Who’s Got An Update Coming Soon…We Dooo!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Well…it looks like SOMETHING BIG is coming!  An update just hit the files BUT it has not yet hit our tapping devices.  However, this is going to be HUGE.

Wookiee’s post about EA’s spoiler yesterday is coming true…and the Stonecutters are on their way!

It looks like it’ll be an app store update so if it follows suit of previous updates, something will be hitting the app stores between 11:30-1:30pm EST, so be sure to check  your app stores for the update.

We’ll be back with more once the update hits!

Happy Tapping Friends!

Stonecutter Logo


P.S. We know all about the spoiler sites.  We’re in the files ourselves right now pulling loads of images and data for when the update hits.  However, our policy is, and has always been, we don’t post spoilers unless EA posts them first (like the image on Facebook last night).  Otherwise, we wait until the update actually hits and as soon as it hits we roll out TONS of info, but only after we’ve confirmed it to be actually in the game itself.  It’s just the way we do things around here.  We promise as SOON as the update hits, you guys will have ALL of the info as fast as humanly possible, if not faster.  🙂


60 responses to “Who’s Got An Update Coming Soon…We Dooo!

  1. Now, if only the game would let me back in…

  2. Oh boy, how exciting. But yet to see it in my iOS App Store. I’ll keep looking. I know how they sometimes stagger the releases by zones.😉

  3. Stonecutters lodge 200 cash 16hour build
    Three stone cutter character sets
    Dis gon be gud

  4. The game description says the update is available but I can’t update it I don’t know why please help me. And how do you paste picture in the comments from your photo library.

    • I sometimes takes a few times resetting your device for it to trigger. I haven’t seen it just yet in Google Play store.

    • It’s just taking a little to hit everyone’s devices. As for pic sharing… best bet is to provide a link to dropbox/flickr/etc.

      • Don’t have Dropbox Flickr ect. So I can’t not a biggy just that the update is in the What’s New section but not showing up in my Updates. Tried EVERYTHING!
        PS I’ve been checking the AppStore and your site like a psycho today. 😉

      • I was desparate enough to do that too! 🙂 Now I’m just waiting with the Jeopardy tune stuck in my head.:)

  5. Yay! Saw the Facebook message for this post and decided to check iOs and there it is! 😀
    Thanks guys.

  6. Hooray!! It’s just hit on iOS!

  7. What would we do without you guys informing us!! So excited!!!!

  8. Do you know if this gonna be a major update (Easter, Halloween) or something like valentines?

  9. Hope it hits soon. Preferably in the free time I will soon have between finishing my planning for tonight’s Guide meeting and the actual meeting which is at 7:30pm UK time. Otherwise the update will have to wait until tomorrow for me as I will be going to bed straight after my meeting finishes. Joys of 5am (UK time) starts 😞

  10. I can’t even start the game. My screen is just black. And there is no update Play Store…

  11. Is this gonna be in game cash or real cash?

  12. Don’t know if you like spoilers but this seems “official” enough.

    I am going to get the costume for Frink.
    So cheap yet so useless. 🙂

    • our policy is we don’t post until it’s in the game, or EA posts a spoiler on it. We’re in the files right now pulling all the info…we see what he’s got up on his site & then some. Just don’t post until it’s in the game 🙂

      • Alright got ya.
        And sorry for doing that I was so excited and almost out of my mind! 🙂

        • No problem…there is a LOT of info. It looks like this is gonna be fun. TONS N TONS, so we want to make sure its all verified. Takes a lil bit but we are working like crazy and frakkin a million miles a minute. Lol. 😉

      • Gunna be awsome. Im excited!

  13. Looks like we get a lot of stonecutters

    Probably in a stupid wheel >:|

    • From what we’re seeing it looks like a decent balance. But we won’t know exactly how it works until it hits.
      PS I had to delete your other comment. We KNOW all about what’s in the files (and we don’t need SpAnser’s site to tell us). We see them, and we’re working through them right now. But it’s our policy to not post spoilers until the game is live or unless EA posts a spoiler. But yes…lots of good stuff coming 🙂

  14. I just hope the Stonecutter’s building does not cost a ton of donuts to get. *crosses fingers* Please be freemium, please be freemium.

  15. I absolutely LOVE this site!! THE. BEST. SITE. EVER. and with a phenominal staff of wonderful, funny, informative, knowledgeable, geeky, furry ppl!!! 😉 😉 😉

  16. I don’t know how I would cope now without updates like this from you guys. I love knowing when I should leave everyone free since it is always a nightmare when you send everyone on their 24 hour tasks just before an update lands.

  17. Hey, I posted a comment on Wookie’s initial thread with my hopes/speculation for the update but it’s been awaiting moderation for hours 🙁

    • Ahhh i’m sorry. I’ll push it now. I’m home sick today…so my head is in a bit of a fog

      • Ah, no worries. I’ll paste it below here too so we can get the debate going lol! Hope you’re not too ill to play the update. I seriously cannot wait!!

        OK, so maybe I’m getting a little bit too excited (manic..) waiting for the Stonecutters update/event to land, but I just thought of something amazing I’d LOVE for EA to do with this.

        Remember the secret cave shortcut that Homer gains access to after joining the Stonecutters? Well, how about the cave gets added to the mountains at the top of our towns, and on the other side we get new land opened up for…. A SECRET STONECUTTERS BASE!

        This actually makes a lot of sense to me as most people are going to reach the land adjacent to the mountains within a few weeks of first playing, and it also allows EA to give us all a finite amount of new land to work with without killing the servers, like with Squidport.

        Chances are I’m entirely wrong and my dreams will be crushed, but if I’m right then I’m a GOD, and no, I’m not sitting on an ice-cream sandwich 🙂

      • Also, here’s hoping that whatever it is, it doesn’t require a preliminary 24 hour task to kick things off!

  18. I hope this app store update doesn’t cause the same problems the last one did!

    • me too!

    • Don’t know about other people, but my game crashes on login after the update, so I’ve been unable to do anything in the game since then (this is on both the iPhone and iPad). I’ve put in a ticket to EA through their website, but haven’t heard anything. I think I’ll try installing the game on my old Android table to see if that will do anything.

      • Just to reply to myself, logging in on the Android tablet and dismissing the “daily play bonus” selection window that was displayed seems to have solved the problem, and now I can login on the other devices as well.

    Run for you’re lives!!!

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