Simpsons News: International-ish Version

Ohio gozaimasu!  How you bean dune peanuts?

Wookiee reporting in and I thought it might be appropriate to greet y’all with a non-English greeting.  Semi-appropriate because this round of Simpsons News includes all international articles.  Most of you know I like to fart around the ultraweb looking for things about the Best. Show. Ever. and boy oh boy did I find some different stuff.

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First up… the United Kingdom.  Oi Oi Oi!

Did you know that there is a play that is going to premiere in London (June 5th) that is based on The Simpsons?  So weirdly cool.  The play’s title is Mr. Burns.  So epic and probably one of the first plays which will be “Excellent” whether or not it’s actually good.

Just because it actually fits in with mention of the theatre and is one of his characters, beloved voice actor Harry Shearer is also headed to the stage in England.

Also from the UK, fashion label Drop Dead is debuting a Simpsons-inspired line.  Looks to be all Itchy & Scratchy and pretty sweet.  Nothing yet on the Drop Dead website that I saw, but something to look forward to if you like this style of clothing. (Update: Readers Durtysport and Wigglekitty inform me the clothes are there now… check it out)

Heading across the globe, we next go to the Land of Oz aka Australia.  Our favorite family once went there (watch out for the drop bears) and now Duff Beer is too.  I am completely jealous but I guess I could go to Florida if I had to have one.

Lastly, is just some very interesting articles having to do with Syria, Russia and Egypt.  Since I know these could be potentially touchy subjects, I’ll keep my commentary to a minimum.  Please know that all these articles are unaffiliated with our site and don’t represent our views or opinions (we’re pretty good about doing that ourselves lol).  I just thought it might be interesting and thought-provoking to share.

First up, a claim that the Best. Show. Ever. predicted civil war in Syria.  This article also includes a brief response from showrunner Al Jean.

I knew the Party Posse was up to something.  Anywho… I also found an article suggesting the Simpsons predicted issues between Ukraine and Russia.  Weird.

First they predict smart phones, then they predict Super Bowls, I’ve even seen sites claiming prediction about the end of the world.  Some people seem to take The Simpsons much more serious than this fuzzball.

The last article is about another strange claim and I’ll leave it at that.  In fairness, this article was not written by the parties making said claim.  I actually laughed as I read this one but maybe it’s because I get the ludicrousness.  Fair warning, it might make you shake your head or even have some sort of emotional response so skip it if you’re having a weird day.

Well, that’s it for this round of Silly Springfield News with an international-ish flavor.  Sound off below with any thoughts or comments, just please keep it all respectful.  Have a great day/week/whatever and I’ll see you around.

TTFN… Wookiee out!

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  1. Woolloomooloo is so far away from me!! Lucky there’s a Dan Murphys just up the road. Going to investigate immediately, will report back shortly!

  2. Welcome.

  3. Interesting stuff as always Wookiee! But regarding Harry Shearer, he’s actually headed to London’s West End and not here on Broadway (yet).

  4. (SMH)
    I prefer to be paranoid and believe I’ve been probed by Kang & Kodos, and the Simpsons predicted it.

  5. Its on their website now.

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