Addicts Want To Know: Easter Survey Results

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Last Monday we posted our Ultimate Easter Survey.  The Addicts wanted to know all about your Easter experience.  And now the results are in…and they may surprise you!  (I know they shocked me in a few areas!)

First, I want to say a HUGE thank you to you guys for your participation in this one!  Obviously Easter was a “hot button” issue for everyone.  We had over 13,000 responses to this one…and in the first day of posting we had over 5,000 responses.  You guys obviously wanted your voices heard when it came to this update…and we loved being able to provide you all with a way to get your opinions out!

So now let’s break down the results of YOUR Easter Experience…

addicts want to know

The Ultimate Easter Survey consisted of 22 questions…still in shock that over 13,00o of you took the time to answer those questions!

Did You Enjoy The Easter Event?
Yes 43%
No 29%
Nothing, Special But I didn’t hate it 27%
No Answer 1%

Through ALL the complaints….it’s a bit surprising that the majority of you actually enjoyed the Easter update!

What “Team” Were You On?
Pink 48%
Blue 52%

A good mix of Team Blue and Team Pink!

Did You Win ALL of the Unique Easter Items?
Yes 11%
No 89%
Did You Win Everything
And Spend Donuts?
Yes 94%
No 6%

So 6% of our readers here that won everything did so with out spending donuts….of that 6%….

Win Everything no Donuts and
No Glitchs?
Yes 90%
No 10%

So out of those who won everything with out spending donuts.  Almost ALL of them experienced ZERO glitchs. (just wait till we get to those glitch numbers)…

Those That Won Everything
What Team Were You on?
Pink 49%
Blue 51%

Pretty even split once again!

Did You Spend Donuts
On Eggs?
Yes 43%
No 57%

THESE numbers surprised me.  I was actually surprised how many people spent donuts on eggs…

About How Many Donuts
Did You Spend on Eggs?
1-15 4%
16-50 28%
51-100 21%
101-150 12%
151-200 9%
201-300 11%
301-400 5%
401-500 3%
500+ 7%

So it looks like the majority of those that spent donuts were willing to invest a small amount on eggs….but very few of you went donut/egg crazy!  (which makes me happy…cause you were listening! 😀 )

Did You Spend Donuts On
Additional Egg Generators
Yes 18%
No 82%

This one also surprised me.  Thought the number of you that purchased an additional MK machine would be higher.  But this shows that you were happy with your free one 🙂

Did You Experience
the Basket Glitch?
Yes 51%
No 49%

This one STUNNED me!  More than HALF of you guys experienced the basket glitch.  Just imagine how much higher that all unique items with no donuts total would be if there was no glitch!   Absolutely FLOORS me!

Did You Experience
Issues w/ Your Zapper?
Yes 26%
No 74%

Another number that surprised me.  Was surprised how many of you had issues with the Zapper!

Did You Report 1 or
More Glitchs to EA?
Yes 11%
No 89%

Here’s another one that kind of made my jaw drop a bit.  Out of those of you that experienced a glitch…only 11% actually reported it to EA.  That shocks me!  Perhaps this could explain why they move slower on glitch fixes?  Not enough reports of them?  This is why we encourage you to report your issues to EA, so they’re aware.  The more Tappers “storming the castle” the quicker they’ll be to respond (look how fast they fixed Friend Points) …

Did EA Resolve
The Issue For You?
Yes 23%
No 68%

My assumption on this one is that the majority of the reports were basket or zapper glitches….

Did You Exchange
Eggs w/ Neighbors?
Yes 95%
No 5%

This one made me smile 🙂  Truly a social update…and you guys certainly took advantage of it!

Did You Win 15 Donuts
For the Sucking Out Task?
Yes 43%
No 57%

Guess this update didn’t have as many fences in it as we thought!

Did You Win the
Faberge Egg?
Yes 76%
No 24%

Looks like as difficulty of finding the egg eventually paid out…as most of you  found that Faberge Egg!

Did You Want Easter
Yes 53%
No 31%
Meh 16%
What Are Your Thoughts
On the Wheel/Box Element?
Hate them! 46%
Love them! 10%
Meh 44%

This one surprised me as well.  Not so much the Love vs. Hate…more so the number of you that really don’t mind the Wheel!  You can take it or leave it!

Overall Rate TSTO
Easter 2014
1 (Worst Update) 10%
2 5%
3 10%
4 11%
5 15%
6 15%
7 20%
8 10%
9 2%
10 (Best Update) 2%

WOW!  The breakdown of this surprised me!

Now that you guys have some of the basic breakdowns let’s get into the actual prizes.  We’re going to do these by box color:

Let’s start with what you DID NOT win: (sorry guys…initial numbers on the prizes won were not correct.  Had the wrong column in the data spreadsheet indicated for calculating…sorry about that!  Corrected now..checked and triple checked.  Thanks to Grectile for calling out the weird results to me! 🙂 )  

What Items from the BLUE Box Did You NOT Win?
Item Pink Blue
Egg Council Guy 45% 11%
Johnny Fiestas 34% 11%
What Items from the PINK Box Did You NOT Win?
Item Pink Blue
Chirpy & Bart Jr 10% 41%
Blocko Store 12% 31%
What Items from the GOLD Box Did You NOT Win?
Item Pink Blue
Banana Dictaorship 7% 8%
Bunny 24601 12% 14%
Fr. Sean 49% 47%
Hugs Bunny 42% 45%
Shary Bobbins 84% 81%

Now let’s see what you won!

What Items from the BLUE Box Did You Win?
Item Pink Blue
Egg Council Guy 55% 89%
Johnny Fiestas 66% 89%
What Items from the PINK Box Did You Win?
Item Pink Blue
Chirpy & Bart Jr 90% 59%
Blocko Store 88% 69%
What Items from the GOLD Box Did You Win?
Item Pink Blue
Banana Dictaorship 93% 92%
Bunny 24601 88% 86%
Fr. Sean 51% 53%
Hugs Bunny 58% 55%
Shary Bobbins 16% 19%

W-O-W!  Look at those splits!  Basically about even in a lot of ways, and you can definitely see how many cleared their main box & it looks as though the Gold Box Odds were pretty close to even for both colors!

So there you have it my friends!  The complete Easter breakdown!  What do YOU think of the results?  Anything jump out at you?  Anything surprise you?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

For now…remember Easter is over.  Time to put all those feelings behind us and move onto bigger and better things! 🙂

LEGO Friday Bunny 3

120 responses to “Addicts Want To Know: Easter Survey Results

  1. Freaking hated the easter update played all day every day to get ponds fences and sun bathing towels…… yeah it sucked ….. :-/

  2. Thanks to the Addicts team for putting this together and for the coverage of the event. My two cents worth:
    I’ve seen a few comments about people winning items after doing the poll, I wonder how much they would skew the results (I’m not suggesting another poll but it kind of relates to my next point!).
    It looks like the event only fully awarded a few people and this feels wrong. It should never be the case that 100% of people get everything but 80% not getting Shary just sounds way too high.
    I think this type of event would have worked with an extension to cover the glitches and a few tweaks to the set up.

  3. I have around 75 friends. I only saw sherry bobbins in two towns. These towns both own everything that you can buy with donughts, one has 7 whales. That means someone was willing to pay $140 dollars just in whales? I think that particular town was a hacked town. Getting off the subject. I still feel like this was a lottery, & the only ones who came out winners, had deep pockets or don’t pay anything they just jail break there towns. I’m still angry at this event, I bought eggs, visited everyday on friends, bought 150 donughts worth of eggs bought the bigger egg generator, everyone who could get eggs including cat lady was doing it. I even held out until they forced me to update. I played so much that I’m still looking for bunnies. EA let me down.

  4. If anyone can help, EA is not addressing the people who cannot access their game since the forced update. If you are having trouble getting into a town, don’t give up. We are missing the episode tie in. I get nothing but generic answers from every attempt to contact EA. Can’t call. Emails ignored. Live Chat ineffectual. What can we do?

    • Hang in there, just because you don’t see a personal response to every single email does not mean no one is listening. It’s impossible to respond to millions at one time. They are listening. They’ve been working on it and continue to. Best you can do is continue to flood the forums. More voices heard the better. And open help tickets. That way you have a time stamp of the issue and can ask for compensation during the time you could not play. I know it’s frustrating, but they really are trying. Putting out fixes as fast as they can.

      • I have not received any kind of response other than “cookie cutter”. I try to remain optimistic but their lack of care is very pessimistic.

      • TSTO detox day 5: The trembling and nervous twitches have largely subsided, however, the halleucinations are still there at times. I asked my wife when her sisters, Patty and Selma, were coming over, and I still refer to my oldest son as “Bart”. But I have been able to make somewhat normal conversations with my wife and sons now for a couple of days, and the callouses on the tips of my fingers are beginning to heal. And I actually saw the sunshine yesterday for the first time in months, as I am usually locked in the basement playing “The Game” whenever I am awake. Or I used to. That is, before the removal of the Easter update and “The Game” started crashing whenever I clicked “Continue”.

        Well….I’m off to go play with my sons and enjoy life outside of “The Game”.


  5. Great job and great poll! Btw for me it’s pretty easy: go back to the system we had like in the Snakes event (sorry, I don’t remember the name right now). The more you farm the more objects you have, like miss Springfield, the two stadiums etc. Same was for the first Valentine and Halloween event. These odds are just a way to make us spend more donuts IMHO.

  6. They need to get rid of the randomness – it was a fun little novelty at Christmas – valentines was ok… Now it is a nuisance! I would say Christmas 2014 was the best so far followed by Halloween 2014 then whacking day that format was awesome showing that with dedication you get all prizes! And that’s what I’m annoyed about: you spend money on donuts and are not even guaranteed a good prize!

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