UPDATE: Golden Eggs Released

Hey there Hoppereenos. Remember those MANY times we drilled in your heads to NOT spend donuts on the Gold Box Prizes? To just keep on tappin away and wait? Well, now you will see why…


Update from Alissa: Guys, we’re NOT encouraging you to run right this second and spend donuts on gold eggs today.  We’re still saying you should wait.  There are FIVE days left in this event.  Keep playing for free, see what you unlock.  If you haven’t gotten all you wanted by Monday night (or even Tuesday morning, since an App Store update will be required to remove the event) THEN if you want to spend donuts spend them on Gold Eggs.  Don’t rush right out this second and blow all of your donuts on eggs, especially if you’re not close to the unlock numbers (like Shary requires 20 boxes unlocked before you have a chance of winning her).  
Not only that but as any experienced Tapper knows…EA always has something up their sleeves.  While we don’t currently see any changes, there’s still a possibility the event could get extended, or something else could happen.  So keep playing your game WITH OUT spending donuts, at least until Monday night/Tuesday Morning.  Then and only then spend donuts if you have them and feel you must.  

EA has stuffed the files full of all sorts of cool things. Sadly, a lot just never came to be at all. Or much like the Olmec Head and Santa’s Lil Helper Topiary, they just sat and sat. Changing info or images here and there until one day they FINALLY were released.

Well, similar story here. We saw information in regards to the Gold Eggs from the start of the Event. We saw a release date set in the files. But just like all the other items just sitting there, all we could do is wait and watch. See just exactly when and how it was going to happen. IF it was going to happen. Well that time has come.


For those that DO want to invest in the game, but want ONLY those items in the Gold Box (and listened to us to hold on to those donuts) you now have the chance to play the Gold Box directly. No more Egg Exchange, no more chancing you may or may not get enough to open one or more Gold Boxes, just direct purchase of the Gold Eggs themselves.


The cost breakdown is pretty much the exact same as it is for the Pink and Blue Egg purchases.


550 Gold Eggs

15 Donuts sidebar_donut



1700 Gold Eggs

25 Donuts sidebar_donut



4550 (Truckload) Gold Eggs

50 Donuts sidebar_donut


So to give you a lil perspective on just how these break down, for  the price of 1 1/2 Baskets you can get at least one complete spin in the Gold Box. For the price of 2 1/2 Baskets you can get 3 complete spins in the Gold Box. For the price of 5 Baskets you can get 9 complete spins in the Gold Box. A lot Better Odds.

There you have it. The main reason we said to wait if you coveted those Gold Box items. Why waste donuts on chance when you can take a lil time and patience and get EXACTLY the Egg Color you want.

Now a quick reminder of the Odds for the Gold Box (so you have an idea where you stand and what you may want to look into getting. Also, once Shary is won she is replaced by Pink baskets to win. Hugs is replaced by Blue.)

Prizes Odds
Shary Bobbins 2%
Hugs Bunny 3%
Father Sean 5%
Bunny 24601 12%
Bananna Dictatorship 16%
Easter Entrance 17%
Kodos Topiary 7%
Kang Topiary 7%
Pastel Picket Fence 31%

Minimum and Maximum on the “BIG” prizes in the Gold Boxes…

Item Min Attempts Max Attemps
Shary Bobbins 20 80
Hugs Bunny 0 81
Father Sean 0 50
Bunny 24601 0 20
Bananna Dictatorship 0 15


So now is the time to go ahead and use those donuts if you wish. Just remember, no two games are alike and the Odds…well they are just that…Odds. So spend those precious pink sprinkly things at your own risk. At least now you can focus on JUST the Gold Box with them.


Til Next Time…

Bunny 4 tap





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  1. So I played every day (a lot), deleted and replaced inactive friends more times than I can count, traded in my dominant eggs once I got all the unique prizes, put out all the baskets I won to get more eggs and I got none of the characters from the gold box other than the rabbit. I finally broke down and spent 50 doughnuts that I’d been saving and I ended up with 2 gates, one of each Kang and Kodos, 4 (two pairs of) pastel fences, 500 of my dominant eggs and 250 of my none dominant eggs. Boo!

  2. PS.. Brandine is about to give birth to her first kid today, I took the long route with the 90 wait instead of spending doughnuts.. And posted the pix with the timer of less than an hour on your Facebook page.
    Then on to the next Kid!

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