Where Did THAT Come From: Blood Mobile

How’s it Tappin Hoppereenos? Another Level update, another strange new item in our towns. It leaves us scratching our heads and trying to figure out just why is it there?


bloodmobile 2


The BloodMobile. Where in the Simpsons TV World did it come from? Why bring it into our lil games? Well, let’s look at the episode from WAAAAAAAY back it popped up in.

Season 2, Episode 22: Blood Fued
The town is gathered at the unveiling of a giant sign to let them know the condition of radiation in the town and what to do. The sign was courtesy of Mr. Burns, but he is no where to be found. Smithers rushes to his Mansion to find him sprawled out on the floor, dying fast. He has a lack of blood and needs some soon via transfusion. He has type Double O Negative and Smithers is determined to track some down. So he holds a blood drive at the Plant to see if he can find someone. No one wants to help, but Homer. He sees the $$$ factor in it. He goes home and tells Marge about the situation. She announces Bart has that blood type, so Homer does all he can to convince the boy to donate. The next day, off they go to the Blood Mobile…in care of Otto? Lol. Well, it is a bit worn down from the nice luxurious one we have in our towns now, but it’ll do. (You may remember our lil friend Big Ugly Head Olmec came from this episode as payment for the blood.)

bloodmobile 1

bloodmobile 2

So there you have it. A lil blip in an episode and BAM…in our lil game. What do YOU think of it? Know where YOU want to put it at? Let us know.


Til Next Time…

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28 responses to “Where Did THAT Come From: Blood Mobile

  1. I know were to put it now I’m Ganna make a ambulance park and a blood mobil right beside the hospital because you know the blood Mobil looks more like an ambulance and that episode blood Mobil doesint look like our blood Mobil

  2. I don’t know what to do with it . All it does is if you tap it you see blood on windows and it makes a splat sound its kinda weird but I brought it just for the hell of it

  3. It looks to me like a motorhome so I am looking to see where I can put it may be near Springfield mountain…….I really need some more land and soon

  4. My main excitement about this item is that it lets me turn extra cash into XP far more quickly. I haven’t done the calculations to see if the cash/XP ratio is the same, but nevertheless it will save me lots of time becasue now I don’t have to buy and sell countless weather stations. This item sure makes getting those bonus donuts easier!

  5. Mine took up the last available space in my car park – if they release more vehicles, I have to bulldoze the park next to it to make room for more parking lots. Who needs parks, when you can have a parking lot?! 😉

  6. Hey addicts team, I have a WDTCF question. Recently I have noticed a decorations in a few friends towns and was wondering which update it is from and which episode it in as well. It is a gold staue of Smithers holding the head of Mr. Burns, thanks.

  7. Next to helter shelter………….

  8. Since it looks like a big ambulance I have a Blood Mobile that appears to be coming out of the 3d parking garage of the Hospital, and one tucked behind the building with the front part sticking out a little bit.

  9. i put it next to the krusty burger 😉

  10. Gotta love that *splat* and that slow drip down the windows

  11. still cant get in, and when i do i get kicked out trying to visit neighbors

  12. I bought 2 and put them in different areas where I thought people might donate LOL

  13. I just really love this site, bunny and friends make it fun! Yes, I’m hooked!

  14. Is it just me or did anyone else put the bloodmobile next to Burns’ mansion and/or Burns’ crypt?

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