Weekend Update: May 11th -17th

Something something something, blah blah blah, yadda yadda…

…and stuff happened. What? Well you will just have to READ MORE! 😉

Weekend Update Addicts

SATURDAY: After last weeks update, Bunny posted the Reminder for the New Simpsons Episode: Pay Pal. Then she hopped back later for a bit of fun with the weeks Springfield Showoff: Easter Stuffs.

Now for this weeks fun…

SUNDAY:  The Addicts started off the week with a lil Mother’s Day note from each of us.

Then Bunny hopped on in with some cool information on the origin of a new character in Real Housewives of Springfield: Crazy Cat Lady (Eleanor Abernathy).

crazy cat lady bunnies

Alissa then opened up the comments and discussion to YOU in the Open Thread. 

MONDAY: Alissa began the morning with a lil bit of fun and laughter in YOUR picture for Caption This. Then she started to gather data on the Easter Event as it wound down in the Addicts Want to Know: Easter Poll. She then started some inside looks at what it is like playing a game with the Freemium and Premium in you battling.  Then she gave you all the heads up to snag those last minute items as the Easter Event was going to be closing out soon.


Bunny snuck in at the end to give you a recap of the New Simpsons Episode: Pay Pal.

TUESDAY: Alissa offered a lil insight and detail on the Sumatran Flower for those that were wondering Should I Spend Donuts on it. Then she gave us part two of that Egg battle between Freemium and Premium.


UPDATE HIT! EASTER IS GONE!!! ***Bunny cries***

With new updates come new surprises. Alissa informed everyone of the lag issues in the game.

Wookiee decided to humor us a bit and takes us out of the game with his take on Squidport.

LEGO Saturday Alissa 2

WEDNESDAY: Alissa began the day with some giggles in the Hump Day Humor Caption This. Then she gave us the short short version in Turbo Tappin Crazy Cat Lady. She then tried her hand at some cool uses of the fences in Simple Town Designs: Pastel Fences. Of course we wanted to here from YOU, so From The Mouths of Addicts: CGuy was a riot.

Pastel Fence

THURSDAY: Alissa decided it was time to let you all in on oursuper secret rendevous and trouble making in the desert of the west… Addicts Vegas Vacation.


New update…new glitches…Bunny hopped on the line with EA then rallied the troops to storm the EA forum to fix the Missing Friend Points.  Later she reminded us of the Springfield Showoff for parks later today (Saturday).

EA listened and acted fast, responding with another Update to fix…kinda…the lag, but fixed the FP issue as Wookiee posted.

FRIDAY: Alissa started Friday off with the walkthrough for the tie -in Yellow Badge of Cowardge. She also gave us some info so we could determine Should I Spend Donuts On Macaroni’s Shed? She then eased your minds on an odd Error task with Homer and Comic Book Guy. Then she got all nerdy and techy to offer some help on the Lag Issue.



ANOTHER UPDATE! Phew EA is really paying attention to our yelling. I like this. Lol. Alissa notified us on this one. Then she ends the day with some surprising results for the Easter Event.

SATURDAY: So what do we have in store for you all today??  Well you’ll have to wait and see… 🙂

So there you have it. All the weeks activities. PHEW!! What do YOU think of this weeks posts? Any favorites? Any that helped you out the most? Anything in particular you would like to see written about or added to? Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

Pssssss…hey…you may wanna look at the post over HERE…you really really want to…but only if you like FREE STUFF!! 😉

LEGO 71005_All Minifigures

Til Next Time…

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LEGO Saturday Alissa 3

28 responses to “Weekend Update: May 11th -17th

  1. Is anyone else not getting bonus money when collecting friends? I have all but the Lisa skin but I am only receiving 28 dollars per house, any ideas?

    • If you do not have Cool Lisa skin then you have not maxed out your FP Level again yet. You are not eligible to get the bonus until you hit the Max Level of FP. So just keep tapping away and once you get Cool Lisa, you will see the pop up saying you are getting the bonus again. 😉

  2. I still havent been able to get in since the easter removal, been trying to contact EA since then. I finally caught up with them today and they bassically said sucks to be you itll be fixed when its fixed. I dont know what annoys me more the fact I am missing out on stuff and cant play a game ive put money into or the fact it took me a week to hunt down technical support. They really need to get their act togeather they will lose alot of paying customers.

    • Not a fan of their new customer service system. EVERYTHING but phone support has been outsourced. I don’t think they’ve all been trained properly as often times they’re EXTREMELY rude.
      Here’s what I can tell you to do. Try to get another contact, email or otherwise. If you get chat, ask to speak to a supervisor. Let them know how rude the person was to you. Often times they’ll compensate you, and try to help you out better than the last person.
      Also, as long as you’ve reported an error/problem with your game where you’re locked out from it…they should be able to give you the limited time content you’re missing (Fit Milhouse in this case…Cool Lisa is a Permanent addition to the game)

      • Thanks I really just needed to rant through my withdrawls and my wife is sick of hearing it (though her game still works) its just a shame it is a fun game but they really dont seem to care anymore. I did email a few times and they never got back to me and every timeI tried the chat untill today it didnt work.

        • I know the feeling. My husband doesn’t play…and HATES when I rant about problems.
          It’s a shame the people they have representing the company now. The outsourced help is AWFUL, and do give off the ‘I don’t give a whoop about your problem’ attitude. It’s such a shame because when you get the phone option, and get to speak with the customer service people at EA on the phone…they’re the most helpful, friendly and caring people. The outsourced staff has got to go.

      • I couldnt find a phone number.

        • You have to get the call option. In which case they’ll call you. I don’t know if there’s a specific trick to get the call option, but I know if you try a few origin issue options that’s always worked for me.

  3. Woooo Hoooo! I just went five minutes without my game locking up my phone and kicking me off! I was able to visit almost 20 neighbors in a row! It only took me about 1 3/4 hours to get to all 100 neighbors. Am I the only one who feels like EA was trying to get us to quit playing by a random chance event full of overabundance of mediocre prizes then following up that wound with a fistful of salt with this slow down? Worst update ever!!!

  4. I havent played for a few days, but when i logged in tonight the game is running beyond slow, and when visiting friends springfields i can visit a handful at a time then when going to one it crashes, i go back to the game skip that one friend, collect a few more points then bam another friends place crashes. Anyone else having this issue???

  5. I’ve been having trouble entering neighbor’s towns that I personally know, and it causes my game to shut down. After talking to them I found out they can’t access their game at all. We need to flood EA with emails, chats, and every other means in order to fix this issue. These are fellow Addicts and they need our support.

  6. It’s starting to be very annoying we get these awsome updates then we can’t even seen to play to game . Server always crashes .Will they ever hire a real game tech that understands how to fix the game servers ?

  7. Did I miss another hot fix today? Yesterday and this morning both of my tapping devices were running like doo doo. Tonight the lag is almost non existent.

  8. I just want to say a great big thank you to all of you! You’ve turned what started out to be a nightmarish week for some into a light, fun, sometimes hilarious at points, week. I’m glad you held off on your secret meeting story, I think the timing was perfect 🙂 You might all be cray cray (esp. Bunny), but you pull it off with style 😉

  9. The update that got rid of the Easter event made the game basically unplayable… I got all my neighbors from here and after going to one spring field it crashes. So I start the game up go to ONE MORE friends Springfield so 3 tasks and it crashes… Is there a possibility that we will get this fixed?

    • They are working on it still. Some of the updates are fixing devices. They are puttin the fixes out as soon as one is located.

  10. CXonor13’s Weekly Events…

    Monday: Happily Playing tapped out.
    Tuesday-Present: Cant play the game… I HATE YOU EA!! 🙁 🙁

    • this is a suggestion…. have you tried uninstalling and restarting your device then reinstalling the game. it works for me when i have that issue…

      hope it helps out

    • Yes I have and with no avail…. 🙁
      Cannot play the game at all… I have tried everything…

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