Carrots and Bunnies: Cletus’ Farm

Hey there Hoppereenos. Just bouncing on by to help out with a lil issue that a lot of you seem to be experiencing as of late. Not seeing your bunnies when you harvest the Carrots from Cletus’ Farm? Well I am here to help you out.



First off, keep in mind the maximum amount of bunnies allowed in your towns is 40, with 20 stored in the game “bank”. This means that not only may you miss seeing bunnies in your town, but also those that lie in wait for the others to be cleared. Now why does this impact the Carrot harvest? Well if you do not clear your town of most of the bunnies, the new ones have no where to go. That or they may go straight to the game “bank” to await release. So you won’t see them spawn at the farm. (Mine spawn out of the lower left hand edge of the Farm footprint. Looks like one at first…then they spread out. Sometimes you can even see up to 12 appear.)

bunny 3 bunny 2 bunny 1


Cletus' Farm Carrot harvest bunnies

So the basic rule of thumb here is once you have a crop of Carrots ready to harvest, don’t tap them just yet. Take a little time first to go around and clear out the bunnies in your town regardless how many you think you have. Keeping in mind that if you are not using your Bunny Stunner/Zapper you may miss a LOT as they hide EVERYWHERE. Seriously. INSIDE of mountains, houses, decorations. Nothing is safe. I have even found some of mine wandering off in the land areas that are not even available to buy.


Not sure where all of your bunnies are hiding? There is a great way to see them. Go into your edit/movement mode (directional arrows in lower right corner) and close the “eyes” to hide the buildings and decorations. You will be amazed at just how many hidden bunnies are still in your town that you may have not even noticed.

Hide objects

Bunny Hiding in Mountains

Bunny Hiding in Decorations

In short, if you don’t see them spawn, here are a few reasons why…

Your town is too full of bunnies and no more can fit (this usually prompts to “Too many bunnies” pop up once you try to harvest Carrots.) 

Too Many Bunnies message

Your town is full of bunnies but has a little room left in the game “bank”, so they are placed there instead until you clear some more out of your town. 

Your Farm is being glitchy. This last one should be an easy fix. Just put the Farm in storage, exit out, restart, go back in, go to your lil carboard inventory box and replace the Farm, then start a new Carrot crop planting. See if that helps to fix the issue. 

Inventory Storage Box

Anything above and beyond that, if you still have issues, will need to be addressed to EA as there may be something else going on with your game. Most of the time though, the simple steps above correct the issue.


Hope this helps you out. Let me know if you have ran into this issue. What worked for you? Do you giggle too when they all come running out of the corner? YOUR thoughts? Sound off in the comments below.

Til Next Time…

Bunny and Carrot














53 responses to “Carrots and Bunnies: Cletus’ Farm

  1. Ok, that’s it, I must be an idiot….why am I not seeing the option to plant carrots? Am I missing something? Pls, help a girl out here! Lol

  2. Just to be sporting, I let my wabbits spread out just a little before I zap’em !!!!

  3. No really appropriate place for this…I think I finished the questline…so now I just keeping going for the prize boxes til the event is over, right?

  4. I feel a little bad when I zap them all! it’s like shooting fish in a barrel. But they’re only stunned, y’know? And they go underground to their bunny hideouts until they come back out and I zap them again! It’s fine 😉

  5. What I do is swipe the entire town, from south to north with the zapper. It works great without really “staying” in a place, just quickly brushing every block will clear all bunnies 😀

    • That is pretty much what I do. I run a “sweep” of the town. Go out to a neighbor or Krustyland then back in (so any in the “bank” can spawn). Run one more sweep. Then tap my Carrot Crops.

      • Oooh, good tip about going Krustyland or the neighbors and then doing one more sweep – I have been doing exactly what you guys are doing minus the Krustyland/neighbor visit, and I always thought there should be more bunnies after tapping those carrots. I mean, maybe I’m still greedy but at least I might be able to score another bunny or 3 now, lol.

      • Bunny, please help? I’m really really uoset with something I’ve noticed in this latest update of TSTO… and please correct me if I end uo wrong, but I just never recall something like this ever happening since I’ve known about TSTO. The issue is surrounding the whole bonsai storyline… I got a bonsai, placed it and not sure how many times he potted/repotted those darn tress but… now I have a task (along with any others accumulated) that REQUIRES I place three bonsai trees!!! Nw hats up with that? I’m held hostage by EA for 36 donuts or else they’ll keep that task around forever? What’s even more, I see if they’re successful getting everyone to use costly donuts for this…why won’t they continue to hold us as “donut hostages” forever, building up a huge list of tasks we can’t remove unless we pay with donuts? HELP! (And you’re still happily bouncing around my Springfield…keeping you well fed with lettuce and carrots daily!)

  6. I had this problem and figured out my bunnies were hiding. Thanks for the tip. (The bunnies in my yard hide the same way when I let my dogs out 🙂
    I am hoping you can do a post about baskets being placed farther apart. I am blue and have all my random prizes. So I am trading for pink eggs. It feels like a good deed to my neighbors 😉 But, I have to skip some of my favorite Other Springfields because it’s SO frustrating when I trade my hard earned pink eggs for blue. Just saying 😀
    P.S. My first post (aside neighbor searches) and I love this site! Classy and informative. I’m in Nerd-love with you guys!!

    • Nerd love is the best kind. Glad Bunny could help you out and thanks for commenting.

    • Well THIS geeky nerd girl loves all her fellow nerds. 😉

      As for the placement of baskets. It has been addressed in several posts. Sadly, I just don’t think some are listening. We have some who intentionally “hide” them or put them close to get as many eggs as they can. There’s always one 🙁

      I suggest to start skipping those that are not abiding and if they continue, find a new neighbor. Maybe then they will change their ways when no one visits anymore.

  7. They go OUTSIDE your land? What more can they add to the wearying slog of this relentlessly thankless chore? That winged rabbit based on ‘Les Miserables’ was a sly dig at all of us – oh the mirthless irony. Did Kafka write this?

    • A lot of my characters do. Have since…well…forever. They wander off on the edge of the abyss, out into the ocean, they even stepped up into the mountains in the background scenery a few times. Made me giggle a lil. They always come right back to the normal land and never stray too far over the edges.

      They have used Les Miserables all throughout the Simpsons TV series. A lil thing with Matt. Lol. 😉

  8. I have the farm problem. My favorite thing is to see those bunnies come out. Storing my farm and bringing it back didn’t help. The only thing that works for my ipad is to totally turn it off every time it’s time to harvest carrots. I got an update the other day but it didn’t help.

    • Yah, the update was a few minor things resolved. They are still working on the major ones.

      I do have to say it makes me giggle to see all those bunnies spawn out. 😉

  9. I personally say i have had those issues. My bunnies come right out of that same corner and my thumb is “on the trigger” before they scurry too far. I always keep thumb presses and float it across the phone one layer at a time, back and forth over everything. Your right, those lil creatures are everywhere! LOL

    • Lol…it makes me giggle to have my zapper at the ready and POW…what a sight! 😉

      • I too would zap them all in one pile as they spawned from the farm, but my stunner is broken 🙁

        Weird thing is it is affecting both my iPhone and android games.

        • I’ve seen one other Tapper complaining about this so far today. I’m still looking into it on my end (checking forums etc) but in the meantime have you tried the steps outlined in this post when it comes to using the Zapper?

    • Dang i meant to say i do not have those issues lmao! Yep, i love watching the animations when their zapped. I love it!

    • Okay…y’all are disgusting!!! …and clearly never been shocked before!!! LOL 🙂 …Bunny, you even said that they don’t die… 😉 😉 …but they must die for the harvest to happen…hitting that water up there???? Lol. 😉

  10. Hi…I’ve yet to see that “Too many bunnies” screen but I do get notifications for the same meaning…that “your town is overrun with bunnies”…
    I bet I use my farm differently…I “release the hares” to their own devices and take off to go visiting…come back later to see two have made it to my lighthouse!!! I hear that you guys zap ’em right away but I let them play… 🙂

    • I just like the look of 10 – 12 bunnies at a time. It’s kinda silly. The other 40 got lots of space to roam. 😉

    • Hiya Freak! I have found one on the boardwalk once but like Bunny, it is entertaining to watch a bunch of bunnies getting electricuted at once! 🙂

    • Hahaha…. And it’s the same for me, i haven’t seen that screen but I’ve had notification what in out of the game 🙂

      • Hey Sammyjo…I tried sending you a friend request yesterday…have room for two but EA smacked it down…if you care and have room, you can send me one… 🙂

        • Oooh I’d love one off you!! I keep thinking I’ll make one of those 2D saying coz you really need your neighbors to know all things off this blog…. baskets too close together, not clearing handshakes etc…plus you’re a bit of a Celebrity on here it seems!! Lol…. I’ll add you ….is it the same as your avatar name on here?? Freakstein8… ID is samanthagi350 🙂

        • Searching freakstein8 isn’t yielding any results at all…. I’ve deleted all my requests so i can only ever add people who frequent this great blog and are therefore in the know, about all things tapped out!! Hope i can add you… im thinking your usernane is different in origin…. I’ve added bunny’s b town so I’m excited!! 😀

        • Found you coz I’d realised my error of missing out an ‘n’ in your name!! But, even after declining all my requests it’s still saying ‘failed, try again later’

          I will keep trying however if you’re successful first let me know!! Happy tapping freak!! 😛

        • I’ve sent it now…. look forward to seeing your town!! Hope is the right one and not another user! Happy tapping!

        • Whoop whoop! I got a doughnut on my first tap in your town….a good omen neighboureenio!! 🙂

      • Woohoo…that donut maybe stale… 🙂 …I didn’t get any yesterday.

        • He he he I’ve not any for a good few days so pretty chuffed!!

          • Just so you know…I’m a freemium player and the silly stuff I do in my town started around the Christmas event as a way too liven up my town due to the lack of premium buildings and such…Bunny gave me the 2D bug and I’m always trying to impress her or make her smile…I try to do some kind of 2D thingy or scene every other week…keeping my Darkside for now, but changing that dumpster egg soon… 🙂
            Hey, when’s the wedding??? 🙂

  11. Some of the pictures in this post have ads for a shady weight loss product over them. Thats kinda odd

    • It’s a new thing WordPress is “testing” sorry. Pay no mind to them. Just click the top of the photo. It has been like that for a few weeks now.

    • I complained about the Asian Mail Order Bride ads and they went away… 🙁

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