Silly Simpsons: Blasts from the Past (and a cool video)

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How are my favorite tappers doing?  Wookiee popping in to share some more silly stuff about the Simpsons.  Most of this is older news but I think it’s funny and who doesn’t need a break from life in general sometimes.  I’ve been saving up articles and figured it might be time to share. Most come from the Daily Mirror.  Without further rambling, click more to see what this edition of Silly Simpsons includes.

Wookiee Attic

First up, an article with some complaints people sent the FCC about the Simpsons.  After reading these I figured I’m a lucky guy not to have to deal with complaints about the actual show.

The next one is pretty cool.  You may remember hearing about the real life Simpsons home.  I’ve seen photos of the outside of the house but never the inside.  This article included a bunch of images so I had to share.  I only wonder how the winner could pass up this gem and not want to live in it.

real life simpsons house

Just because I like general weirdness in life, this article peaked my interest. Seems life imitates art.  You think the stargazer fish also says D’oh?

This last little bit is a video by beautiful daughter found.  There’s a really interesting video by Brock Baker with Simpsons impressions we’ve shared here but apparently he’s not the only person doing impressions.  This video was made once upon a time as a submission for a contest.  Pretty nifty.

Well… hope you enjoyed the silliness.  Keep on tapping in the free world and y’all stay classy as usual.  TTFN… Wookiee out!


7 responses to “Silly Simpsons: Blasts from the Past (and a cool video)

  1. Hey, did you & your daughter see XMen yet? any thumbs up, some thumbs up? Did she like it more than you? Inquiring minds want to know 😉

    • Going this Sunday but every person I know who has seen it says it was amazing and connected the last 14 years of movies very well.

      • Can’t wait to hear what the “experts” say 🙂

        Make sure you’re back in time for Sunday night, we’ll have to find another great topic to find in common for most of us 🙂

        Hey… never heard how finals went, you probably didn’t get your grades yet, but you have some idea?

  2. I loved it! Thanks Wookiee, that was so fun 🙂


    Hey, wait, before everything. i wish that they make a character of Mason Fairbanks, his real Dad.

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