Glitch Report: Lock Out, Money Pool & Neighbor Emblems

Hey Howdy Hey Stonecutters!

Just a quick post about a few new glitches that are being reported.  Our awesome readers have been reporting them and some fixes, so we wanted to keep you up to date so you know what to do….if it happens to you!

Check out some of the newest glitchs impacting TSTO, and what you can do to fix them below the fold…

Addict Tech Support

Glitch #1: Game is Locked Out

Issue: A few players are reporting that they’re completely locked out of their game.  All they get is the spinning donut, and can’t log in.

Resolution: EA is working on a fix for this.  In the meantime your best bet is to make sure you report your game locked out to EA to let them know.  The reasoning for this is because, as we saw with those locked out during the YBOC Event, if you report it and end up missing out on items because of EA’s screw up (Lock out or issue with your game), they’re more likely do replace what they caused you to miss out on.  So make sure you report issues to EA.  You can check out how to Contact them via this post: Contact EA

Special thanks to reader Jeremy who shared what EA told him about the lock out with us:  “I’ve been locked out of the game for a week now and finally received confirmation from EA as to why. Apparently, this is a large problem, with many users affected (game crashes when attempting log in) and they are trying to push an update soon to address the issue. I was told to be patient and the issue would be resolved soon. Just thought I would let some of you know who might be locked out as well.”

Glitch #2: Burns and the Money Pool

Issue: When you win the Money Pool and Stonecutter Burns a glitch occurs that causes the “You’ve Unlocked…” to keep popping up.  Here’s a post from our friend Floozy_bot explaining what happens: “I unlocked the Money Pool yesterday at 14k emblems (along with possibly the BEST animated task in the game!?), but now every time I enter the game or even visit Krustyland I keep getting the message that pops up when you first receive the Money Pool.
This would be great if it wasn’t a unique item as I’d keep getting them (I got two of the Sacred Chests with the same glitch) but now my prize board is still showing the money pool as the current (greyed out) prize despite having over 15,500 emblems.
I’ve tried storing the pool, exiting the game and coming back in to try and make the game think I’ve just received the pool but it makes no difference :(“

Resolution: The good news is their appears to be a fix for this!  Again I’ll turn it over to Floozy_bot who figured out the fix: “Hi again, I have a fix! I did a bit of searching and found another user with the same issue.
All you need to do is visit a neighbour (or two). On visiting the first the same reward message will appear, but on the second it doesn’t. When I returned to my town the emblems were correctly counting towards the next prize, phew!
Bizarrely I do now have a spare pool in my inventory, but the game won’t let me place it, gutted! :)”

Special thanks to Floozy for figuring out the fix, and letting us know! 🙂

Glitch #3: Neighbor Emblems

Issue: Not receiving ANY emblems from visiting neighbors.
UPDATE: Yes, we know…ONLY the first 60 actions of visiting friends will accumulate emblems.  However, players are reporting not getting any emblems while visiting friends…even when they’ve gone days with out visiting them.

Resolution: Check to make sure ALL of your friend actions are open, ie every neighbor shows the 3 open actions over their town.  Next check to make sure you’re tapping on cameras in friend’s towns, not the usual money signs.  If they’re all open, they show cameras and you’re still not receiving emblems Contact EA.  It may be a specific glitch with YOUR Springfield that needs to be fixed.

Ok my friends, that’s in for this Glitch Report.  If YOU have a glitch you’re experiencing, but don’t see on this list please let us know in the comments below.

Have YOU experienced any of these glitchs?  Did the fix work for you?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

118 responses to “Glitch Report: Lock Out, Money Pool & Neighbor Emblems

  1. Had just received Mr. Burns (number 29) and the money pool. But I was playing on my phone and my alarm went off and the item disappeared and I had to do everything all over, now that happened before but i never lost an item before. I came out of the game and then everytime i tapped the game the screen blacked out. I uninstalled the game and re installed the game and still didnt get them back.

  2. Has anyone else had problems visiting friends? Since the easter update, my friends icon says 500 and when I tap it, it says cannot connect to server. The only time I can visit any friends towns is immediately after an update. EA hs been absolutely no help. It appears to be an Origin issue. I’ve tried multiple devices, clearing cache, deleting and reinstalling, and logging on to the app on multiple devices at the same time. Nothing helps. I’ve lost out on quite a bit of event items and refuse to spend anything more on this game if it doesn’t get fixed.

    • When it’s at the origin level, it’s also at EA’s level. I have heard of some folks with issues visiting friends. When EA has fixed their issues, they were generous with providing missed content. Apologies I can’t be more helpful.

  3. The glitch that I am experiencing now is the Number One’s tasks aren’t working. They didn’t reset and my emblems aren’t adding up to allow me to move on to another level. Any help out there?

  4. So still got a problem with Glitch #1 where I can’t log into my game. E-mailed EA three times now and still no answer or viable solution. If there is a solution coming soon, how soon is “soon”?

    • I can’t say for sure. I’ll have to have Bunny work her contacts and see if she knows of anything. However, keep contacting them. Try doing an online chat if you get that option (also try working the options until that becomes an option). Persistence with it…and sometimes the chat is better than the email. 🙂

  5. Hi!

    I have a few premium items but I have not been getting any extra money or xp for the jobs, does anyone else have this problem? Is there a fix? Everything else has been running smoothly.


    • Hmm are you sure it’s not adding up correctly? Sometimes it can be hard to figure out what’s actually adding to your game. Check out your conform-o-meter, tap on it and see what the bonus percentage says. Then check your Gulp n Blow and see what the pay out is. Gulp n Blow is $100 regular, anything over that is bonus. 🙂

  6. I got 14,000 emblems yesterday so I got the money pool task for Burns. However, few hours later, my money pool disappeared. I cannot find it anywhere. How do I have to do?

  7. Sorry but this is the only losti could find for the money pool.i was looking for structure info the blue dot said consumerism

  8. Hey everyone , hoping someone can help! Logged in this evening to get the ‘logged in on another device’ message. Ignored it as always and loaded up my game. Now I have TONS of money. Like, over £177 million. Sort of cool, but not so much when you realise all the challenge of the game has pretty much disappeared. This happened to my husband a couple of days ago too. Has anyone else had this? Any way to get back to our original money totals? The only way we’ve figured out so far is to keep buying the zirconia (it’s the only thing that depletes the money at all) and selling it again but this will take us forever!

    • My best suggestion is to contact EA via the Origin option. You will see it on the main page. Put account security as the topic. If you get the option for a call from Origin, select it. Otherwise…chat or email.

  9. Barry O'Connor

    My wife Simpson account will not advance pat the sacred parchment. I’ve tried logging on from a couple different devices and it just keeps saying you have unlocked the sacred parchment. When I click on the prizes it says -400 something doughnuts to unlock the parchment. Please can someone help.

    • Try going into a few different towns and see if by gaining more Emblems if it will help unlock it. A few other readers tried this and that is how they got it to work.

  10. Hi, I won the Number 36 outfit but my game glitched out and now it won’t show up on Krusty. Could someone pleasr help me?

    • Tap on Krusty (to show is list of tasks). Does he have a toggle left to right over his tasks for his various skins?

    • I’m waiting on an answer to this exact same glitch that has happened to me. Once I unlocked Krusty’s #36 outfit, I got the usual popup and subsequent pop box activating the outfit from my inventory, but after that, the game glitched and placed my emblem count back below 4000 as If I hadn’t completed the #1 quest that pushed me over. It again completes and pushes me over the 4000 mark, but krusty’s outfit does not reactivate and now I have it listed as complete under the event prize list, but the outfit is not in my inventory, nor can I see it when selecting krusty for jobs….I’ve since unlocked the treasure chest and still no outfit….please help!

      • Hmm best thing I can tell you to do is to Contact EA, unfortunately. They’re the only ones who can go into your game and restore an item that might be missing. You can see how to contact them in the post above. Hope it gets resolved for you soon! 🙂

  11. Thanks for the fix on the Burns pool. I had that glitch too.

  12. Where is Smithers? **Error** on character list

  13. I am loving my deleted friends glitch…getting over 130 visitors daily…and someone posing as cybersilly beoke into my game…don’t worry, he’s deleted!!!

    • …just kidding…I see it’s still you…tsk, tsk…as if “C” wasn’t close enough to the top…lol

  14. The mr burns glitch just happened to me but I did the fix, it’s all good now but I have duplicate pool and from before i have a sacred parchment

  15. Whew….I got my pool with no problems. …and I must say seeing burns swimming in money is my new favorite graphic!!! Well tied with Rex interrogating ned

  16. Not sure if this was a glitch or a setting that I missed… but do you know if someone can add you as a neighbor without you accepting? This morning I woke up and found that someone visited my Springfield who wasn’t on my list last night (I’ve been selective on who I add). I was also able to go to theirs… just wondering if this could happen or how it could.

  17. Hiya – ever since Easter ended I have been unable to load the game up on my iPad mini. Works fine on my iPhone 5s but can’t get past the loading screen on the pad before it simply shuts down. Really annoying cos I much prefer it on a bigger screen. Have wiped it off the pad and re downloaded the app but no improvement. It’s been weeks and weeks!! Any ideas ? Anyone else going through this?

  18. I had an odd thing happen with Mr Burns and the money pool, which I just won this morning. I sent Burns to do his task, but he just stood next to it, looking surly. When I tapped him it said 4 hours like it does when someone has been sent on a task but they haven’t gotten to the building where the job is. So I stored the pool, put it back out, but same thing. He just stands there, staring. I went to my krustyland and when I got back he was happily splashing around. Hmmm. Maybe he was just feeling shy about disrobing in front of skyfinger?

    • This made me crack up laughing! 😀

      But yes, sometimes animations get stuck and moving to KL or a neighbor helps trigger them.

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