Animation Lag/Game Crash Issues

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

With the new update for Easter removal it appears we’re seeing some lag issues with Animations.  Also, some iOS users are reporting that their game won’t load (they just get the spinning donut).


Here’s the deal….it seems as if this is hitting ALL Platforms/devices.  Android and iOS users alike (not sure on Kindle…so maybe I should take back the all? 😉 ) no matter what device/version they’re using.  While we try to work a little Addicts magic and see if we can figure out just what the heck is going on you guys can do something too.  

First, try the troubleshoot methods outlined..
here for Android: 

here for iOS:

Why?  Because as soon as you open a case with them, they’ll ask you to do it.  Those links are from a chat convo a reader sent in.  So if you do them prior to contacting EA you can say you already tried them & they’ll let you move on.

Next…Contact EA.  Follow the steps listed in Bunny’s post here.

Fill out the form, and let them know it’s an Animation lag issue.

Try to start a chat and let the adviser know you have a game time lag issue.

I’ve been advised that they’re working on a patch for it, but as of now there’s nothing ready to go.  So the more people that report the issue the better.  So be sure to contact EA and let them know you’ve got the same issue(s).  The more people that report it the faster it will get escalated.

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  1. It would be nice if we received a daily update on any progress to resolve these lag and crash issues. It’s funny how incredibly helpful these blogs are and maybe, just maybe they could include on their home page this crash issue progress or no progress. Helpful it would be, yes?

    • It would be helpful on EA’s site and you can always suggest it to them. We do our best to keep our readers as updated as possible but unfortunately can’t tell you exactly what’s going on with EA. I think they just need to employ us but that’s definitely a pipe dream.

  2. Ugh… EA is so very, very sucky. I’ve been in contact with them 4 times in as many days. Finally, the customer service representative (via chat) relented, and he escalated my issue. However, I’m not sure if my problem is the “Animation Lag/Game Crash” issue that has been described here.

    After the update on May 13th, I tried to get my daily fix of TSTO, but I was presented oh-so-annoying warning: “Your other device didn’t save your Springfield. Please sign into that device before playing.” I don’t play TSTO on my iPhone, just my iPad. I selected PLAY NOW, and then CONTINUE at the “Play Anyway?” warning. The donut spun for a few seconds, then it crashed. I’ve uninstalled the game, hard-restated my iPad (4th Gen, iOS 7.1.1) and reinstall TSTO. When I opened my “clean” Tapped Out, there were 182 updates (710.3 MB). After everything was downloaded, I logged into my EA account and then tapped the screen to continue. Again, there was the spinning donut (no more than 2- or 3-seconds) followed by a crash. My Springfield never appears.

    Does this sound familiar?

    • It’s the same issue many many many tappers are going through right now. Essentially you’re locked out of your game. It’s a corrupt file on the server side and has nothing to do with your device. You’ve already contacted them to let them know you have the issue (which is good because then they can restore any items you missed out on) so now all you can do is sit tight until it gets resolved. It’s a holding pattern many tappers are in right now unfortunately.
      The only other thing I can suggest is retrying to start a contact form and put in it’s an origin issue, and play around with the options to see if you get something that triggers the Call Me option for EA support. Then you can speak directly to a rep over the phone who might be able to better assist.

  3. Hi! Thanks for your post! I uninstalled and reinstalled the game…and much to my surprise the lag is gone! I am running an iPad3 with IOS 7.1.1. Hope it lasts – fingers crossed! It did do a fairly long update prior to loading – and to get my town back I had to log into EA again, but other than that it was the only thing that worked. Best!

  4. I noticed the lag has seemed to have gotten a little better, however I am having an issue when visiting one of my friends (yes only one) every time I clickk his/her SF or KL I get kicked out of the game totally. Anyone else having this issue? Or have an explanation?…….Bunny?

    • They are most likely locked out of the game themselves. They can’t get in either. It’s a known issue at EA they’re working on.

  5. Plumberjethro

    Lost fit Milhouse yesterday in my b game stored him reinstalled game nothing

  6. Catrina Simpson

    I contacted ea after I was unable to go to Krustyland for 2 days now. My game crashes every time I try. I also have lag issues where characters will start tasks and I come back later and find them wondering doing nothing. I’ve done all the troubleshooting,including re installing the app on my ipad. EA says they are working on fixing these issues. I hope its soon. I have half my characters stuck in The kRUSTYLAND triangle. I can access my friends Krustylands which is weird. This is so frustrating for an addict like me. Its like playing only 1/2 the game. They need to give me some donuts for my withdrawal, LOL! (yeah right EA giving away free donuts)

  7. My towns gone! I sign in a just get the opening video. Anyone know how I can get it back or am I screwed?

  8. My game still crashes. 🙁 I opened a ticket via email with EA last night, and haven’t gotten a reply yet.



  9. I opened a case because I can not get into town-@all. Nope, def not fixed yet.
    And from what I was told they’re working on it, but nobody knows when it’ll b fixed. “LUNASAD!!”;(

    • Glitch fixed just now (5/16-6am) I thought I’d lose my well…you know. Hopefully, it’s is for everyone or will be soon. luv y’all:)

  10. FP glitch fixed just now! 7:45 EST

  11. It won’t load on the Kindle Fire I have deleted it from device updated it goes to road screen spinning donut then it curs off back to Kindle screen.

  12. I cant open My old account
    Its say this account have been used on another device
    Plz help me cuz im lev28

  13. I use a Kindle and mine has been lagging the update. UGH!!!

  14. After the update I cant log in in my A-town because the game crashes. But I can play with my B-Town without any problems. This is the same on multiple devices.

    • Does your A game have more stuff in in than your B game? more decorations etc?

      • Yes, it has a lot more stuff in it. I’m at level 40 and my B game 24 with no design.

        • It really sounds like the issue Wookiee and a few of us ran into when we pushed the “too many decorations” limits. I really would suggest to contact EA on this matter. In the meantime, a few things you can try…

          See if you can access the game from a device NOT your brand (if you are on iOS, use an android/vice versa). If you can, visit a few neighbors and collect and collect in your town. Go to Krustyland. Just try and resync it all then go back to original device after completely logging out of game.

          Make sure you are in the highest possible WiFi signal area with a steady stream of internet and if can get in your town…store as many items as you can to see if it helps. Then slowly take them back out.

      • I dont think I’ve got too many decorations. I’ve friends towns with lots more. I dont even have all the land yet. But I’ll see what I can do with your advice. Thank you

  15. Got a donut from a neighbor…lotsa lag in some towns…

  16. The lag is horrendous, nearly game-breaking. 🙁 I’m on a GS4 so it’s definitely a universal problem.

    I popped onto the EA forums, and one thing I read there which has helped significantly is putting just about everybody on inside jobs. Yes, my Springfield looks pretty dead right now, but at least the game is playable.

    Going through my friends list is another story – I’m still doing it, but it’s been a very slow haul. I apologize in advance if I tag you by accident due to scrolling problems, or if I don’t get to your town for a couple days because it’s waaaaaaay down there at the end of the alphabet.

    • Oh, and there’s also Krustyland! I don’t seem to be experiencing the same lag there. I need tix more than I need money now anyway, I guess I’ll mostly be tapping there.

  17. Hey Alissa, I’m about to raise a ticket with EA re the animation lag issue but I thought I’d see whether you guys have any updates first? Obviously I’ve tried all the usual troubleshooting methods but no luck 🙁

  18. I wasn’t forced to update, but 2 hours ago I did it anyway. After missing Fiesta with one “click” on both of my last two tries I realised I couldn’t collect enough eggs get an other try.
    Now I regret the update, the lag is really really bad. I saw this post but I could not believe it would be this bad. The game is almost not playable at all right now…

  19. Haven’t been able to play at all since game updated on Tuesday afternoon. After clicking on “continue” the donut will spin a couple more times and then the game crashes and flashes off. Seriously getting ticked off!

    • I can’t say I blame you. It’s a really bad issue right now, and VERY widespread. I’m hopeful it’ll get fixed today with a hotfix. It’s so widespread (I can count on 1 hand the number of tappers on this blog NOT impacted by it) that they really have to address it right away

  20. Sorry to all my lovely neighbours, but i still can’t get into my town since the new update. All i get is a spinning donut then the game boots me back to my iPad’s home screen (this also happens on other devices, iphone, another ipad) This is very frustrating as i play multiple times a day. I’ve reported the problem to EA so lets hope they fix this problem soon.
    Massive thank you to everyone who works so hard on tstoaddicts, you keep all your fans so well informed.
    Angela x

  21. I held out on updating most of the day, even decided to go ahead and finish off getting all my Easter goodies (Egg Council Guy and Mojo Helper Monkey) so I wouldn’t regret not having the complete set of my first holiday event. The only thing that really prompted me to update was the fact that about 75% of my friends already had, so I wasn’t able to do most of my friend visits. (Since tapping on friends’ towns who are over level 38 usually results in a crash, I usually go to a lower level neighbor’s town and tap over to the neighboring one, but with so many updated friends, the game said I couldn’t do that anymore) I also had hoped that EA would have a patch for the lag by now, but no such luck.

    I was really sad to see all the baskets poof out of my inventory after updating. Was really wanting to incorporate a few into my decor. Also, since I was determined to get Shary Bobbins and Hugs Bunny, I had bought a boatload of donuts, spent about 1,000 of the delicious little pastries on finishing out my Easter stuff (really sad that I had to spend so many), and have also been buying other premium items to flesh out my town.

    Now I’m finding I need a lot more in-game money to buy property to put all my stuff on, as well as continuing to build for the storyline.

  22. Was force updated on my KindleFire like everyone else and now I want to kill EA in slow motion so they can enjoy the LAG as much as I am. 🙂

  23. So the lazy in me didn’t want to visit all my neighbors because of the lagging of the screens but the addict in me said “donuts” (homers hungry voice)! Turns out to be a lucky day! May have taken me almost twice as long than usual to visit ever single town, but I ended up with not 1, not 2, not 3 donuts but a total of 12?!? Is that even possible?!?

  24. Yup…..just forced to update. ….Unfortunately I knew I had 2 full baskets….One of those could have potentially been my Johnny fiestas. …I’m a little bummed…plus I would have gotten a spin in the am…..on the bright side I may have got 3 more ponds…..GLAD IT’S OVER…..

  25. Ugh, they force updated me, and now it’s lagfest in my town QQ How dare they without fixing this bug first! So much for waiting….
    Btw i play on motoG, and everything moves slow motion since the update.

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