Join the Scuzzle Fun at TSTO Game!

ico_mhud_fpprizesTo celebrate twenty-five seasons of The Simpsons, our friends over at TSTO game are hosting their very first contest. Everyone is free to participate, even if you are currently unable to log-in to the game. For a complete list of rules, please check their site for further information.

So what kind of contest is it? Read below to find out!

Scavenger Hunt + Puzzle = Scuzzle

Never heard of a scuzzle? It’s a game that’s part scavenger hunt, part puzzle, and totally fun! It involves both searching for puzzle pieces and putting them together.

In fact, you might even find one of the scuzzle pieces here. Clues to help you narrow down its location will be given out via our affiliate’s Twitter feed. So keep an eye out for that, or just start searching!

There is one thing you need to keep in mind though. Don’t share your finds with others, as that is grounds for disqualification.

Aside from that though, just have fun and happy hunting. Let the scavenger hunt commence!

11 responses to “Join the Scuzzle Fun at TSTO Game!

  1. Thanks, Bunny, for leaving the link for completely locked out. I left my very first post on a forum! Unfortunately, I was only #5 :-(. I know there are a lot more out there who are suffering from tapdrawals. Anything we can do to amp this up?

    • Just keep spreading the word here as much as we can, hopefully it will pick up from there.

      • I hope so Bunny, we need to get back to normal (haha, us, normal?)

      • As an old newspaper woman, I find myself dealing with the 5 “W’s”. Who – EA. What – Simpsons. When – Easter. Where – Internet. Why – ??? Do they not know how to beta test?

        • They do BETA test. Does not mean a thing. No one knows how codes will translate until it goes live in millions of devices all at once with play 24/7 going on. Just look at the FG game launch. Even TSTO was riddled with bugs during launch. As well as angry birds, candy crush, ninja fruit…I could go on and on. It is a whole nother ball game so to speak when you do NOT make the device the game is played on (like PS3 or XBOX) so it is not easy to determine how each device translates it. Too many factors.

          Hang in there. They are pushing updates as fast as they can to fix the issues as they come across a patch.

  2. What is this “Twitter” that you speak of?

  3. Where do I start the game, puzzle pieces, where?

  4. Isnt it about time there was an actual fix for the problems in the game ? If it doesnt kick you off the game no end of times it has this problem now of serious lag ???

  5. Thanks for helping out with this contest. I’m looking forward to seeing how well people do in finding the pieces.

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