*Error?! What the Heck?!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Well with this new Episode Tie-In you may notice a couple of strange things popping up in various places.  In particular one of Homer’s tasks and the wording on the Egg Generators.

If you tap on Homer you may notice one of his 1hr tasks is now…. *ERROR?!  And it’s a joint task with Comic Book Guy!  What the heck is up with that?!  You also may notice if you tap on the Egg Generators the cash generating name now says…*ERROR!

*ERROR?!  What’s going on with TSTO? What’s with all these mysterious Errors?  Have no fear we’re here to break it all down for you….

Let’s start off with our beloved Homie…

So when I tapped on Homer this morning I noticed this in his task list:

Now I don’t claim to be a TSTO Expert (after all I didn’t write a book about it or anything)…but after 600+ blog posts here on Addicts and 18 months of tapping I know Homer’s tasks pretty well…and that’s not one of them!

So, curious, I tapped on it.  And I discovered it was a joint task with Homer and….Comic Book Guy?!  What the heck?!  And it sends them to the Simpson house.


Well now this made no sense to me at all.  So I did what I always do when I need to figure something out in TSTO, I checked the files.  And here’s what I discovered…

It looks like they initially had a task with Homer and CBG for the Milhouse FTW questline and for whatever reason pulled it back.  The original task was a 1hr task and called “Reach An Impass with Comic Book Guy” (which explains why he pops up the few times he does in this questline)…and with this quest it makes sense that they would go to the Simpson House.  However, it looks like when they pulled it back, it didn’t get pulled back completely and something got lost in translation in the coding.  So, the task is still in our games but the title is not.  Hence the *ERROR.

So for now, don’t worry too much about it.  It won’t impact game play.

Now onto those Egg Generators….

Now you’ll see this when you tap on the MKI and MKII:
error4 error3

This is NOT a change in the “job” they’re doing to earn cash.  It looks like it’s simply another case of a mix up in the coding.  So the Generator’s will still earn cash, but the name is screwed up.  They should say:

MKI- “Converting Egg Molecules To Cash”
MKII- “Assembling Cash From Egg Molecules”

So there you have it…another weird little glitch in this game we all love so much!  At least this one does not impact game play…and hey in the case of Homie and CBG it’s actually a nice little cash payout for the weekend!

What do YOU make of the *ERROR’s in our little games?  Have you noticed them anywhere else in TSTO lately?  Have you noticed any other weird little glitches in TSTO?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

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61 responses to “*Error?! What the Heck?!

  1. Smithers is locked in the power plant. It started off as a 24-Hour task with Mr. Burns. Mr. Burns is out but Smithers is stuck and now it says done but error. Has anyone else noticed this?

  2. When I did te update for after the Easter Egg whacking, I now get the error for Kearney, Dolph and Jimbo about kearney’s view tube video. I’ve tried logging out and logging back in but I get the same error visible requirements needed. How to I unlock this job again?

    • Did you get to that part in Level 40?

      • Yes. I’m on level 40 for the 4th time. I have the new Milhouse and Lisa but I can’t get those 4 jobs unlocked again.

        • It’s not a permanent task. So after you’ve completed it as part of the Level 40 questline is should (in theory) disappear. However, there’s a bit of a glitch with it for just about everyone’s game where it’s not disappearing from the task list. However, there’s no way to unlock it after you’ve completed it for the task (and in that case it will unlock at that point of the questline), since (in theory) it shouldn’t be there.
          Essentially don’t worry about it. Try to pretend it’s not there. It’ll take a change on EA’s side to remove it…and right now I think they’re more focused on the Lag/Lockout issues. 🙂

          • K sounds good. Thanks for your help! Yeah it will super nice when they get the lag fixed!!

  3. After deleting and reinstalling the game, my egg generators are finally producing cash, but they still say error. And the lag is soooo bad. Keeps crashing. I get anywhere from 1-10 crashes before I can get into the game and then crashed after about 5-10 neighbor visits…

    • You can delete your game without losing anything, sounds scary! Does it work, I am having error problems, lagging etc. it’s frustrated me

      • Yes it works if you have an Origin account:) If you only play as a guest then I believe you will lose it. Not totally sure on that!

  4. I have had an odd problem I have one neighbor out of a hundred neighbors. Which I have attempted to visit a million times it seems but as soon as I do I am completely bumped out of the game. I have been a loyal neighbor visiting daily without fail and would hope they will not. Delete me…any thoughts

    • They are most likely one of those locked out of their game and can’t even play. Hang in there. They are probably thinking the same.

      • I have a few of those, too. During the easter event, I still could visit them, now the game crashes. However, if I go directly to Krustyland, I can still visit them.

    • I have one of those too. I haven’t been able to get into his town since easter ended. Luckily the other day he posted on Addicts so I was able to communicate with him. And far too many of my neighbors towns are so glitchy its impossible to scroll through them. I hope EA fixes this soon…it takes me hours to do my rounds!

  5. I don’t see the error messages (maybe the hot fix corrected it) but I am seeing more instances of duplicate characters or characters in the wrong location. For example in one neighbor’s town I see Maude shooting homer and then just beside them is homer walking around with his mypad. The mypad version shows up randomly in krustyland too, but only in neighbor towns. I’ve also screencapped other characters doing Springfield tasks in krustyland. Weird!

    • I think that is still left over from the Valentine’s Event. All characters set on inside tasks appear outside doing something different when a neighbor visits. I have two towns, and confirmed that by sending everyone inside, then visited from my other town. Everyone was running around outside! Maybe that also happens with the joint tasks?

  6. Well I have a completely different question? Did I miss something in the word tags under the lego characters at the end of your blogs. What am I missing.?

  7. LOL I THOUGHT it might be punishment for making that walking egg fall over every time I see itI just have to tap him, then giggle! I LOVE THIS GAME SOOOOO. MUCH

  8. Just noticed Apu is locked out of his 1 hour task in my Springfield.

  9. CapCityGoofball

    Seems to me you have to be cranky or cynical in order to be an “expert” so I for one am glad you all aren’t! 😘

  10. i haven’t gotten any cash from my egg generators, i have 2 of each, they’ve been stuck on 11 hours, 51 minutes for a few days now…my game was also super laggy and crashing, so i just uninstalled and am in the loooooong process or re-installing, so hopefully that will make me get the cash?

  11. On my game, Smithers has a locked task called “Like Kearny’s Video 1,000,000 Times”. It’s 8 hours and the Requirement is “ERROR: Visible conditional requirement”. I took a picture, if anyone wants to see.

  12. It’s so funny! I’m going to pop onto mine now to see if I have it!
    It does seem as though since the Easter update there’s been problem after problem! Hopefully it’ll get sorted soon hey! Xx

  13. Did I miss something? I think I passed the Homer/CBG episode. Now, Homer and Hugs just got over having a fist fight of sorts.

    BTW: What is “skin”? Nothing new is in my inventory.

    • It has nothing to do with anything. Just something readers were pointing out. If you missed it…don’t worry about it.
      Skin is a costume.

  14. There’s just no telling what my cousin and Homer are doing… 🙂 …you are certainly qualified in writing a book, Alissa… 😉

  15. I have the error on Homer too, but it’s only on my small egg generator, the large one is fine.

  16. In my game, Kearney has a ‘put up viewtube video’ 8 hour task that says ERROR: Visible conditional requirements.

  17. I’ve seen Gil in one of my neighbor’s town, I’ll send y’all a screen shot. Maybe there a Gil deal coming soon like old Christmas donuts

  18. My girlfriend and I are both having problems with the new update. It is running VERY slow and choppy. I have an iPhone and she uses and Android. Any suggestions? Worst. Update. Ever.

  19. I’ve asked this one before but still so confused. How is $140 a higher payout? Isn’t it really just getting paid for both ($70 each) on a one hour task. Seems like it’s all even in the end?

    • You’re right, it’s been corrected. My brain is fried from writing about 40 posts across 2 sites in the last 5 days. Suffering from a little bit of QFS/TSTO mix ups. My apologies.

  20. Have many other people been having this slow down problem. I uninstalled and reinstalled but it’s still running slow, locking up and kicking me off. I want to get to my neighbors to get this new FP thing going but I get too frustrated trying to simply tap out my own town. Also how much longer until I stop looking in the little gaps of my buildings for bunnies?

  21. I tapped on the dual task and no had no problems with it, I just thought it was a weird glitch to ask about. BTW, it seems to have disappeared after completing it once.

    Now if only they could bring back Maude for a low low price again! 😃

  22. Is anyone else having the issue of completing the quest and not getting the milhouse skin? I also spent 500 donuts on cool Lisa and don’t have it either.

    • Have you checked your inventory for both? Don’t stop at the F or C go all the way to the end, and check each and every item in there. That’s where they’re placed. You have to pull them from your inventory and place them in Springfield to activate them

  23. And another error but I haven’t seen it since (as I’ve had no more visits from friends) was when I clicked on some of the building that a friend had help on, instead of the friends name it had some garbled name that looked like someone had just randomly tapped the letter on the keyboard eg. fhwefjopvh1273ifssv62rhvu8

  24. If you look at Jimbo and Dolph, they also have an “error” task.

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