A squid walks into a port and says….

Wow, if that was actually a joke it’d probably be one of the dumbest ones ever… kind of like one Horatio McCallister would tell at Floppy’s. (“The Bart Wants What it Wants”, S13:E11).

Floppy's Sea Captain Comedy

Speaking of the Sea Captain, I actually had a point.  Now that the Wicked Glitch of the East(er) is over, you may find yourself wondering what to do now.  Well, the obvious answer is to spend some of that free time with friends and family (lol) but if you’re not so inclined, another idea is a re-design.

Now, a complete re-do of your town can be one heck of a task (done it before and fighting the urge to do it again) considering where you are in progress, but sometimes we don’t think about the smaller things we can do like changing around certain areas, etc.  To illustrate this, I figured I’d just share one of my latest new areas… my Squidport.

Springfield Squidport

Now I’ve come to think of this area as Wookieeport but it’s always been one of those things that I want to fix over and over again.  Here’s what my port looked like before I decided to tear it all up.


When redesigning, I actually moved my entrance to the top portion of my map and then worked from there with shops, stuff, etc.  I definitely wanted it to have more of a dock feel (in case we get more boats in the future) but also someplace people might go.  Here’s what it looks like now.  I must admit I was super stoked that both Banana Dictatorship and Johnny Fiestas were allowed to go on the tiles.

Wookieeport 2

Something important to point out is I tried my darnedest to stay within the 150 tile max most players have.  I do have more than that but that’s a positive glitch story which serves no purpose any more.  The second is that although I don’t know if the design is any better, my characters now walk down the road and can be found wandering my port from the entrance all the way to the submarine.  So if my townsfolk visit more, it must be an improvement, right?

There I go confusing reality with my town where I am the omnipotent Wookiee sky-fuzz-finger of destiny.  Anywho… while we’re talking about Squidport, anyone else hope to see more and more added?  Just some small ideas in my noggin are introducing Judge Constance Harm including her houseboat.

Judge Harm's Houseboat

Another would be Wiggum’s police boat.

Police Boat

Plenty of other stuff we could see, I actually rambled on this previously here and here.  Chime in below with any thoughts you have about Squidport or about any re-designs you’ve done, have in progress or are planning to do.  We always love to hear from our favorite tappers.

As one final little note, if you’re wondering how I got these stitched images, I use a program called Autostitch but also sometimes do my stitches by hand.  Bunny and I wrote a post about it you can find here.  To be honest, I find myself using Bunny’s methods more and more but my new Sqp was done by autostitching two parts and then combining them in paint.  Here’s what it looked like at first and I share only because it’s like a modern art masterpiece and I kinda wish my SqP could curve like this lol.

Abstract SqP

Keep on tapping in the free world.  TTFN… Wookiee out!

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42 responses to “A squid walks into a port and says….

  1. Here’s what I was wondering… I have my Squid port but I also have a dock area in front of the Burns Manor, that includes the light house and the speedboat. This is a separate area from SP. I wish that I could make a to land gang plank or walk way to this separate docking area…

  2. Here is my Squidport! 🙂

  3. Looks good. I see what you mean about making it more like a port and the design works really well. It is something I’ve been considering. If it makes the characters walk down the entire length, then this is definitely a good thing and one reason why I think it might be worth me redesigning mine. I can’t understand why they wouldn’t want to walk further and visit the lemonade stall I have right at the end!!

    • Yeah… interestingly the make a Left and walk all the way but all (even my NPCs) avoid the right side.

      • I think that has to do with open space. In my town they started to come after I removed a lot of decorations for a redesign. Even walked on water to get there *lol*. Left it partly bare now, because I like it better if it is populated.

  4. CentralCali559

    What is the episode where marge is a compulsive gambler at burns casino? iirc at the end if the episode, the casino is at a boardwalk. But I think the casino was demolished in a later episode but would still be cool to have at squid port. And they need to add more land!!!!!!!

    • Is this the one you are referencing?

      Season 5, Episode 10 : $prinfield (Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Legalized Gambling.)

      A hilarious episode. Lol. 🙂

      • And the Burns Casino was demolished in Season 10, Episode 10: Viva Ned Flanders. But later the Casino reappeared in the 2003 console videogame The Simpsons Hit & Run in the squidport area.

      • CentralCali559

        Yea that’s the one. It would be an awesome addition but I doubt they would add it. Hope we get the monorail this year and a big KL push this summer. And did I mention more and land lol.

  5. Hididdlyhomer

    Are we doing a squidport show off? I want in. I’m my own squidport’s biggest fan 🙂

  6. I want some characters to be able to fish there…say, make a tile just for that purpose… 🙂

    • It’d be cool if at least there was some sort of deco that allowed this like the pond does for Chalmers and Snyder.

      • I wish we could make use of the beach as well…someone combing it with a metal detector…someone swimming…

        Hey, AGE OF EMPIRES is due out for mobile this summer…ever play that on a pc? I’m pretty anxious for that one!!! It’s time to blew up stuff!!! 🙂

  7. What is the 150 tile glitch?? I noticed it take 3 1/2 days a tile for me and only 3 days a tile for my daughter….what gives??

  8. Looked at that last picture, Wookiee, and got “sea sick”….Lol

  9. I’ve been looking at my sad SQPort also, you always seem to inspire me Wookiee, so I guess it’s time, (well after the road removals) 🙂


    • Why remove roads?…redesign?…seems I remember someone saying, “where we’re going we don’t need roads”… 🙂

      • I like having more options, like turning fences out, smaller “roads” so more room for buildings & decorations, etc…. I’ll still have all my waterways that are my favs with the bridges 🙂

        Let’s go back with Doc Brown!

        We must have similar tastes in movies, LOL

      • I love all kinds of movies…fascinated with scifi…comedy…Steve Martin in “TheJerk”…”I found out what my special purpose is for!”…old Lauryl and Hardy…Buster Keaton…sooo many…one great thing about the old classics is the sets…love seeing the decor around the room in most scenes…I could talk movies all day… 🙂

        • One of my fav lines from that movie! I pretty much like any genre there is, you name it, I probably like it 🙂 I still have a VHS player & a gazillion tapes for it LOL. My grandson asked me what they were (the tapes) I LMBO! Some of my fav movies I’ve gotten on DVD even though I have them on VHS. Old B&W’s are great! I love L&H! I’m pretty much that way with music also. Only thing I don’t like is what I call “rap crap” which is the derogatory lyric rap, and heavy metal so wack that you can’t even understand what they’re saying. I’ve got everything from Mozart, Louie Armstrong, Nirvana, Marshall Tucker, STP, Lady Antebellum, Chopin, Eagles… to Metallica LOL I could go on & on (well I guess I did). BUT, the only thing I actually listen to when I’m alone is contemp Christian. Hence the KLove.com. I started listening to their radio station a few years ago & noticed how much I really liked it, and how the music really touched me. I love the DJ’s, they are so “normal” LOL. They talk about everyday funny & cruddy stuff they go through just like us. Well, another long post. I wonder if Wookiee/Alissa/Bunny even read all my rantings any more LOL. They probably just go “ODL, not a long post from granmamaDar again”, & just hit the button 😉 Hmmm…. This is a test, it is only a test, if it were a real emergency, my moderator would… edit this out *****… HEY! It was ONLY Homer’s eyes 😛

          • 😉

            Don’t you worry…i’m paying attention to you AND your long posts g-mama! I got my eyes on you AND Freak! 🙂

          • Uuhhh…you talking about it being long made it long… 🙂 …I grew up to the sounds of Tijuana Brass, Lawrence Welk show music…Elvis(have a friend in HongKong named Elvis)…of course the Beatles…was the newspaper boy for Artemis Pyle, the drummer for Lynyrd Skynyrd…he stayed outta sight after that plane crash…came to my church and sat behind me in the balcony…told him I was sorry for his loss…he met with my father for counseling…my father had no idea how famous his band was…lol
            So many people say they love all music, not me…detest country music…I really tried getting into it…just can’t bear the whole redneck thing…poor me…I live in redneck central…I even wired Kyle Petty’s house… 🙂 …I HATE nascar…lol…piss you off yet??? Lately I have been into the ever changing “alt rock” genre…any song I put in my town is one I like at the moment…I like some rap artists…but I don’t keep up with who shot who…lol
            I sang all my childhood…traveled locally and sang church to church…finally one day when I knew a girl I liked was there, I had to sing a solo to a song, accepella(?) and when adjusting the mic down to my height, it fell off and into the flowers in front…all this in front of 300 people…didn’t sing again until a high school play where I did an Elvis song…lol…now I wrote a long one… 🙂

            • That all sounds so cool except for the part about you adjusting the mic & falling… ouch

              I’ve sang all my life, starting with the Beatles when I was a tot. My family puts up with it most of the time LOL. My brother asked me about a year ago why I never pursued my singing career. Needless to say, that’s when I **knew** he was half deaf LOL

              I like a lot of country, but more of the modern stuff, was never really into the “Twangy” stuff.

              OH, and I’m never speaking to you again & unfriending you… I can’t believe you hate NASCAR! BTW, it’s an acronym, so it’s all caps & yes I’m being a $m@rt@$$ ;P

              Just try & PO me HAH! I aint that easy 😉

      • Damn…putting my pants on… 🙂

        • Ummm, you don’t have any on?

          • … 🙂 …LOL…Hey, it’s hot over here!!!….nah, can’t be sitting around in my drawers…my son is always about six feet away!!! 🙂
            The navy kinda cured me of being a redneck…was looked down on by everyone…just some hick from Carolina…funny though, learned to two-step with a Korean woman whose hubby was out at sea…wouldn’t go home with her when I found out…but the irony…me coming from the Carolinas to Seattle and learning that from an Asian chick…lol
            We’re doing alot of talking…where’s that new beau of your’n??? 🙂 …don’t wanna interfere…I can get chatty if allowed and we’ve long since left the Simpson planet…lol

            • HOT? You were joking right? I got 2 fans on & no… uh, we wont go there.

              As far as my new beau? It was fun, but we agreed that we were both looking for something different. We’re still friends, and I’d like to ride with him again (it was so exhilarating). Unfortunately the proximity between two people on a Harley was a bit close, as was our relationship becoming. I’m definitely not ready for any type of relationship yet, it’s still been too soon. I thought over a year + was enough time. It wasn’t. At least I found that out with him, and not some jerk who would have taken advantage of my emotions. I will look back with fond memories of the time we were together 🙂

              Oh, yes, um the Simpsons… Go Team Blue! 😉

            • I don’t know how to 2 step, if I come to Carolina will you teach me?

  10. I really wish I had started playing even just a few weeks earlier. I got my 151st tile during this past Valentine’s Day event, which resulted in the correction of the tile glitch. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to capitalize on the glitch and am now stuck with 151 tiles 🙁

    • CrashTheAndys

      I have a 150 tile port. I actually ended up with enough Easter fences to cover every edge.

      • Sweet. Can you stitch a pic and post the link using tinypic/flickr/dropbox? That would be cool to see.

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