Addicts Question Corner: YOUR Stonecutter Questions Answered

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

The not so secret society of the Stonecutters are here at last!  Anyone else have the Stonecutter’s song stuck in their head?! And naturally with any new event there are LOADS of questions that come with it…..especially for one this intricate!

I’ve been noticing a few questions popping up in the comments of some posts and, while we try to answer each one individually, I thought everyone could benefit from the answers to these questions.  So it’s time for another addition of Addicts Question Corner….

stonecutters questions

Where’s the Nighthawk Diner?  I thought that was going to be in this update?  You said it would be!
First off…we NEVER posted (check any and all of our posts) that Nighthawk would be making a comeback in this update.  Just about every other TSTO site posted it would, but we didn’t.  And there’s a reason for it….the same reason why we don’t post spoilers (unless EA releases them).  You can see SO many things in the files & never know how it’s going to hit the game, until it hits the game.  For example…Satan’s Anvil has been in the game files FOREVER and is just now hitting our games.  For that reason, we don’t post things until we can verify them in the game because we don’t want to mislead you guys.
Here’s the deal with the Diner…’s not in the game for purchase again.  Not yet anyway.  Right now if you didn’t unlock Rex and the Diner last year during the July 4th Event you can’t get them.  That’s not to say they might not appear in the game at some point during the Stonecutters Event…they could very well show up at the end (July 2nd) which would make sense because it’s on par with July 4th again.  But as of right now…it’s not in the games for purchase.  (I’ve verified this on my C game that I just created 3 months ago, and many of you have commented that you don’t see it in your game).
Rex Banner & Flanders TSTO Nighthawk Diner TSTO

Where are my robed figures?!
Robed figure run
Many of you are reporting that you don’t see robed figures in your Springfield’s and want to know what’s the deal.  Well the deal is…to robed figures appear after a prompt/quest from Number 1.  The questline is Quash Those Who Trespass Against Us, and Number 1 will start it.
This quest will NOT appear for you until after sometime between the time when you’ve collected from 5 houses (Part 3 of Game of Stones), Sent Lisa to Look for Clues (Part 1 of The Secret of the Cut Stone) and started Number 1’s Daily Task (Part 4 of Game of Stones).  It’s slightly different for everyone, but somewhere in there that quest will start.
Once it starts you will have 6 figures appear in your town all at once.  This only happens the first time and for that quest.  Once you’ve cleared those 6 figures then the counter/spawn time starts.  At this point you will get 1 robed figure every hr in your town, with a max of 6 in your town at once.  There is no bank, so they won’t store up for you after that 6 max.  And you’ll earn 4 emblems for everyone you squash.
Also, note that the robed figures are spies.  So they’re sneaky and quick.  They run around your town and disappear and reappear, so they may be hard to spot and catch.  When you’ve collected all that are in your town you’ll get a popup that says you’ve cleared them for now:

When do Number 1’s Tasks Reset for Each Day?  How About the Sacred Parchment Tasks?
Number 1’s Daily Tasks reset each day at midnight in YOUR timezone (so if you’re in PST it’s midnight your time, EST midnight your time etc).  The Sacred Parchment Tasks reset each day at 8:00GMT, or 4:00am EST.

If You Miss A Day Do the Tasks Add Up?
Number 1’s Daily tasks do not.  You must complete those tasks in a 24hr period to earn the full bonus each day.
However, the Sacred Parchment Tasks do.  Those can build up for you, so if you miss a day you’re still good.  It’s just that a new one will unlock each day, and you can’t speed up the unlock rate.

Will I Still Earn Skins for Characters I Don’t Yet Have? (Premium or higher level Characters)
Yes.  The good news is the skins, once you’ve unlocked them, will stay in your Inventory until you’ve unlocked or purchased the character.  In my C game I haven’t yet unlocked Moe, so his Stonecutter Skin is waiting in my inventory until Moe Arrives in my Springfield.  This will also happen with Premium Characters you don’t yet own:

Why Does it Say Earning 0 Emblems for the Next 0 Friend Actions?
You’re limited to 60 friend actions per day that will earn you emblems, so 60 total emblems from friends every 24hrs.  (Results of visiting 20 friends and tapping 3 items per town)  However, IF you’ve completed any friend actions prior to the spying update hit your town and that clock as not yet reset (so still on countdown from 24hrs) THOSE actions count against your total.
In other words if you visited 5 friends prior to enabling spying on your neighbors and collected from their towns, so 15 actions, those 15 actions count AGAINST your 60 total actions per day.  And once that clock resets on those towns you’ll be able to earn tokens again.
So basically…tap wisely.  If a friend hasn’t updated their town yet (the emblems over their town in your main Springfield neighbor screen will reader higher than 0), skip their town for now and move on.  DON’T tap piles of money, cash registers, $, or check books or anything else.  ONLY tap Spy Cameras.

Should I Still Spy Neighbor’s Towns Even if I’m not Earning Emblems?
YES!  Spend the time helping your neighbors out.  Remember they earn emblems for unspying their buildings…so go through your whole list and spy on their Springfields.  You’ll still earn money and XP (and FP if you’re still collecting) and it’ll help them out.  In turn this could help you out, if your neighbors do the same for you!

Can I Spy in Krustyland?
Yes.  Be sure to keep an eye on your Krustyland to unspy buildings there too!

Can I Collect My Income From my Buildings?  Or Does the Income Need to Be Active For Friends to Have Something to Tap?
You absolutely can tap your buildings to collect your cash and XP from them.  Whether or not your buildings have income over them is completely independent of a neighbor being able to spy on that building.  So collect your income and boost your bank account!
The key to having a neighbor having something to tap in your town is to make sure you unspy buildings when the pyramid is over them.  The faster you do this the faster the buildings become available for someone else to spy on them AND the more emblems you earn!  (5 emblems if you tap a building within the first 2hrs of it becoming spied on…then you lose 1 emblem for each additional hour. 1 emblem is the minimum…so you’ll always earn something)
Eye Spy Eye Spy 2

Why Did I Randomly Get Donuts?
Some Tappers are reporting free random donuts at the start of Stonecutters.  Don’t question it…just go with it 🙂  We’ll have a post on this up soon…

Does the Daycare Center Have Tasks Associated With It?
Yes, many of the Stonecutters have a task that says Run the Stonecutter Daycare.

Do Neighbor’s Buildings Only Award 1 Emblem when Spied On?
Yes and no.  Here’s the deal….ALL neighbor’s buildings (if you still have tasks left) earn 1 Emblem…EXCEPT The Stonecutter’s Lodge.  If you spy on the Lodge you’ll earn 5 Emblems!
This is a great thing to tap…HOWEVER make sure you clear yours often in your own town.  Also, if you’re out of actions for the day (ie it says you’ll receive 0 Emblems for the next 0 Friend actions) do your fellow Tappers and Don’t Tap the Lodge!  Save it for someone who still will earn emblems.

Where Can I Find Everything You’ve Posted For the Event?
Check out our Stonecutters Event Page here.  That’s where you’ll find the info posted.  I do try to update it at least once a day, if not more.  I know sometimes I don’t update it fast enough for Cguy….BUT I try to keep it as updated as my time allows.

Where Can I Add Friends for the Event?
Check out our Add Friends Feeds.  Currently this is the ONLY place where your friend requests will be approved.  If we see them on any other posts we will delete them…although occasionally 1 slips through, but as soon as it’s spotted it’s deleted.  So try to keep your Friend Requests to those feeds.

What Happens If I Have More Questions?
Just ask…we’re always happy to help in any/every way we can!  You can post your questions here or on the specific thread, we’ll see them.  🙂 Just keep in mind…if your comment isn’t approved it might be because we’re checking on the answer for you.  So as soon as we have it we’ll answer and approve it.

My Comment Hasn’t Been Approved Yet…What the Heck?
Keep in mind during updates you guys LOVE asking questions and commenting and we LOVE answering them and talking with you….BUT because we’re all in different time zones oftentimes there’s only 1 of us in the comments at a time, so it may take a little while before we can get through them all…depending on what else is going on.  Like if you’re trying to write this post, despite 60+ comments pending.  We’ll get to them, we promise.  We don’t ever delete a comment unless it’s set to spark hate, a friend request in the wrong place, or just place mean to one of us or another reader.
While 99.999% of you are SO incredibly respectful of each other and us…please keep in mind that we reserve the right to edit comments for language and threats.  So think before you comment death threats or bad language.  🙂

Ok guys I think that about covers EVERYTHING I can think of at the moment.  Do YOU have any more questions?  Anything else you’re confused on?  Need more clarification?  Let us know in the comments below, we LOVE hearing from you! 🙂

243 responses to “Addicts Question Corner: YOUR Stonecutter Questions Answered

  1. Hi how do I get Nelson to play the guitar to complete level 21 parchment quiz. Can’t find him in game

  2. By the way. NOTHING happening when you tap Homer while singing at the Stonecutters table!!! Tried over and over again! NO DOUGHNUTS!! NOR in ANY of other Homer’s tasks! EVER! I’m just wondering if this “Homer tapping” is ONLY for few random players and I belong to the “other not elected group”! And I assure you, I did it right, just not expected results!! :(( Any kind words of consolation??

    • No it’s for everyone. Let’s just make sure you have it done right. You send Homer to sing. While he’s singing tap on him once. Bring up that box that says the task and how much time is left. Leave that box there. Then tap on Homer at least 10 more times. Just make sure you don’t rapid task so fast you miss a popup that might come up saying super secret bonus.

      • THANK YOU so much Alissa! FINALLY got the doughnuts bonus! The only other comment: my finger was sore after, SO much I had to tap! 10 times wasn’t enough! :)) I highly appreciate your prompt reply and your presence in this wonderful game! And even when the things don’t go my way, I keep telling myself: is just a game, play and enjoy it! And I REALLY DO!! :))

  3. CapCityGoofball

    Any idea what the hints allude to on the official Tapped Out FB page? I can’t get back in my game right now, there was an update and then I got Barted! 😖

    • It looks to me like they’re alluding to the super secret bonus…where you tap homer at the table and get donuts. 🙂

      • CapCityGoofball

        Ahhh yes, the whole “eat at a stone” wording was throwing me off since the table looks like wood to me. I thought there was an actual purpose to the 24 hour eat at Stonecutter lodge task. 😋

  4. Yesterday I reached 10000 emblems and unlocked two characters but today I am back on 9200 and the two characters gone

  5. wasn’t there going to be a miniupdate on the 20th? someone said on one of the blogs?

    • We said nothing of one. I see nothing. If there’s an update that hits, you’ll see us post on it on main page. Just one of MANY reasons we don’t speculate or push spoilers, we want to see it and have facts to back it. Otherwise, it just misleads readers. 😉

  6. Hi, I was wondering about the puzzles if I can only go on with using donuts if I haven’t reached the certain levels? I am now 22 and saw the puzzle from yesterday says Level 26 in the upper right corner from the puzzle..

    So, am I right?

    Awesome & addictive game!
    Love, Kahen

    • Correct, if you do not have the characters to complete the tasks, the only options are a donut buy out. Try to level up your walkthroughs to unlock as many as you can so you don’t have to spend donuts.

  7. The clock reset for collecting emblems seems to be drifting each day. It’s gone from morning to afternoon to late evening. What is the trigger for the clock that allows it to drift each day? Is it triggered by whoever I visited first on the previous day?

    • YOU set those clocks. It is when YOU first tap on the neighbor that started the 24 hours countdown. My best suggestion to all players is to let ALL the towns reset to zero. Wait til every last one shows 3/3 taps open. Then…pick one to be your “clock”. Then you tap on THAT “clock” first and start the countdown. That way, you will always have one to use that you will know how much time is left in that period. This also allows you to reset the time to when it suits YOU best. So if you like to start at 5pm your time. Let them all clear out and reset…wait til 5 pm your time…then tap away. Just keep in mind, if you are gone for MORE than 24hrs and allow them all to reset again…the clock will not start til that first tap. So how YOU tap will determine the reset time.

      Make sense?

      • Yes, this makes sense to me. EA did not have an answer – should’ve come here first!

        It’s a shame that they didn’t provide a countdown clock this around.

        As always, thanks for the great information and prompt reply!

  8. Hi all, I have question regarding the latest sacred parchment that is relevant to this post – I don’t have Smithers character yet, I’m guessing I will not be able to fulfil the parchment task unless I somehow get that character before the 4th July? If I don’t get the character will I still be able to fulfil later parchment tasks?

    • The other parchment tasks will unlock on their respective dates whether you complete this task or not. As for completing all the tasks for the final prize… if you still don’t have Smithers at the very end, you can spend 12 donuts to complete the task. Up to you ultimately how much you’d want the Stonecovenant decoration.

  9. can someone help me!! i’ve collected 6597 emblems but i haven’t got my prizes such as krusty. i have only the sacred parchment. How do i get the other prizes? Is it something wrong with the game?

  10. Well I paid 12 donuts to get Frinks skin, and I got a message from Homer saying “Really that guy” and a graphic of Frink in a stone cutter suit, and 25xp. Go to Frink – no skin on his tasks. Go to inventory and there is no skin in there either. But I am 12 donuts down… :*(

  11. What quest do I have to start to be able to unlock the library ? I am on level 12 but it is still locked
    Also my friends can’t visit my town, what should I do ?

  12. If I spend donuts to speed up and collect the next prize at 10,000 emblems, will that turn my 6500 emblems to 10k? Or will I just get the prize and stay at 6500? Thanks!

    • It will move your emblem count to the next mark. If you speed up things, it basically means your purchasing the emblems. I’d still advise waiting and seeing where you are later on… completely up to you.

  13. Cynthia - starlitexo

    I saw that someone asked this already, but I can’t find the question anymore. So I’ll just ask again…sorry for the duplicates! I finished one of Number 1’s quests, but before the camera panned to him, I accidentally hit a building. Usually Number 1 drops the emblems after the camera pans to him for the next quest, but this time the emblems didn’t drop. Did I get them or not? It shows that I completed the first Number 1 quest, but I didn’t take note of whether I received the 150 emblems or not. I tried logging in and going to other neighbors, but no change…so maybe I got them? Anyone else have this problem? Thanks!

  14. Has anyone else not been able to connect to the server? I’ve been trying for a half an hour and it keeps going to that “Ugh” screen. :o(

  15. Hey!

    Anyone else gained the 10,000 emblems to get No.85 and 600 (willie and skinner) but unable to use them as stonecutters??
    I now cant complete the ‘game of stones’ pt7 quest! I have tried storing and un stoing their buildings but this didnt work!




    • When you tap on Skinner and Willie what happens? Do you see a toggle where you can swype across through various skins and show different task lists?

      • I have the same problem as danny, I got the new skins for both and sent them to the meeting, then I closed the game.
        LAter I reopened it and then they weren’t on their mission and the skins are gone now!
        I also can’t change their skins, they have only the default one.

        Please help!

        • Did you look in your lil brown cardboard box on the lower left side of the menu screen? In other words…did you look in your inventory storage to see if they got put back there?

      • nope, they aren’t in the inventory, also transparent in the character collection

        • If you won them and did not get them, and all troubleshooting won’t bring them back….EA is your next step. Let us know how it goes.

          (Also, if you have an Android device…download the latest update from the market to see if that helps too. )

  16. Hi, can someone tell me which character do I have to use for the costume scroll? I can not find it and it is driving me batty! Thanks. :o)

  17. I just noticed a glitch and wanted to know if anyone else has noticed this. When I try to put a tree in my inventory it says I’m a hoarder and won’t let me. It does this for fences too but I haven’t noticed other stuff.

    • With this update, folks were reporting losing items they placed in their inventory like trees, fences, etc. EA got rid of the Nuclear Option to delete a whole town and made these unstoreable. Probably temporary while they figure out what the issue was.

  18. daveswarbirds

    Does anyone have a task list for Hibbert’s premium costume (tasks/hours)?

  19. My 24 hour period has gone past by more than an hour, but everything is still 0 for the next 0 hours… what is causing my timer to not reset?

  20. My sister just started playing a couple of weeks ago. She’s already at level 12, but can’t do some of the scroll tasks because she doesn’t have all of the characters needed. Today she would have needed the Comic Book Guy, but she doesn’t have him yet. So she just loses out on those emblems?
    Also, she has a task to send Lisa to the library, but her library is still locked. How does she prompt the library task to start so that she can build that?

    • To answer your questions…for the Sacred Parchment tasks for the Ark of the covenant, they are available for the entire event and won’t expire until the end. So time to possibly level up far enough to still do them. If not, there is also the option of a donut buy out on each task…if you wish to go that route…just wait before spending any donuts unless you absolutely feel you must.

      As for the library, our tips and tricks section is full of great info for new players. One of those being our walkthrough section. It will tell you who is needed for each task.

  21. I’m in ground hog day. #1 task for the last few days is to have someone drink a cold icee. I send the right person because it says so in task bar. I have been playing the game since early May and on level 13. When tasks started I did first one then all the others opened at same time & I did those. I didn’t do some of the early tasks, but it was explained and now have Bart. I can’t open library because I don’t know where to find the quest to open it, plus Homer wants me to build a fast food place and remains in task bar on left. I have treasure chest and just got new skin for Krusty. Now Bart is skiping school per task. What do I do next? Find the library quest &how? I am missing people and task but I still get emblems but out of order with game. Do I find library first or get homer to do new task besides drink or cry in my icee….sorry this is a novel.

    • The emblem tasks are more critical because they’re timed. The other building tasks are part of your main game, so they’re not timed. Definitely work on your Number 1’s Daily Tasks first.

  22. Is anyone else having an error where the emblems arent unlocking prizes? I unlocked the first one and placed it. But it is still showing in the inventory as well. I have over 4100 emblems and it wont unlock Krusty. It says i need -170 donuts to unlock.

    • I’ve seen folks say this is fixed by going to Other Springfield and back into your town. You can try this synchronizing a couple times but if that doesn’t fix it, you probably need to get in touch with EA.


    Two questions… Is the All Seeing Eye worth the doughnuts??
    If, you don’t have the volcano or the disco what happens with No 1’s tasks? Will they still work, or will a different task appear??

    PS.. You guys are doing a great job!!! Love this site for the game!!

    • Thank you for the kind words!
      Should I Buy posts are coming soon…just wanted to make sure we got all the game detail posts out first.

      And a different task will appear if you don’t have one of the premium buildings for Number 1’s tasks. 🙂

  24. So my number ones tasks were resetting at midnight like everyone else.. And then today it’s resetting at 1am instead.. Really irritating since it’s just past midnight and I’m going to bed, so could have started the first task if it had reset at midnight. So my question: any other reports of this happening? Is it a glitch? Thanks for the info 🙂

    • Some have reported theirs reset later than midnight, but not a ton of reports yet today. Check to see where it is tonight, if it’s still a late rollover best bet might be to report it to EA. We’ll keep a look out tho, and see if anything new is reported 🙂

  25. Thanks for help x

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