be different. See if they’ll tell you.

          I honestly don’t know what else to tell you. Don’t focus so much on numbers. Just play. Have fun. In the end…if you don’t win it and MUST have it that bad…then buy it. But 2 weeks is a LONG time still and 100 donuts is a LOT for something so teeny w/o tasks associated.

      • I don’t see how it can possibly be a 99.3% chance, since that would mean that essentially everyone would get it on their first or second tap. It might be a .7% chance (i.e. a 99.3% chance of NOT getting the Faberge Egg). It would still be possible (if unlikely) for someone to get it right away with that kind of odds.

        I finally got done with the quest line a couple of days ago and have probably tapped/zapped a couple of hundred bunnies so far with no sign of the egg.

  15. Does anyone know the odds for obtaining a faberegé egg from zapping/tapping a bunny?

  16. I must be a very unlucky tapper then 🙁 or my game is just “coming up Millhouse”. It has been like 4 days sense I completed the main quest and I have not gotten one basket or the egg yet. And I am a bunny zapping/bopping NINJA. Plus I grow the carrots as much as possible and clear the area before I let them out. Be sad for me then I guess! and thank you all for this site, it is fun to read!

    • Sorry. They truly are random baskets. Just remember things are sneaky though and sometimes slip past you. Check your inventory now and then to make sure you didn’t win one and missed it. It’s alphabetical so make sure you check all the way to the end. 😉

  17. I think you misunderstood me. I meant AFTER you complete the questline, that you can not get another basket until you get the F.Egg. That is what some people on the TSTO official forums are saying. That it was even written in the code that way.

    • Like I said. I saw nothing there in the files stating that so no clue what they’re talking about. It shouldn’t matter whether you got the faberge or not. We have many games we use to get info for the blog. Not a single one has had issue getting baskets from bunnies. Quest done or not done. With or without faberge. Not to mention the one with the faberge…the % of chance to win is so high it came with first taps of bunnies once unlocked. So no delay at all.

  18. Is it true that you can’t get baskets till you get the egg? I’ve finished the quest like 4 days ago and have not got a basket sence then. I posted something on EA forum, and some people said that its in the code not to get any baskets till the egg is found. Is it true?

    • Incorrect. I have my A game that I play at a slow pace. I have not finished the quest and just got another basket last night. A blue one.

      My B game I sped through to gain info for the blog. I completed it in the beginning. I am also still getting a random basket there too.

      There is nothing there that puts a time stamp on where n when. Just the % showing they’re random.

      • Bunny, I think you may have misunderstood what Shaun was asking – with your B game did you already get the faberge egg? Because for those of us who have completed the questline but NOT gotten the f egg (for whatever reason…) we are stuck in a limbo of no new baskets. Not sure if this is a glitch or intentional…

        • Thank you for your input, but I really do completely understand what they were saying. I have multiple games. All us addicts do. Mainly for testing purposes such as this rumor. I have one completed no Faberge, still got a basket. I have one not completed still got baskets. I have one completed with Faberge egg getting baskets.

          My point was the baskets themselves are random as it is. Looking in the files I see nothing whatsoever that states they stop at end of quest and don’t start back til Faberge received. Only the random coding of the basket % of .003 & .006. Nothing more. The Faberge egg coding just says .993 and nothing more about baskets. So I see nothing saying they stop nor have I experienced it myself.

          That is what I was explaining. All the variables of multiple different towns…baskets still happen. Not daily. Not all the time. Just random. Exactly what I’ve seen from day one. No matter the town and its progress.

          Please understand this event will never be the same from game to game. WAY too many variables. Not two games alike. I went 3 days no baskets then got 2. I know everyone wants a clear picture of what will happen, but it’s impossible. I can definitely see people thinking that’s the case. I just don’t see this “coding” that others are rumoring. If I find it, I’ll be more than happy to share it. Until then, I just don’t see it anywhere in any files for the event.

  19. Today finished the main quest line!!second bunny i tap……there It is the natural faberge egg!!!

  20. How long is the timeline exactly? Is there a post on the complete quest somewhere?

    And please add me, leoniiee111

  21. I guess it’s just me – I want this because I love Faberge eggs, but I’m disappointed with the image of this one. Mainly, I dislike the base, which I think should be more delicate and fancy looking. I still want to win it, but I most definitely will not be spending donuts on it. (Hate typing doughnuts wrong, but it’s accurate by the U.S……)

    • As fancy eggs go, it could be prettier but I still like it. As for donuts, gotta go with the US way lol. Must drive your crazy when we spell rumors, theater, color, etc. Us yanks love our z’s, drop u’s and have to “er” everything lol.

      • I’m glad you posted the update, because now I feel better about the egg image, seeing it’s true to that episode with Bleeding Gums Murphy. And the terrible base is actually a drape on a stand, from what I can see. As for the “misspellings”, it does drive me crazy, but I love my American neighbours and will tolerate them 😉 ….except for “cheque”. “Check” is an entirely different word!!!

        • Yeah, we’re not so good at “checking” our spelling either. Maybe our spelling has to do with how often they are bounced? No worries on the update. Props go to isodore for pointing it out. It does make the plainness of it make more sense to me now.

        • But I like to INTENTIONALLY misspell and misuse words (slang words are funny). Just due to I KNOW it will get to some. Is that cruel of me…or just my silly humor at work? Lol. 😛

  22. Actually isn’t this one from the Bleeding Gums Murphy episode where he dies penniless because of his thousand dollar a day habit of Faberge eggs?

  23. I hope I get this item! I have so many items to go. It’s tempting to spend donuts on them, but I’m holding out 😀

    If anyone wants to add me, it’s errrrrrrr623 (8 r’s)

    Does it say when the easter event ends?

  24. Question I want so bad father Sean and the other lady that walks around and I’ve spent donuts next to buy eggs to get there and I never get the people how do I get the people

  25. CravingToaster

    I didn’t get the egg at the end of the quest line:( poop 🙁 I guess I didn’t have the “ability”. I’ll keep zapping away. I better get one

  26. What do you mean we get one at the end of the quest? I’m done and can now buy it, but I was not given one. Did I get cheated?

  27. How come it’s saying we can get more? I thought we can only have one of these sweet free items?

    • It is only 1. I think it was an oversight on Wookiee’s part…too many cheetos 😉
      The post is corrected now, thanks for letting me know it was showing something different! 🙂

  28. I want those people!

  29. This may be unrelated but what is up with EA today?!?! I got 9 free doughnuts! 5 in the balloon pop in Krustyland and another 4 while tapping out neighbors. Sweet!!!

    • Just your lucky day. We all have them from time to time. Woo hoo for you!

    • WTF? I never get donuts. Ever. I go through all of my neighbors and don’t get any. I finished the friend points a long time ago. Even before Easter I would get maybe one donut every other day. Since the Easter event started I have nt gotten one single donut. This whole event kind of blows. I got a blue basket, it was filled with eggs, and then they just disappeared. I never got any of them. I have to say I’m getting tired of this. I have spent a lot of money on this game in the past, and I think I’m done. I’m not spending money for a chance to maybe win something. I have enough fences as it is.

      • Sorry to hear what you are going through. The basket issue is high priority at EA right now and they are scrambling to get it resolved. Hang in there.

        The random donuts are just that…very random. The first time they started to happen, I never even saw an icon of a donut but somehow was still collecting them. I figured this out only by watching my donut count over the period of a week. Sure enough, 5 more were added over that time. It wasn’t until most recently that I actually started to notice the icon of a donut popping out. It is still random. Some days nothing…some days 1 or more.

    • I remember a day like you the last week. I won 5 donuts in Sideshow You, later 10 donuts in the daily Mistery Box, and finally 2 visiting neighbors. Sometimes EA could be very generous.

  30. My favorite real life Faberge egg is the Diamond Trellis egg! It is so intricate and delicate looking, but yet so simple! Very fine work! Oh and I won the Natural Faberge Egg from Zap, zap, zap’in Bunnies!! 😛

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