Stonecutters are Here! (Updated & Complete)

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Who controls the British crown? Who keeps the metric system down? We do, we do!
Who keeps Atlantis off the maps? Who keeps the Martians under wraps? We do, we do!
Who holds back the electric car? Who makes Steve Guttenberg a star? We do, we do!
Who robs cavefish of their sight? Who rigs every Oscar night? We do, we do, we do!’

The Stonecutters have arrived in Springfield!  Yes, that’s right after a year and nearly 9 months of TSTO EA has FINALLY brought the secret society to our Springfields!

Photo Jun 03, 12 42 14 PM

Be sure to hit up your App Store for the newest update:

Update is live on iOS version 4.9.0
Update is live on Android Devices…
Amazon friends…please let us know when you see it on your device

For those who like to be surprised we’ll post spoilers below the fold.  However, we will tell you that Homer kicks off the event with an Autostart.

Now…warning spoilers ahead!

Robed figure 2

Your first task will be to Rebuild the Stonecutter Lodge it costs $2,000 and is a 16hr build.  Also it comes with number 1  AFTER you build the lodge that’s when the event will start.  Homer then has a 4 hour task before you see all the goodies.  We’ll be posting a turbo tap soon for all your viewing pleasure.

Event Ends July 2nd, 2014

Here’s what the update has brought us….

New Buildings:


Stonecutter LodgeStonecutter Lodge- $2,000, 16hr build (comes with number 1)

Stonecutter Daycare CenterStonecutter Daycare Center- $250,000, 24hr build


Abandoned Store 1 Abandoned Store– 30 donuts

All Seeing Eye All Seeing Eye- 100 Donuts Earns Emblems 



Tube Slide Tube Slide– $2,500

Hieroglyph Wall 3 Hieroglyph Wall– $500


Chest of Sacred Artifacts Chest of Scared Artifacts – 55 Donuts Earns Emblems


#1 victory poseNumber 1 (comes with Stonecutters Lodge)


#51 phone home 1 Number 51– 100 Donuts


Homer Chosen one 1 Number 908– FREE (after you build the Lodge and go through a bit of dialogue)


#2 Hibbert Number 2– 60 Donuts

#314 Frink Number 314– 12 Donuts

The Game: 

Here’s how the Stonecutters Event is played…

Photo Jun 03, 1 00 30 PM

Game Currency:

438758bd6e5c4f0d9ec9c36999108ee9Emblems are the new game currency.  You’ll earn Emblems by Doing Number 1’s Tasks, Visiting Neighbors, Tapping the Hooded Men, Completing the Questline & Stopping Neighbors from Spying on You.

The Prizes: 

Stonecutter Completed Emblem Prizes

Sacred ParchmentSacred Parchment- 1450 Emblems Collected

#36 Krusty Number 36– 4,000 Emblems Collected

Chest of Sacred Artifacts (1)Chest of Sacred Artifacts- 6,500 Emblems Collected

#600 Skinner #85 Willie Number 600 & Number 85- 10,000 Emblems Collected

#29 Burns Money PoolNumber 29 & Money Pool- 14,000 Emblems Collected

#50 Wiggum#79 Disco StuNumber 50 and 79– 18,000  Emblems Collected

Stone of TriumphStone of Triumph– 22,500 Emblems Collected

#12 Lenny #14 Carl #5 JasperNumbers 12, 14 & 5- 28,000 Emblems Collected

Stonecutter tableStonecutters Table- 31,500 Emblems Collected

Satan's AnvilSatan’s Anvil– 35,000 Emblems Collected

Number 1’s Tasks:

Complete Task’s Given by Number 1 to earn more emblems.  We’ll have more posts about this later.

Robed Figure:

Tap the Robed Figure in your town to earn more Emblems (4 emblems per tap). They Spawn 1/hr.  A Max of 6 in your Springfield.  And it looks like there is no bank.

Robed figure 2

Spy on Your Neighbors:

Spy on your neighbors (tap buildings with Cameras) to Collect More Emblems.

Photo Jun 03, 1 18 43 PM (1) Photo Jun 03, 1 18 55 PM

Ok guys…that’s it for this rundown post!  We’ll be back with more info about each and every aspect of this event as we work through it ourselves.  However, this event so far looks AMAZING!  It’s exactly what everyone was asking for…back to collecting Emblems to earn prizes.  No Wheel… no game of chance… Just earn your emblems and you’ll unlock your prizes!

Happy Spying Friends!

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  1. So is it too late to build the stonecutters lodge? I know the event ended but is it still possible to build? I missed out on all the robed goodness.

  2. Phil...add me neighbors lol

    Hmmmm fAmily guy had the same update and it sucks…I just downloaded this game with this update so I’m hoping its better

  3. I’ve almost unlocked all of the prizes. But for some reason, when I unlocked the Lenny Carl and Jasper robes, they never showed up. Anyone else have this issue or know how to solve it?

  4. I was just visiting friends when an email popped up, when that happens the game reloads my Springfield, just now it reloaded my Springfield and Krusty popped up and said I would get punched by the money fist? Does that have anything to with this event?

  5. Not sure if this has been asked or answered yet, but does anyone know what will happen to Number 1 when the event is over? Will he go away, will he get quests like the others or will he be another “decoration” walking around my town?

  6. One of my neighbors has 2 stonecutter is that possible?

    • They, more than likely, have a hacked game. As you can see from what other players have said in the comments, if you get more than 1 of something and it’s unique it stays in your inventory forever (part of the game coding). The only way to have more than 1 of something that’s unique (like the lodge) it’s more than likely they’re played a modded game.

  7. Just a quick question what task do we see homers “costume of the chosen one” rather than the generic stonecutter costume?!?

  8. and what if i dont have a character to make an quest ? for example i dont have Agnes Skinner.

  9. Hey everybody! 🙂

    I dont Got any friends,

    Add me please : llcoolgonz

    Thank you!! 🙂

  10. Hello,
    I was wondering if anyone knew how many puzzles (or riddles) we need to solve between each prize in The Sacred Parchment? (I know the first one you got as soon as you did the first puzzle, then you had to solve 4 to get the next one…) I am trying to plan out when I will get each prize. Thank you in advance 🙂 valbelair261

  11. I have a really annoying bug in the game. I collected enough emblems to get the parchment and then placed. However I play the game on two devices and since I switched every time I start the game I get the pop up that I’ve won the parchment. It won’t register it on the the screen or give me the next item which I now have enough emblems for. How do I fix this problem?

  12. Does the daycare center come with tasks??? I thought i saw that but also thought i may be wrong.

  13. Should I buy the abandoned store?

  14. no emblems are dropping when I visit neighbors and click on the cameras. is anyone else having this issue?

  15. I’m tapping my friends and not getting any tokens!! Is this happening to anyone else?!

  16. Does anyone else have problems with the number 1 tasks? If I tap on him or on the icon in the right corner the screen flashes so I cant do any task that give extra emblems at the moment because I cant see them :/

    • I just updated the glitch post…

      In the meantime try this…look on the calendar I made to see the time frames for the tasks (they go in order 1 to 4 for the day), then using that…go to the tasks list I have below and then you can just locate the characters on those tasks and see who has one of those random task in there lists to send them.

      For instance, today is 1 hr/ 2hr/ 2hr/ 4hr…so find the tasks in those brackets and see if your character can be sent without tapping on Number 1.

      Let me know if that works.


    Have I placed the sacred parchment, yet every time I log in it tells me to place it again! It has -130 donuts to buy it now?! And I have 3344 emblems and I’m stuck on the parchment help wtf!?

    • I am getting reports from a few players on this issue now. Try storing it, resetting your device, then replacing it again to see if that helps.

      Outside basic troubleshooting, EA is the next step of help.

  18. This is getting frustrating. Ea closed my case because I had an old resolved case with the same issue that was fixed by updating my phone software. The new one is “resolved” and old one is still closed. Problem is the last update issued keeps prompting and I can’t play until I download it (daily, sometimes twice daily). Phone software is up to date, I’ve tried the troubleshooting tips and nothing. 🙁

    • If they close it without resolution, contact them back and this time ask for a supervisor or manager. Don’t let the generic rep just give you the same responses.

      • Thanks! They took all the info and are passing it along after reopening it. I hope they figure it out soon!

      • Ugh. They gave me steps to try for an iPad (which I don’t have and specified I had an iPhone 4s) and close it again! Apparently after accessing my account with an android and an iPad they don’t see a problem.

      • They more or less gave me the same thing to try again plus downloading iTunes, which I already have so I’m not sure what that has to do with my phone. Didn’t explain that and told me to do all this on my iPad and aren’t responding anymore. It just says my case was closed. I talked with apple and short of setting my phone back to factory settings I’ve tried everything else. Ea also said they think its a memory leak problem but tsto is the only app with problems and the apple rep said it should effect everything, not just one. More or less, not their problem. Maybe I can do out my husbands old phone and hope it works so I can play this event because I really don’t want to lose everything.

      • Another question, so far so good on not prompting any updates today (woo hoo) but tsto is taking up over 400 mb of space on my phone. Is that normal?

      • It used to take up less than 100, maybe my problem is fixed!! No updates since I reinstalled it earlier today. Tentative woo hoo!!

  19. Does number 51 have any tasks? I wanna know before I buy it 😀

    • Yes, we’ll have a Should I Buy up soon (after all the intro game play stuff is up) but he does have tasks and a questline 🙂

  20. okay is this supposed to happen most of my neighbors have just the usual cash above their buildings only about 15 neighbors have the camera I only got like one stonecutter emblem for the first 55 actions then goes back to cash even when I tap a camera. I thought it might just be because my neighbors hadn’t updated but they have the stonecutters lodge so they have to have should I take this to EA or is this supposed to be the case? it doesn’t seem right.

  21. agentkat13757

    So what if I don’t have one of the characters (i.e Arnie or Carl & Lenny-didn’t reach level 27 yet) Could I still win their stonecutters skin once I reach enough emblems?

  22. LOVE THE UPDATE SO FAR!!!! So many new details on buildings ie ice rink and duff stadium. Always been a fan of earning ‘currency’ in this case emblems and delighted to see it return!

  23. What happens if we do not have some of the characters, for example Disco Stu or Jasper? Do we get the characters? I’m confused

  24. How do you get the kids to drink the extra cold squishee

  25. Bunny, did you notice the little tractor peeking out of the Skating Ring we got during christmas? just saw it today, never before? Maybe more buildings have these details now the stonecutters got inside? :p

  26. Hello. Can the Kwik-E-Mart not be stored in inventory anymore? Previously, it did …… Please confirm. Thanks

    P.S. Apu is on a task inside Kwik-E-Mart, and I needed him to solve a riddle. Thats when I discovered that the Kwik-E-Mart was not storing

  27. Hididdlyhomer

    I’m glad EA has returned to what worked. This event harks back in part to the first major event back in October 2012, when we had to solve a few puzzles to earn prizes.

  28. this might have already been mentioned, but a lot of my buildings will randomly have the “i’m being used” animations (for lack of a better term) when they’re not being used. sometimes when they have been spied on by neighboreenos but sometimes not. Today somebody had spied on my guinea pig rescue center, and I got to see that cute guinea animation for the first time since we got it 🙂 and now I have a zamboni at my skating rink and i don’t know if i am hallucinating.

    • You are hallucinating…but that is besides the point. 😛

      We have more coming on this. I am loving all the “awakened” animations. Stuff I haven’t seen for a LONG time.

  29. If I buy with d’nuts Doc Hibberts stonecutter skin, will he have premium tasks with premium payouts or is it just a skin with normal payouts?
    Just working out how much to buy 🙂

    • A lot of info on all the skins still coming. To help…

      Dr. Hibbert regular 60 minute task: Do Surgery Outdoors/ 1hr/ $60 & 17XP
      Dr Hibbert Stonecutter Skin (#2): Quick Drink at the Stonecutter Lodge/ 1hr/ $115 & 26XP

      Homer regular 60 minute task: Shop at Kwik-E-Mart/ 1hr/ $70 & 17XP
      Homer Stonecutter Skin (#908): Quick Drink at the Stonecutter Lodge/ 1hr/ $80 & 17XP

      Hope that helps. 😉

      • Thanks bunny girl, I knew that you would be getting skin info up at some point, but wondered if it was worth the sprinkled treats for Doc’s skin.
        looks like it could be, might get the Prof as well as I’ve been after him for a while and his skin is pretty good value. X

  30. OliviaLaTrivia

    Under #1’s tasks it says “complete tasks in a row to increase your reward”. Question, what exactly is meant by “complete tasks in a row” & what is the reward?

    • Well you have to go in order no matter what. Lol. However, the more you complete…the more Emblems you earn. That is the reward…the extra Emblems. The faster you earn them, the faster you unlock all the cool Emblem Prizes and skins for characters.

      • OliviaLaTrivia

        That simple. Guess I was reading too much into the statement. It’s late & I need to go to bed.

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