Where Did THAT Come From: Duff Party Liner

Level 41… Oh Yeah!

Wookiee back with yet another WDTCF for our newest level update.  The lady Addicts decided I got to do this one because I’m the resident beer enthusiast. Nothing like a Duff to top off your event and with this new update, we got yet another radical Duff item to add to not only our towns, but our waters.  (I can hear Bunny cry “eeeee….. boats” all the way from the basement.)

Duff partyliner

The Duff Party Liner is a unique (oh yeah!) premium decoration that costs 100 donuts (oh no!).  When placed in your town, it gives a 2.75% bonus to all game dollars and XP.  Pretty sweet to have a new boat even if it is pricey.  I can tell you this one is certainly Duffman approved.

So to find where exactly this new decoration comes from, it’s as easy as heading over to one of the best episodes from the last 10 years, “Eternal Moonshine of the Simpson Mind” (S19:E9).  Homer loses his memory after drinking a Forget-Me-Shot at Moe’s.  (A splash of Jagermeister, sloe gin, Triple-Sec, Quadruple-Sec, gunk from a dog’s eye, Absolut Pickl, the red stripe from Aquafresh toothpaste and the venom from the Louisiana Loboto-moth all stirred with a home pregnancy test until it turns positive.)

This entire episode revolves around Homer trying to figure out what happened the night before and why his family is gone.  Thinking he’s a wife-beater and that Marge is cheating on him with Duffman, Homer reaches bottom.  He can’t live without Marge.  Aided by a helpful push from Patty & Selma, Homer jumps off Suicide Bridge: In Memory of Governor Chester L. Suicide.

As Homer’s life flashes before his eyes, he realizes what really happened. Marge was throwing him a surprise party sponsored by Duff and he erased his memory so he could actually be surprised but it’s too late….  Or is it?

Homer lands on a moon bounce on none other than the Duff Party Liner.  Turns out he realized what would be the outcome of his memory erasing and had Lenny & Carl make sure the boat has something for him to land on when he committed suicide.

Duff Party Liner

This really is a great episode that you should watch.  I left out some things just so you can enjoy it.  Lots of laughs and some glayvin even.  The whole thing ends with Marge and Homer kissing and headed out to sea for an extra hour of party time.  Fireworks shoot off which is why our TSTO item does the same when tapped.  Just hope the boat doesn’t sink because I have it on good authority the life vest cabinet is full of only Duff.

Duff Party Liner 2

NERD NOTE: .cixelsyd si namffuD nrael ew erehw osla si edosipe sihT

What do you think of this new decoration?  I had to buy it even if 2 cop cars would be a better investment for the bonus.  I think of this deco as a reminder of a really good episode.  Y’all stay classy and TTFN… Wookiee out!

8 responses to “Where Did THAT Come From: Duff Party Liner

  1. I just watched the episode. It’s so good!
    I was laughing at the ‘a photo a day’ part, really good!
    The sofa moment in this episode it also pretty awesom!
    Anyway, I play freemium so won’t be buying the duff liner 🙁
    Also loosing the love for tsto since the end of Easter!

    • It’s a really great one. As for the love, you’ll always find a bunch here. About 90% of the game is still for free if that makes you feel any better.

      • So good! I watched the next episode too, would’ve liked to see the fast food boulevard restaurants in tsto but it got blown up 🙁
        I just feel a bit like the events make the game more interesting and playable where as without the events I’m constantly saving for the next build so I can’t really play the game, other than putting people onto tasks, I’m only on once or twice a day to collect from building and tap thumbs if they’re ready xx

        • Events are fun but trust me when I say if there was always one, you’d get burnt out also. I expect something this summertime, only EA knows what it’ll be. Progressing through all the levels can take time but there’s always other things to occupy time in real life between taps. Meanwhile, we’re here to entertain.

          • I spend so much time on tsto lol.
            I love it here.
            I know if it were like it all the time we’d get equally bored as it can be when there isn’t an event.
            It’s horrible when you save up 440000 and have to spend it on one house though! Sanjay’s will be built pretty soon and then it’s on to more saving for some expansions lol

  2. I’m mad that I was able to read that nerd note so easy

  3. Love it. Love it. Love it. More things to add to my Duff Party corner!!!

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